July 6, 2008

Greetings unto Master Dafydd Blaidd, Dragon Herald, Barun Rory mac Feidhlimidh, Rouge Scarpe Herald, and the commenting members of the Midrealm
College of Heralds; from THL Geniveve Rose D'Glendalough, Escutcheon Herald.

This is a special "Lost Sheep" ILoI of submissions that were discovered in the Escutcheon files. Almost half of the submissions discovered in the files were returned immediately because they were on outdated forms. More often this is a common occurrence. Please urge your local heralds and pursuivants to remind submitters to be sure they are using the correct forms.

Unless noted, clients will accept minor changes and a holding name.

All comments are due by August 15, 2008.

1) Alf of the High Mountain/Sebastain Hawke (M) – Resubmission Device –
Azure, two links of chain in cross interlaced argent

Steren Codha

Returned by Kingdom Sept 2002 under Alf of the High Mountain as unidentifiable and a request for period references for the object.

Client lists a possible name for this design as a Bredhe’s Cross. Gives additional copies of the following books showing period use of this design:

The Coloured Ornament of All Historical Styles, by Alexander Speltz, Part First – Antiquity, Published by Baumgartner, plate 33 fig. 10.

Libya, The Lost Cities of the Roman Empire, by Antonio Di Vita, Ginette Di Vita-Evrard, and Lidiano Bacchielli, ISBN 3-89508-844-7, p. 160

Italian maiolica and incised slipware in the Fitzwilliam Museum, by Julia E Poole, Cambridge University Press, plate 94, c 1275-1375

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2) Arthur Nathaniel Archer (M) – New Name and Device – Sable, a chief embattled or, six bends vert.


<Arthur> dated 1558 Oxford, Derbyshire, Middlesex- England

<Nathaniel> 1558 Essex, England (same source as <Arthur>)

<Archer> 1514 Kent, England

Both first and last names are English and within a similar time period. Client states that <Nathaniel> is both clients middle name and is from this period. ( Escut.: no documentation was supplied for mundane name use.)

Escut. Note: Client will not accept Major or Minor changes to name

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3) Barony of Andelcrag – New Badge – Sable, on a pile inverted throughout argent a tower sable masoned argent within a bordure embattled Or.


Escut.Notes: Letter of Support from populace included

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4) Barony of Andelcrag – New Badge – Sable, on a pile inverted throughout argent a faceted gemstone in profile vert within a bordure embattled Or.


Escut.Notes: Letter of Support from populace included

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5) Godelieve Blaubloeme (F) – New Name


1) <Godelieve>, a noble woman from the Flemish Country of Boulonge, was born in the second half of the 12th cent. She was killed on July 6th 1070 and was canonized July 30th, 1084.
Article: Gistel (Municipality, Province of West Flanders, Belgium)
Author: Ivan Sache
Website: ??? (Escut: Did not copy well on photocopy. Unreadable)

2) <Blaubloeme> is listed as a nickname-type byname by Nieuwenhuijsen; used between 1250-1300. During this time, a Christian saint’s name, Godelieve, could have been used as a given name, according to common Flemish naming practices.
Article: Names in the Low Lands 1250-1300. High-Medieval given names and by names in the Netherlands and Flanders.
Author: Dr. Kees C Nieuwenhuijen
Websites: http://www.keesn.nl/name13/en1_intro.htm

Escut. Notes: Client asks that if name must be changed, cares most about sound client is attached to “Godelieve” as given.
Willing for changes to 12-13th cent Flemish Language and/or culture


6) Luciano dei Castillani da Fireze (M) – New Name (Alternate) and Device – Erminois, on a cross sable three herons in pale argent.

Three Walls

<Luciano> - Italian names from Florence 1427 in the online catasto of 1427.

<Castillani> - Five references in Carro district of Florence, Italy, under surnames seated as Gonfalonieri di Compania in 1420-1430.

<dei> - referenced in early 15th –17th century Italian names. Another Florence Italy [Medici] shown as de Medici.

<da Firenze> - found in 14th century Venetian Personal Names- Table of surnames as a locative.


Esct. Notes:
Client asks please CHANGE my name to be authentic for 15th Cent. Italian

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7) Verena Entenwirth (F) – New Name and Device – Lozengy or and gules, a duck rising wings elevated sable and on a chief vert three ducks naiant Or.

No branch given

1) <Verena> - is taken from “Renaissance German Names” by Julie Adams as well as in “German Names From Rottweil, Baden-Wűrttmberg, 1441” by Sara L.Uckelman.

2) <Entenwirth> is an occupational name meaning ”Proprietor of Ducks Inn”. <Schwanenwirt(h)>, which was taken from “Old German Professions, Occupations and Illnesses” meant proprietor of the Swan Inn.

3) <wirt(h)(in)> in German means an Innkeeper: land/or a lord/lady and <enten> means ducks (pl)

Therefore, <Entenwirth> would be a female innkeeper/proprietor of the Ducks Inn.


Esct. Notes:
Client will NOT accept Major changes. Client cares most about meaning and language and/or culture

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Yours In Service,

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