April 15, 2006

Greetings unto Master Rory mac Feidhlimidh, Dragon, Thorvald Redhair, Dragon Designate, Lady Phebe Bonadeci, Rouge Scarpe, and the commenting members of the Midrealm College of Heralds; from Lady Ana Linch, Escutcheon Herald. Unless noted, clients will accept minor changes and a holding name.

All comments are due by May 25th.


1) Elisabetta da Firenze (F) -- Name Change to "Ekkadi Govindasani"
(Elisabeth da Firenze was reg'd Apr '00)

Client will *not* accept major changes and cares for authentic Indian pre 16th century

According to the paperwork:

Women's Names from (mostly) 16th Century Inscriptions at Tirvpati (India) http://www.sca.org/heraldry/laurel/names/tirupati_f.html

[Ekkadi] (Surname)
[Govindasani] (First name)


2) Gaius Albius Lupus (M) -- New Name
(Red Spears)

Client will accept all changes and cares for authentic 1-2nd century Roman Auxilliary

According to the paperwork:

Roman Names -- Legio XX -- The Twentieth Legion (http://www.larp.com/legioxx/nomina.html)
"By the first century Roman men had 3 names, praenomen, nomen, and cognomen (e.g. Quintus Darius Macro). . . The praenomen was the personal name, and there were few to choose from: Caius or Gaius (the most common), . . ."

Nomina list Albius

Cognomen list Lupus


3) Jerome de Breannc (M)-- New Name and Device -- Azure, on a mullet of ten points argent, overall a dragon's head couped vert

Client will *not* accept major changes and cares for authentic Irish/English

[Jerome] -- "Late Sixteenth Century Eng. Given Names," by Talan Gwynek (http://www.sca.org/heraldry/laurel/names/eng16/eng16mfreq.html)

[de Breannc] -- "Names and Naming Practices in the Red Book of Ormond (Ireland 14th Century)," by Tangystyl verch Morgant Glasvran, (http://www.sca.org/heraldry/laurel/names/lateirish/ormond-glossary.html#Glossary)

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4) Kenneth Muntsorell -- New Device -- Vert, a chevron between two mullets of four points elongated to base and a pavilion, a chief embattled argent.
(Pekin, IL)
(Name passed to Laurel, Mar '06)

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5) Kjartan Hakonson (M) -- New Name and Device -- Per chevron azure and argent, in base a mullet of four points sable.

Client will accept all changes and cares for authentic Icelandic (preferably 10th Century)

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  • [Kjarton] -- Appears several times in the "Laxdaela Saga" (http://omacl.org/Laxdaela/chapter39.html) as the name of one of the sons of Olaf.

    "Olaf now abode at his manor in much honour, and all his sons are at home there, as was Bolli, their kinsman and foster-brother. Kjartan was foremost of all the sons of Olaf." - - "Laxdaela Saga," chapter 39

    [Hakonson] -- Patronymic byname construction based on "A Simple guide Old Norse Names," (http://www.ellipsis.cx/~liana/names/sg-viking.html) "Hakon" is also from the "Laxdaela Saga". (http://omacl.org/Laxdaela/chapter29.html)

    "In the spring Olaf got ready to go and find Hakon Earl; and the Earl gave him exceeding good welcome, and bade Olaf stay with him as long as he liked." "Laxdaela Saga," chapter 29


  • 6) Lal d’Avignon (F)-- New Name

    Client will accept all changes.

    [Lal] -- “An Index to the Given Names in the 1292 Census of Paris,” by Lord Colm Dubh (http://sca.org/heraldry/laurel/names/paris.html#L)

    [d’] -- prepostion

    [Avignon] -- City in Occitan region since early period. “Map of Avignon, 1557, Braun and Hogenberg,” (http://historic-cities.huji.ac.il/france/avignon/maps/braun_hogenberg_II_13.html)


    7) Zephaniah the Levite (M) -- New Name and Device -- Or, three bars wavy and overall on a bend sinister sable three suns Or
    (Val d’Azure)

    Client will *not* accept major changes and cares for authentic 12/13 century Jewish

    According to the paperwork:

    Zephaniah: Biblical Name from the Old Testament.

    Levite: This name is generally used as the title of that portion of the tribe which was set apart for the subordinate offices of the sanctuary service (1 King 8:4, Ezra 2:70), as assistants to the priests.

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    In Service to the Dream,

    Lady Ana Linch


    Rouge Scarpe Phebe Bonadeci P.J. Reaney
    4831 W Roscoe #3
    Chicago, IL 60641
    Escutcheon: Ana Linch Jo Ann Ewbank
    1106 Woodsum
    Jackson, MI 49203
    Dragon: Rory mac Feidhlimidh Kevin L. Conlin
    820 E Monroe
    Bloomington, IL 61701
    Thorvald Redhair Ron Sargent
    1673 Cove Ct
    Naperville, IL 60565




    Disclaimer: This page is not officially sanctioned by the SCA, Inc., the Middle Kingdom, or the College of Arms. It is a private project of the Escutcheon Herald (Ana Linch) who has based the information published here on publicly available documentation.