June 15, 2006

Greetings unto Master Thorvald Redhair, Dragon, Lady Phebe Bonadeci, Rouge Scarpe, and the commenting members of the Midrealm College of Heralds; from Lady Ana Linch, Escutcheon Herald. Unless noted, clients will accept minor changes and a holding name.

All comments are due by July 25th.

1) Elise de Montgomerie (F)-- New Name

Client will *not* accept major changes.

According to the paperwork:

[Elise] -- "previously passed Society name" (no documentation included)

[de Montgomerie] "Roger de Montomerie, 1st Earl of Shrewsbury," Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roger_de_Montgomerie%2C_1st_Earl_of_Shrewsbury) lists Roger of Montgomerie born (ca. 1030) France.

Included in the paperwork is a genealogy site for the Montgomerie family (http://www.geocities.com/janet_ariciu/Montgomerie.html) which lists "Thomas "del Comte de Air" who like his brother Murtaw swore allegiance to Edward I, 1296 and in the Ragman Roll he is designated of the county of Stirling," and "Thomas de Montgomerie, Parson of Eaglesham, Rector of Univ. of Glasgow, 1476-1510"



2) Isadora von Drachenstein -- New Device -- Per bend sinister Or and sable, in bend a fluer-de-lis and a dragon tail cowed counterchanged.
(Elizabethtown, KY)


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(Esct. Note: This submission has been pended until a name submission has been sent.)



3) Robert of Bristol -- New Device -- Per pale sable and gules, a chevron inverted and in chief segreant Or a griffon
(Name reg'd Sep '89)

(Esct. Note: The client used a gold paint pen.)

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4) Thomas Edmund de Montgomerie (M) --New Name

Client will *not* accept *any* changes as it is a form of his legal name 'Thomas Montgomery'

[Thomas] -- According to the paperwork: "Legal given name and in the Bible." No documentation was sent.

[Edmund] -- "Oxford Dic. of English Given Names," Withycombe, p, 93

Article on medieval Scottish names. "Names in Barbour's Bruce, A collection of 13th and 14th century men's names" by Bryan J. Maloney


"Thomas de Montgomerie, Parson of Eaglesham, Rector of Univ. of Glasgow, 1476-1510"

(Esct. Note: The client included a letter with his paperwork that reads: "It is our desire that our names be accepted as presented. My Christian name is Thomas A. Montgomery and has been traced back to the 10th century and is in present day use. As Thomas Montgomery is my Christian name, I do not wish to alter it.")


5) Volkmar von Keifer -- New Name and Device -- Per pale sable and Or, a Maltese cross gules.

(Iron Oak)

Client will *not* accept major changes and cares for authentic 13th century German

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[Volkmar] -- "Deutsches Namenlexikon," Bahlow, p. 536 s.n. Volkmar [Ritter Volkmar, 1345]

von -- of

[Keifer] "Deutsches Namenlexikon," Bahlow, p. 278 s.n. Kiefer [Schwigger Kifer, 1381]



6) Volkmar von Keifer -- New Badge -- Per pale sable and Or, a Maltese cross gules

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In Service to the Dream,
Lady Ana Linch




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Escutcheon: Ana Linch Jo Ann Ewbank
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Dragon: Thorvald Redhair Ron Sargent
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