June15, 2005

Greetings unto Master Rory mac Feidhlimidh, Dragon, Lady Phebe Bonadeci, Rouge Scarpe, and the commenting members of the Midrealm College of Heralds; from Lady Ana Linch, Escutcheon Herald.

Unless noted, clients will accept minor changes and a holding name. All comments are due by July 25th.


1) Bernhard von Goslar (M) -- New Name

Client will accept all changes and cares for a German name.

  • [Bernhard] -- Bahlow, Hans. "Deutshes Namenlexikon," p. 62 (no citations given)

    [von] -- from the town of

    [Goslar] -- town in central Germany founded in the 10th Century, most known for its nearby mines. "Goslar, German Political Geography," (http://reference.allrefer.com/encyclopedia/G/Goslar.html)

  • 2) Damiana Tereasa Isabel Cardona (F) -- New Name and Device -- Vert, a fox sejant affronty, holding a thistle proper in his mouth, on a chief double enarched argent two thistles proper in saltire
    (Iron Oak)

    Client will *not* accept major changes and cares for 14th century Iberian/Spanish

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  • [Damiana] -- "Catalogo de la Cancilleria de Enrique IV de Castilla Seor Del Principado de Catalua," by Jaime Sobrequs Callic , p.465, s.n. Gamicans "Damina, hija de, p. 98"

    "Saints Cosmas" (http://www.stdamian.com/Church/saints_cosmas.htm), lists: ". . . Cosmas and Damian were brothers. . . were apprehended by order of Lysias, governor of Cilicia. They underwent various torments and were beheaded about the year 283."

    "Patron Saints Index: Damian," (http://www.catholic-forum.com/saints/saintd06.htm), . . .died by ". . . tortured and beheaded c, 287-303,"

    "Name Database: Girls," (http://www.darksangria.com/girls/d.html) s.n. Damien: French, partron saint of surgeons [Damiane, Damina, Damia]

    "16th Century Spanish Names Feminine Given Names Alphabetically," by Elsbeth Anne Roth (http://www-2.cs.cmu.edu/~kvs/heraldry/spanish16/fem-given-alpha.html) s.n. [Damiana]: Damiana de Jerez c. 1560, IV.82

  • [Cardona] -- "Parador de Cardona," (http://www.paradores-spain.com/spain/pcardona.html), "The 2nd century Minyona tower is reputedly have been the prison of Adeles, the daughter of the Duke of Cardona. . ."

    "Apellidoes, hiz," (http:apellidos.biz/ver/527.html) Juan-Juan-Ramo'n Folch de Cardona, c. 1491

    "Duchy of Segorbe (http://www.absoluteastronomy.com/encyclopedia/S/Se/Segorbe.htm)," ". . . His son Lluis Folc de Cardona-Arago was count of Prades, but he predeceased his mother in 1596. . ."

  • (Esct. Note: No documentation was given for Tereasa or Isabel.)

    3) Issobell de Montchrestien -- New Device -- Purpure, a gyno-sphinx argent couchant, hair sable winged Or, a bordure Or.
    (Marion, IN)
    (Name passed RS Nov '04 and is at Laurel)

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    4) Issobell de Montchrestien -- New Badge -- [Fieldless], A gyno-sphinx argent cuchant, hair sable, winged Or.
    (Marion, IN)
    (Name passed RS Nov '04 and is at Laurel)

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    5) Iustinos Tekton --New Badge -- [Fieldless], A sword and a quill, points to base, in chevron inverted vert
    (Name reg'd July '02)
    (co-owner Milica of Varna, name reg'd Apr '02)

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    6) Katerina Mhler (F) -- New Device --Per pale gules and azure, a chevron ermine between three compass stars argent.
    (Concord, OH)
    (Name reg'd Jul '02)

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    7) Kyferin Sachsson (F) -- New Name and Device -- Argent, a skunk sable marked argent, within a bordure gules

    Client will accept all changes and cares for late 15th through 16th century Germany

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  • [Kygerin] -- German tax roll from 1495, [Kyferin] ws found one time as a female given name. "Schmid, Peter, "Der Deutshe Orden und die Reichssteuer des Gemeinen Pfennigs von 1495: Die Grundherrschaft des Deutschen Ordens im Reich an der Wende 15. sum 16 Jahrhundert," (Neustadt: Degener in Kommission, 2000)

    [Sachsson] -- Surname/last name -- [Sachson] was found through the museum in Vienna Austria as a reference in a 15th Century German Armor exhibition. (There is a photocophy of the photo of the museum plaque and translation)

  • 8) Mael Duin mac Giolla Eanna (M) New Name and Device -- Sable, on a lozenge argent, a wolf's head erased vert.
    (Shadowed Stars)

    Client will *not* accept changes.

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  • [Mael Duin] -- found in "Irish Names," O'Corrain and Maquire, p. 129, [Mael Duin] means "warrior of the fortress."

    [Eanna] -- found in "Irish Names," O'Corrain and Maquire, p. 86, [Eanna] is a name of various popular secular heros.

  • According to the paperwork: "The construction used is found in Woulfe, pp. 366-381, "it follows the pattern of 'mac' ('son of') plus "Giolla" ('servant/follower') plus the name of a Saint, noble, lord, king, etc. As examples: Mac Giolla Eain (p. 372) [son of a servant of st. John], mac Giolla Eorna (p. 373) [son of a servant of Eorna], mac Giolla Curraig (p. 369) [son of a bald youth], mac Giolla Seanain (p. 380) [son of a servant of St. Senan]"

    (Esct. Note: The client's handwriting made it hard to read, so forgive me if I misquote anything.)


    9) Thomasine Greenwell (F) -- New Name

    Client will accept all changes and cares for 13-14th century English.

  • [Thomasine] -- Withycombe, "The Oxford Dic. of Eng. Christian Names, 3rd ed.," p. 280 (No citation given)

    [Greenwell] -- Reany & Wilson, "A Dic. of British Surnames, 2nd ed.," p. 156 (No citation given)

  • (Esct. Note: According to my copy of Withycombe, [Thomasine] ". . . fem dim of Thomas, medieval" and Reaney & Wilson, [Greenwell] s.n. [Greenwell]-- Thomas de Grenewille 1279 )





    In Service to the Dream,

    Lady Ana Linch


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