Dec 15, 2004

Greetings unto Master Rory mac Feidhlimidh, Dragon, Mistress Elena de Vexin, Rouge Scarpe, and the commenting members of the Midrealm College of Heralds; from Lady Ana Linch, Escutcheon Herald.

Unless noted, clients will accept minor changes and a holding name.

All comments are due by Jan. 25th.



1) Bradwen ap Cadog (M) -- New Name and Device --Per bend sinister azure and sable, a bend sinister between a unicorn rampant coutourny argent and a pithon erect wings displayed Or
(Three Towers)

This is a Pennsic submission. The client *will not* accept major changes and wants a welsh/King Arthur-ish style name.

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[Bradwen] -- "Welsh Names for Children," by Heini Gruffud, according to the paperwork:

  • ". . . this name is 'mentioned in Culhwch ac Olwen." The submitter believes the name is used for a human character (the son of a king) in this period work of fiction."
  • [ap Cadog] -- from Tangwystyl's "Welsh Miscellany," p. 30 meaning 'son of Cadog'

    2) Catteden, Canton of, -- Resubmission Name and Device -- Argent, a demi-cat sable issuant from a base azure, in dexter chief a laurel wreath vert
    (Findlay, OH)

    They've included petitions of support for both name and device. They will allow for major changes.

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    [Catteden] -- Ekwell, Eilert, "The Oxford Dictionary of English Placenames," pp 90-91:

    "s.n. Catt: 'cat' in the sense of 'wild cat' is probably the first el. of a many pl. ns. But in all probability it was also used as a byname and pers. n. In pl. ns. where the second el. is a word such leah, slaed, or the like, the meaning 'wild cat' is as a rule to be assumed."

  • [Cathale] c. 1200 s.n [Cattal]
    [Cattiwad] c. 1247 s.n. [Cattawade] OE: cattgewaed 'cats ford.'
    [Catteshale] c. 1187, [Catteshull] c. 1242 s.n. Cattishall
    [Catteden] c. 1229 s.n. [Catton] meaning 'wild-cat valley'
  • According to the paperwork from Teceangl: "if Cattedon isn't someplace important enough to protect . . . you could use either or create another compound meaning "wild cat valley". And it's documentable and a known style of English placenames."

    The name was returned by Laurel, Aug. '01 for " . . . This group has "proto-incipient" status. As the Middle's webpage on the "Process of Becoming a Full Status Group" ( specifically states that for such groups, "at this point you have no official standing in the SCA", we are not able to register this group's submission at this time."

    Device returned by R.S for "The device is being returned because the required laurel wreath on branch arms cannot be maintained, according to Laurel precedent of 4/92: "[A beast rampant maintaining in its dexter forepaw a laurel wreath] "A number of commenters expressed concern that the laurel wreath did not constitute 'a significant element of the design', as required by the Administrative Handbook, I.D.2. Given that we do not normally grant any difference for maintained charges, this opinion has weight." [The device was returned for this reason] (LoAR 4/92 p.19). Additionally, the base is too high and should be redrawn lower."

    (Esct Note: This submission has been pended for months. When I get one problem solved, another came up. And every time I got ready to return the submission, I would get a reply from someone saying what was needed was in the mail. Finally, everything is in order, I hope. I did redo the Branch Name form as they used a personal name form.)

    3) Demetrios of Antioch (M) -- New Name and Device -- Per pale argent and gules, a pair of wings displayed inverted couped at body counterchanged
    (Taylor, MI)

    Client will accept major changes and wants late Greek. Client also submits he has an AoA as 'Robert of Scarlet Company' and has no name registered.

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    [Demetrios] -- "Early 14th C. Byzantine Names of Macedonia," by Maridonna Benvenuti, ( lists [Demetrios], son-in-law of Panagiotes

  • St. Demetrios Creek Orthodix Church ( "Saint Demetiros was born in Thesaloniki, Greece in 270 AD."

    "Behind the Name: Ancient Greek Names" ( cites Demetrios "Original Greek form of Demetrius" (no dates given)

  • [Antioch] - the client didn't submit any documentation for Antioch but I did a quick search online and found this site: "Wikipedia: The Free Encyclopedia," ( ". . . The city remained in Crusader hands for the better part of the 12th and 13th centuries, until it was captured by Mamluk Sultan Baibars in 1268. Baibars destruction of the city was so great that it was never a major city again, with much of its former role falling to the port city of Alexandretta (Iskenderun). . . ."

    I'm sure someone has a better reference.


    4) Dragon's Ford, Canton of -- New Name and Device -- Argent, a pale wavy azure surmounted by a dragon passant sinister gules, on a chief vert, a laurel wreath Or
    (Bellaire, OH)

    A petition of support for both name and device. Client *will not* accept major changes.

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    [Dragon] -- the symbol of the Middle Kingdom

  • "Gazetteer of British Place Names," by Association of British Counties ( lists [Dragonby], Lincolnshire County; [Dragons Green], Sussex County and [Dragon's Hill], Dorset County. (No dates given.) "After the Flood -- The Early post-Flood history of Europe, 1995, p. 134: "Serpent in Dragon's Green," cites "As late as August, 1614, . . . near a village that was known as Dragon's Green...."

    [Dragon] -- Reaney & Wilson, "Dictionary of English Surnames," p 141: s.n. Dragon: [Dragon] c. 1374

  • [Ford] - Crossing

  • "A Collection of 613 English Borough Names for Use in Locative Bynames," by Lord Frederic Badger ( lists [North Ford], 1326.
  • According to the submitted paperwork: "Name chosen because we are located on a river between the Middle Kingdom and thelmearc."


    5) Hrbjartr Melrakki (M) -- New Name and Device -- Sable, two gores argent, in chief a fox's mask argent.
    (Mynydd Seren)

    Client *will not* accept major changes.

    According to the paperwork:

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    [Hrbjartr] --orgeirsson, Haukur "Nafnasafri: Icelandic and Heathen Names"

  • (
    "Hrbjartr (Hrbjarts) m - Hr- + Bjartr" meaning: fame bright
  • [Melrakki] -- Zoega,Geir T. "A Concise Dictionary of Old Iscelandic," chapter 128: "Em ekok ess f ss at l ta sv{}la Mikinni; melrakki igreni. meaning: Arctic fox, white fox.


    6) Kriemhilt von Ebersberg -- New Device -- Argent, a bend fusily sable
    (Sterling, MI)
    (name reg'd Feb. '01)

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    7) Sorcha inghen ui Dhonnchaidh (F) -- New Name and Device -- Sable, a triguetra and in chief an increscent, crescent and decrescent argent

    Client will accept major changes.

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  • [Sorcha] -- "Irish Name," Corrain and Maguire, ". . . f. relatively common name in medieval Ireland meaning, 'bright, radiant.' "

    [Dhonnchaidh] -- Irish Name and Surnames, Woulfe, "found under entry Donncava - meaning 'brown warrior' or 'strong warrior'. Dates to 11th century. Donnchaidh given as alternate form."

    [inghean ui Dhonnchaidh] -- feminine form of Donnchaidh


    8) Thorkatla Bjarnardottir (F) -- New Name and Device -- Per fess wavy argent and purpure, two violets proper and a pair of shears argent
    (Cuil Choluim)

    Client was 9th-12th century Norse and will accept major changes.

  • [Thorkatla] -- Geirr Bassi Haraldsson, "The Old Norse Name," p. 16 list [{TH}orkatla]

    [Bjorndottir] -- According to the client's paperwork: 'Bjorndottir' would seem to be the genitive of "Bjorn's daughter," but the top of p. 18 of Geirr-Bassi indicates "men's given names ending in -Bjorn . . . make their genitives in -bjarnar . . . "


    In Service to the Dream,

    Lady Ana Linch


    Rouge Scarpe Elena de Vexin Joann E. Peek
    306 Lively Lane
    Burns Harbor, IN 46304
    Escutcheon: Ana Linch Jo Ann Ewbank
    1106 Woodsum
    Jackson, MI 49203
    Dragon: Rory mac Feidhlimidh Kevin L. Conlin
    820 E Monroe Bloomington, IL 61701




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