May 15, 2007

Greetings unto Master Thorvald Redhair, Dragon Herald, Lady Phebe Bonadeci, Rouge Scarpe Herald, and the commenting members of the Midrealm College of Heralds; from Lady Fiona ni Chiardubhain, Escutcheon Herald.

Unless noted, clients will accept minor changes and a holding name.

All comments are due by June 25.

1) Andreas von Meißen (M) -- New Name and Device -- Per pale gules and argent, a fess wavy cotised counterchanged, overall an eagle displayed within an orle Or.

[Andreas] The article “Medieval German Given Names from Silesia”, available from the Academy of St. Gabriel’s Medieval Names Archive, a compilation of the given names found in Haus Bahlow’s Mittelhochdeutches Namenbuch nachSchlesischen Quellen (Neustadt an der Aisch: Berlag Degener & Co., 1975), cites the name ‘Andreas’ as having two occurrences, dated between 1368 and 1562. ( by Talan Gwynek (Brian Scott)

[von] German locative preposition, meaning ‘of’ or ‘from’

[Meißen] City in Saxony. The Encyclopedia Britannica, 15th Edition (2002), Volume 7 page 1021, states that Meissen (Meißen) was founded in 929 by King Henry I, and chartered in 1205.

Esct. Note: Either spelling (Meißen or Meissen) is acceptable to client. Client would like 15th-16th Century German name.

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2) Shire of Eastwatch -- Device Change -- Per pale, sable and Or, a tower surmounted by a beacon flame, and in chief two laurel wreaths, all counterchanged.

Esct. Note: Name registered February 1990. Old device will be retained as a badge.

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3) Isabel Ximena Galiano de Valera (F) -- Device Resubmission -- Argent, a hummingbird rising vert and on a chief embattled purpure a feather bendwise sinister argent between tow inkpots Or.

Esct. Note: Client’s name was registered August 2006.

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4) Teresa de Bursa (F) -- New Name and Device -- Argent, in fess a mullet of seven points purpure and a lion couchant regardent gules.

[Teresa] is documented to St. Teresa of Avila, Zimmerman, Benedict, The Catholic Encyclopedia, vol XIV New York 1912 (

[de] meaning 'of' or 'from' – Spanish dictionary (

[Bursa] is documented as a Turkish town founded by King Prusias I of Bythnia in 186 B.C. Town became capital of Ottoman Sultans in 1097 and remained so until 1361. Planetware Inc (

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Yours In Service,

Lady Fiona ni Chiardubhain 

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Disclaimer: This page is not officially sanctioned by the SCA, Inc., the Middle Kingdom, or the College of Arms. It is a private project of the Escutcheon Herald (Fiona ni Chiardubhain) who has based the information published here on publicly available documentation.