September 16 , 2010

Greetings unto Master Dafydd Blaidd, Dragon Herald, Meister Konrad Mailander, Rouge Scarpe Herald, and the commenting members of the Midrealm
College of Heralds; from Brynn Herleifson, Escutcheon Herald.

Herein please find submissions received in August 2010. Unless noted, clients will accept a holding name. We had nine submissions from five individuals, with two being returned by me.

All comments are due to Rouge Scarpe and Dragon by October 25, 2010.

1) Dalla in Skjaldmaer (F) New Name and Device Azure an owl sinister guardant argent within a bordure argent

Iron Oak

Cited an East ILoI from Nov. 2009, which in turn cites Dalla as the feminine form of Daguidr, which is found in the Geri Bassi, and is also found 3-5 times in the Landnamabok. The East ILoI copy attached also references the research of an SCA herald at

Reference is from The Linguistics Research Center of the University of Texas at Austin, an online Old Norse course which gives "in" as the nominative singular feminine of "the" in the sagas.

Academy of St. Gabriel report 2224, gives Skjaldmaer as "Shield Maiden" and indicates it is an appropriate nickname, having been used "almost as a byname for human women in the sagas"

Escutcheon. Notes : Client will not accept major changes, but will accept minor and a holding name.

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2) Gilchryst MacPhearson (M) New Name and Device Per pall azure, vert, and or, two mullets of four or, and a snake in annulo sable

South Oaken

Citation is from the Index of Scots names found in Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue by the same SCA Herald cited in item 1. Her source is, in turn, the Dictionary located at which gives Gilchrist or Gilchryst as a male name from 1548.

Same source gives MacPhearson as a variant of "Person" for which the Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue has an item from 1559.

Escutcheon Notes:
Client will accept both major and minor changes, and cares most about sound. The desired gender is male. Client requests the name be changed to be authentic for a 15th century Scot.

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3) Josseline Le Saffere (F) New Name


Academy of St. Gabriel Report 1126 which indicates it is a constructed feminine form of the name Josseline, a 13th century French name.

"Le Saffere"
Online Middle English Dictionary [University of Michigan] under heading Saphire, gives William Le Saffere in 1304

Escutcheon notes:
Client will accept major and minor changes, and cares most about language and culture (French/Norman).


4) Lughaidh Albanach (M) New Name and Device Or two roses barbed and seeded sable within a bordure vert

Iron Oak

St. Gabriel Report 2419 finding that it is a masculine Scottish Gaelic given name from within client's period (1100-1600)

St. Gabriel reports 908 and 990 find the byname Albanach documented twice before 1500, in one instance as part of the name of a Scottish Gael living in Ireland in 1467, and further indicating it would be ideally preceded by a Gaelic given name (as is the case here)

Escutcheon Notes:
Client will not accept major changes. Client cares most about language and/or culture (12th-17th century Scottish Gaelic).

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