March 15, 2004

Greetings unto Master Rory mac Feidhlimidh, Dragon, Mistress Elena de Vexin, the new Rouge Scarpe, and the commenting members of the Midrealm College of Heralds; from Lady Ana Linch, Escutcheon Herald.

Here are the mailed February submissions for your consideration and commentary. All commentary should be sent to the Dragon Herald, Master Rory mac Feidhlimidh and Rouge Scarpe, Mistress Elena de Vexin early enough to arrive by April 25, 2004.

Unless noted, clients will accept minor changes.

1) Andrew Bend (M)-- Device Resubmission -- Sable, a bend nebuly argent.
(Cleveland, OH)
(name reg'd July '03)

His device: Sable, a bend argent was returned by Rouge Scarpe March '03 for multiple conflicts.

A letter to conflict from Herbert von Kalden ( Per bend azure and sable, a bend wavy argent) is included.

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2) Christian Blood (M) -- New Name and Device -- Azure, an axe argent, a bordure argent

Client wants as close to 16th century as possible. He is using his first name Chris as a form of Christian.

Blood - Client cites William Blood (1563) from

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(Esct. Note: The Client submitted the following blazon and my consulting herald nature just had to rework it: Silver cross (or axe) on an azure field with a silver border.)

3) Eleanor Ravenild (F) -- New Name and Device -- Per bend, sable and gule counterchanged, argent unicornhead sejant

(Grey Gargoyles)

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Eleanor -- Client sites Withycombe, page 96 (Eleanor, 1361)

Ravenild - Client sites Reaney & Wilson, p 268 (under the heading of "Ravenhali) (Ravenild, 1276)

4) Fox Vale, Shire of -- New Name and Device -- Per pale vert and azure, a fox's mask within a laurel wreath Or
(Batavia, IL)

No documentation was submitted but they want a medieval European form of Fox Valley.

Petition is included.

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5) Katriina Turkulainen (F) -- New Name and Device -- Per bend sinister azure and gules, sun of 12 straight rays and reindeer head argent

(Shire of Ravenslake)

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Katriina --

(Katriina "hustru Kadrina", dated 1542.

Turku -- (this is a seven page documentation in Finish that has nothing highlighted.)

Included in the paperwork is "Finland" by Sylvia McNair, 1997, a lovely picture of Turku Castle built 1280. From, Turku is among the oldest Finland's cities dating as far back as 1157 with the landing of the Swedish Crusaders.

(Esct. Note: The client used a device form from Calontir.)

6) Kyrstyan Makfaill (M)-- Device Resubmission -- Argent, a hawk volant sable witin a bordure azure a semy of lymphads argent.
(Vernon Hills, IL)
(Name reg'd Sept. '03)

Azure, an orle of lymphads and an escutcheon argent charged with a hawk volent sable was returned by Rouge Scarpe May '03 to be redrawn.

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7) Lulach Cauldwell (M) -- Device Resubmission -- Azure, three sinister hands couped apaume in bend sinister argent
(His name has been sent on to Laurel, July 2003.)

Azure, a bend sinister between two hands apaumy argent was returned July '03 for multiple conflicts.

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8) Madyn Hir ap Wilim (M) -- Device Resubmission -- Per fess embattled, gules and Sable, three lion's heads erased argent.
(Tree-Girt Sea)

(Name has been passed on to Laurel, Aug, 2003)

Previous Device: Per pale vert and purpure, an opinicus passant argent was returned Oct '03 by Rouge Scarpe

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9) Margherita Alessia (F) -- New Badge -- Fieldless, an annulet purpure
(Bensenville, IL)
(name reg'd March 1989)

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10) Pierre de Montereau (M) -- Device Resubmission -- Vert, a dolphin naiant to sinister, a chief urdy argent charged with two roses gules argent and barbed vert, and a base urdy argent charged with a rose gules seeded argent barbed vert
(Windsor, Ontario)
(Name has been sent to Laurel, Nov' '03)

Previous Device: Fess vert and argent, a dolphin naiant sinister and in base a tower vert between two roses gules was returned Nov 03 by Rouge Scarpe

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11) Rütger Meer von Horeburg (M) -- New Badge -- Fieldless, a sealion contourney argent
(Fort Wayne, IN)
(Name reg'd Oct '97)


12) Shadowed Stars, Shire of-- New Badge -- Or, a pall between three compass stars azure
(Fort Wayne, IN)

(Esct. Note: Client submitted two sets of paperwork one to me and one to the former Escutcheon Herald.)

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13) Westmere, Canton of -- New Name and Device -- Azure, a trident palewise, overall a laurel leaf, argent, and on a chief argent, two paw prints sable.

(Paw Paw, MI)

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From "A Dictionary of English Place Names," by A.D. Mills, on page 147, they cite "Grassemere (1245) -- as a mere called grass lake, Also, under Martin -- Meretun, Husantreo 972 and Mertoch 1086 (Old English for mere + stoc) Lastly, Winandermer -- 12th century. They repeat the same information in "English Place-Names" by Ekwall on p. 317 and on p 152 "1375: Grissemere -- " . . suggesting that 'mere', meaning "lake" . . ." and on 396: Windermere -- dates Winendermer about 1170.

(Esct. Note: Petition wasn't included with the paperwork, but I talked to them at ValDay and told it was needed. The petition came Feb. 26th, so it's now included.)

14) Windhaven, Barony of -- Augmentation -- Azure, a sea-pithon within a laurel wreath or, augmented in chief: Or, between two six-spoke and catherine wheels, a cluster of grapes.

Augmentation was given by Her Majesty Alys Katherine on July 20th. A copy of the scroll is included.

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In Service to the Dream,

Lady Ana Linch


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