November 16 , 2010

Greetings unto Master Dafydd Blaidd, Dragon Herald, Meister Konrad Mailander, Rouge Scarpe Herald, and the commenting members of the Midrealm
College of Heralds; from Brynn Herleifson, Escutcheon Herald.

Herein please find submissions received in October 2010. Unless noted, clients will accept a holding name. We had eleven submissions from seven submitters.

All comments are due to Rouge Scarpe and Dragon by December 25, 2010.

1) Alexander Adelbrecht (M) – New Device – "Erminois, a heart and on a chief sable a stags attire fesswise Or"



Escutcheon. Notes : Name registered in March of 1997 via the Middle

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2) Alexander Drache (M) – New Name and Device – "Gules, an elephant's head cabossed Argent and on a chief Or three double-headed eagles Sable "


Dated to 1372 and 1378 in "Medieval German Give Names from Silesia - Men's Names" by Talan Gwynek,
Also at least four instances in "German Names from 1495" by Aryanhwy merc Catmael at

Reaney, Percy Hide, and Richard Middlewood, Wilson. A Dictionary of English Surnames, 3rd ed. London: Routledge, 1991, Google Books accessed 9 May 2010. Cites the heading "Drake, Drakes, Drakers" on page 141, for Leuin Drache in 1066. St. Gabriel Report 2924 gives Drache in 1357 in Frankfurt and Drache in 1356 in Baden.

Escutcheon Notes: Client will not accept Major changes, and if the name must be changed he cares most about language/culture (German)

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3) Alf of the High Mountain (M) – New Badge – "Fieldless, Two Cartouches voided interlocking in cross sable"

Steren Codha

Escutcheon Notes:
Name was registered May of 1998. This identical device has been submitted many times. In this instance the blazon has changed. Blazon was given using "Cartooches."

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4) Andelcrag, Barony of – Resubmitting Badge for "Gem of the Mountain" -"Sable, on a pile inverted argent throughout a stepcut gemstone palewise vert within a bordure embattled Or."


Escutcheon notes:
Original submission was on the July 2008 ILoI, blazoned as " Sable, on a pile inverted throughout argent a faceted gemstone in profile vert within a bordure embattled Or" and a letter of petition was included with this submission.

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5) Layla al-Zarqa' (F) – New Name and Device – "Azure, a chevron and in chief a cat and a weasel passant respectant Argent "

Riviere Constelle

"Layla" is given as a feminine Ism
"al-Zarqa'" is given as the feminine cognomen "The Blue Eyed"
Cites "Period Arabic Names and Naming Practices" by Da'ud ibn Auda for both, at

Escutcheon Notes:
Client will accept both major and minor changes.

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6) Máel Coluim Mór (M) – New Name and Device – "Sable, an owl contourny between 3 triskeles argent "

Cuil Cholum

"Máel Coluim"
OCorrain & Maguire, Page 129

Descriptive Byname; "Big," "Giant," "Great" found in "Quick & Easy Gaelic Names, 3rd edition" by Sharon L. Krosse at

Escutcheon Notes:
Client will accept major and minor changes. He cares most about language and/or culture ("Kingdom of Pal Riada in Modern Scotland")

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7) Osanna Elze Mailander (F) – New Name and Device – "Purpure semy of daisies Argent seeded Or, a butterfly Or"

Red Spears

Feminine name from 1380 per

Feminine name from 1371, 1385-97 per the same source as Osanna

German for "From Milan, Italy";service=deen;iservice=de-en-ex;query=Mail%e4nder

Escutcheon Notes:
Client will accept both major and minor changes, and cares most about language/culture (German) if changes are to be made.

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