August 15, 2004

Greetings unto Master Rory mac Feidhlimidh, Dragon, Mistress Elena de Vexin, Rouge Scarpe, and the commenting members of the Midrealm College of Heralds; from Lady Ana Linch, Escutcheon Herald.

Unless noted, clients will accept minor changes and a holding name.



1) Allissaid Neyn Cunningham (F) New Name and Device -- Argent, a shakefork gules between two coneys sejant erect confronte

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  • [Allisaid] -- "Scottish Gaelic Given Names: For Women," by Sharon L. Kross
    From St. Gabriel Report 2659: "We believe that the particular spelling, <Allissaid>, though found at the end of your period, is plausible for about the last half, i.e., throughout the 15th century, but only in a document using the Lismore-style spelling.

    [Cunningham] -- Surnames in Durham and Northumberland 1521-1615 ( lists c. Cunningham 1615 sites Alexander Cunningham 1462

  • (Esct Note: The Client isn't sure about "Neyn" in the cover letter she states: "In studying my name more, I have come across one question that I cannot find a conclusive answer for. That is whether I should add the "neyn" before the surname or not. I put a parenthesis around it on the form with a question mark. In previous research it appeared that this should be part of my name, ... it appears that for my time period and area of Scotland in the late 15th century, early 16th century the "Neyn" is not needed.")

    No documentation was submitted for "Neyn" and client wishes for the spelling of Allissaid as her persona is Lowland Scots.


    2) Anton du Marais (M) New Name and Device -- Azure, two falcons combatant argent, beaked and membered Or, on a chief Or, three fleur-de lis sable.
  • [Anton] -- Withycombe under Anthony
    "Diet of Period Russian Names," by Paul Wickenden of Thanet c. Anton Sholukha 1552

    [Marais] -- French for swamp or marshy area. Also one of the oldest districts in Paris
    "Dietionnaire Etymologigue Des Noms de Famille et Prenoms De France," Albert Dauzet, published 1951, p 413 under Marais

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    3) Collumb mac Muiredach (M) New Name and Device -- Argent, a saltaire sable between four escallops azure
  • [Columb] -- "100 Most Popular Men's Names in early Medieval Ireland," by Heather Rose Jones, last updated Jan. 2002, p4.

    [mac Muiredach] -- "A Simple guide to Constructing 12th Century Scottish Gaelic Names," by Sharon L. Krossa, last updated 18Jun 1997, p 4

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    Client wants 11th Century Scottish name.

    4) Deenys Fitz Alan (M) New Name and Device -- Erminois, three wolves rampant reguardent gules
  • [Deenys] -- "The Oxford Dictionary of English Christian Names," 3rd Ed., Withycombe, p 81 [Dennis] 15th century

    [Fitz Alan] -- "Oxford: A Dictionary of English Surnames," Revised Ed. p. 7 c. [Fitz Alan], 1416, [Allan.]

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    Client cares for England, 1461

    5) Matheus MacEoin (M) Device Resubmission -- Per saltire argent and sable, a cross crosslet Or
    (Cleveland Hgts, OH)
    (Name reg'd Mar. '04)

    Quarterly sable and argent semé-de-lys sable, in bend two cross crosslets Or was returned by Rouge Scarpe, Nov '03.

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    (Esct. Note: I looked in all of '03's ILOAR and I couldn't find the reason for it's return. I checked with Ary and she think the reason for its return was a violation of Rule XI.3.b marshalling.)


    6) Wilhelm von Wolfsburg (M) -- Device Resubmission -- Sable, a trident Or between two flaunches argent
    (Henderson, KY)
    (Name reg'd Mar '03)

    This device was returned by Laurel Dec. '03 to be redrawn. According to Laurel: "Per the LoAR of September 2001, Please advise the submitter to draw the flaunches issuing from the top corners of the shield rather than from the chief. ... Please advise the submitter that the flaunches must be drawn from the top corners of the shield in order to be registered."

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    7) Yzabč de Rodez (F) New Name and Device-- Azure, in bend three fleurs de lys argent
    (Shattered Crystal)

    (Esct. Note: Caitriona Mac Dhonnachaidh emailed me the following summary and asked if I would use it.)

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  • [Yzabč ] -- Names found in Commercial Documents from Bordeaux, 1470-1520
    (by Aryanhwy merch Catmael/ Sara L. Friedemann, with assistance from Talan Gwynek (Brian M. Scott)

    Page 1 of 58 Women French Yzabe’ is a variation on Isabel (Yzabe’ Bertaud)

    [De Rodez]--
    The pedigree of Hugues I de Rodez (b. about 1090 d. about 1159) Child: Hugues II de Rodez Bernard d’Armagnac (given name Bernard VI) (b. about 1270 d about 1319) Wife: Cecile de Rodez (page 9 of 27)
    The pages sites French nobility which were known as patrons of troubadours, specifically Henry I, count of Rodez; Hugh IV, Count of Rodez 1222-1274; Henry II, Count of Rodez 1274-1302

  • Client wishes name to be authentic for later period (14th to 16th century) France. She does not consent to major changes. However, changes to the spelling of de Rodez are just fine.



    In Service to the Dream,

    Lady Ana Linch


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