January 15, 2004


Greetings unto Master Rory mac Feidhlimidh, Dragon, Mistress Elena de Vexin, the new Rouge Scarpe, and the commenting members of the Midrealm College of Heralds; from Lady Ana Linch, Escutcheon Herald. I hope everyone had a joyous holiday and are in fine health this new year.

Here are the mailed January submissions for your consideration and commentary. All commentary should be sent to the Rouge Scarpe, Mistress Elena de Vexin, early enough to arrive by February 25, 2004.


(1) Alaric le Fevre - (M) New Badge-

Per bend sinister nebuly vert and sable, in bend a cross patonce and a shamrock or
(Cleveland Heights, OH)
(Name reg’d -- Jan ‘96)

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(2) Blanche Northwood -- (F) New Name

“Faire Names for English Folk: Late Sixteenth Century English Names,” by Chris Laning


“Faire Names for English Folk: Late Sixteenth Century English Names” by Chris Laning


(3) Ian O’Murigheasa of Strikkenwoode (M) -- New Name and Device --

Per bend wavy argent and vert, two trefoils in bend sinister, countercharged.

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  • “The Dictionary of Irish Names,” Ida Grehan, p. 263

    “Irish Families,” Edward MacLysaght, p 231 (“O Muirgheasa - a branch of the Ui Fiachra: their territory was at the southern side of Sligo Bay.”)

    “Book of Irish Families Great and Small,” Michael O’Laughlin, p. 196

  • (4) Iron Gate, Canton of - New Name and Device:

    Per Cheveron ermine and sable, a portcullis or in base, a laural wreath vert

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  • Iron - OED: p 481 (In trying to read the very fine print there is a reference to an Iron Fortress and I couldn’t make out the date.)

    Gate -- OED, p 73. Again, the print is so small, I could barely make the dates out.

  • Petition is included with the paperwork. Client would prefer minor changes in language for 15th or 16th Century.




    In Service to the Dream,

    Lady Ana Linch


    Rouge Scarpe Elena de Vexin Joann E. Peek
    306 Lively Lane
    Burns Harbor, IN 46304
    Escutcheon: Ana Linch Jo Ann Ewbank
    1106 Woodsum
    Jackson, MI 49203
    Dragon: Rory mac Feidhlimidh Kevin L. Conlin
    820 E Monroe Bloomington, IL 61701


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