June 30, 2009

Greetings unto Master Dafydd Blaidd, Dragon Herald, Barun Rory mac Feidhlimidh, Rouge Scarpe Herald, and the commenting members of the Midrealm
College of Heralds; from THL Geniveve Rose D'Glendalough, Escutcheon Herald.

Herein please find the June 2009 Internal Letter of Intent for the Middle Kingdom. Unless noted, clients will accept minor changes and a holding name.

All comments are due by August 31, 2009.

1) Angelo di Antonio Machiavelli (M) – New Name and Device – Quarterly, sable and azure, an alphyn passant argent.



Escut. Notes: Client will not accept Major changes to name. Cares most about sound, language and culture. Italy 1500’s or 1400’s


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2) Carmela Angelica Adamo – (F) – New Name and Device – Per pale gules and vert, a lion rampant argent in chief three mullets of five points Or.


<Carmela>: dates to 1251
- http://heraldry.sca.org/heraldry/loar/1989/02/lar.html
- Oxford Dictionary of English Christian Names 3rd ed. 1977
- Named after Our Lady of Mount Carmel, a Saint. A feminine form of the Italian <Carmelo>.
- Also see Behind the Name, The Etymology and History of First Names. http://www.behindthename.com/php/view.php?name=carmela
- http://italian.about.com/library/name/blname_carmelo.htm

- http://italian.about.com/library/name/blname_angelica.htm
- http://www.s-gabriel.org/1679

<Adamo>: Modern surname. See attached birth record

Escut. Notes: Client will NOT accept Major changes to name.


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3) Carmela Angelica Adamo (F) – New Badge – Per pale gules and vert, on a pair of wings a child’s head cabossed, in chief three mullets of 5 points Or and a bordure chequey sable and argent

Escut. Notes : Name submitted on this ILoI


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4) Helena Sibylla - (F) – Device Resubmission – Per pale vert and argent, semy-de-lys counterchanged


Escut. Notes: Client’s name passed Jan. 2009. Client’s device returned Jan 2009 by Laurel for conflict with the badge of Bohémond le Sinistre, Sable semy-de-lys argent. There's a single CD for the change of the field tincture.


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5) Rickard of Gwyntarian (M) –

New Device – Azure, a gryphon sejant maintaining a sword Or armed and langued gules


Escut. Notes: Name accepted by Laurel April 2000


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Yours In Service,

THL Geniveve Rose D'Glendalough

Rouge Scarpe:

Rory mac Feidhlimidh

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Dafydd Blaidd

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