January 15, 2007

Greetings unto Master Thorvald Redhair, Dragon, Lady Phebe Bonadeci, Rouge Scarpe, and the commenting members of the Midrealm College of Heralds; from Lady Fiona ni Chiardubhain, Escutcheon Herald.

Unless noted, clients will accept minor changes and a holding name.

All comments are due by Febuary 25.

1)  Jerome Calcote (M)-- Name and Device resubmission -- Gules, a dragon's head couped argent (langued vert)
(Hammond, IN)

Client will *not* accept *any* changes.

[Jerome] legal first name and a photocopy of driver's license is included in paperwork.

[Calcote] -- "Manx Surnames,"  Manx NoteBook vol iii, 1887,
(http://www.isle-of-man.com/manxnotebook/manxnb/v12p151.htm  s.n. Calcott  <Calcote 1511>

Esct. Note: Both name and device were returned by RS, June '06 for lack of name documentation <Jerome de Breannóc>, and that the device (Azure, on a mullet of ten points argent, overall a dragon's head couped vert) had multiple problems.

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2)  Pierre de Montereau --  Device Laurel Appeal -- Vert, a dolphin naiant to sinister,  chief urdy argent charged with a two roses gules seeded argent barbed vert and a base urdy argent charged with a rose gules seeded argent and barbed vert
(Windsor, Ontario)

This is a Laurel appeal. The client states in an enclosed letter:

"I am Pierre de Montereau from the Shire of Starleaf Gate.  The mundane name is Andre Gelinas from Windsor, Ontario.  I would like an appeal of my device.  The original device blazon I submitted at Pennsic War 34 and the Kingdom approved but changed the blazon before it went up to the Laurel.  Below is what the Laurel said.

"This is returned for redraw. The 'fess' is drawn so wide that it blurs
the distinction between what heraldic customs dictates (a fess) and
what the eye sees (a chief and a base).  If the submitter wishes this
basic design, it should be emblazoned such that the center portion of the shield is clearly a charged fess and not a dolphin between a charged chief and charged base."

The original blazon when it was submitted is what I would like to
display below:

"Vert, a dolphin naiant to sinister, a chief urdy argent charged with
two roses gules seeded argent and barbed vert, and a base urdy charged with a rose gules seeded argent and barbed vert.""

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3)  William Atherbridge -- New Device -- Argent,  in saltire a rose purpure, slipped and leaved vert and a sword inverted purpure, a base barry wavy vert and argent.
(Chicago, IL)

Esct.  Note: This is a Pennsic 35 submission  however, I returned it as I couldn't find when his name was registered.  He has sent me proof. 
At the time his name had been forwarded to Laurel in the East Kingdom Jan. '06.  However, I still can't find if it has been registered yet or not.

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Yours In Service,

Lady Fiona ni Chiardubhain 

Rouge Scarpe: Phebe Bonadeci

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Rouge Scarpe


Fiona ni Chiardubhain

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Dragon: Thorvald Redhair

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