September 15, 2008

Greetings unto Master Dafydd Blaidd, Dragon Herald, Barun Rory mac Feidhlimidh, Rouge Scarpe Herald, and the commenting members of the Midrealm
College of Heralds; from THL Geniveve Rose D'Glendalough, Escutcheon Herald.

Unless noted, clients will accept minor changes and a holding name.

All comments are due by October 25, 2008.

1) Alexander Fletcher (M) – New Name and Device – Quarterly, gules and argent, a badger statant azure marked Or


Alexander was found on

Fletcher found in Reaney Dictionary of English Surnames Oxford Press 1998
Fletchers page 171 year 1203-1330

Escut. Note: Client cares most about language and /or culture 14th cent. English

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2) Ayla Volquin (F) – Device Resubmission – Per fess wavy argent and azure, a winged panther passant regardant sable incensed proper, a moon in her plenitude.


Escut Note: Clients name registered April 2005 (via Middle)

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3) Damiana Isabel Cardona (F) – New Name and Device – Purpure, a fox passant between three thistles, argent

Riding of Hawkland Moor


16th cent, Spanish Names Feminine Given names Alphabetically
Damiana de Jerez 1560,IV.82

Catalogo de la Cancilleria de Enrique IV de Castilla Senor del Pricipado de Cataluna, Jaime Sobreques Callico
Damiana, hija de, 98, found under the heading Gamicans, Ramon de

Isabel Cabello, 1539 III.6 Isabel Aleman 1560, IV.18. dona Isabel de Carvajal, 1571,V.3119, Isabel Lopez 1574, V.3629, Isabel de Nararrete 1578, IV.8

Town of Cardona is located in the heart of Catalonia….
The Cardona Parado is located in the town of Cardona about half way between Barcelona and Andorra

Escut. Notes: Client cares most about language/culture. Iberian
Please change name to be authentic for Spanish

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4) Isabella Ashenhurst (F) – New Name –

Winged Hills


Isabella 1361

Ashenhurst 1597

Esct. Notes: Client will NOT accept Major or Minor Changes to name.


5) Skalla-Geirmundr Ulfsson (M) – New Device – Quarterly argent and gules, a mullet azure

Shire of Stormvale

Esct. Note: Client's name was registered in December 1988 and old device was register in March 1994. Original device change submission was on January 2008 ILoI and returned for conflict. Client has letter of permission to conflict. Client will release old device.

I’m not sure why he’s resubmitting this. He submitted in Jan ’08 and no LoAR has been issued yet on it. As best that I can see there is sufficient difference from what he was told he “…is likely in conflict with…”:

· Adela de Warren
o This name was registered in January of 1985 (via the Middle).
o The following device associated with this name was registered in July of 1986 (via the Middle):
Per chevron checky azure and argent and argent, in base a mullet azure.

With (1) CD for change of division, a second for change of colors and possibly a third for change of location of charge. But I’m fuzzy on that one.

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6) Wolf of Flaming Gryphon (M) – New Name and Device – Pean, on a pile argent a wolf rampant sable

Winged Hills


Wolf: 1558

Esct Notes: Client will not accept Major changes to name.

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Yours In Service,

THL Geniveve Rose D'Glendalough

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