October 20, 1996 MK

Greetings unto THL Richard Morgan of Cumberland, Draco, Lord Emrys Eustace, Rouge Scarpe; and the commenting members of the Midrealm College of Heralds, from Tiarna Rory mac Feidhlimidh, Escutcheon.

Here are the September, 1996, submissions for your consideration and commenting. All commentary should be sent to the Rouge Scarpe Herald, Lord Emrys Eustace, by December 1st. Unless otherwise stated, all name submissions will accept minor changes to grammar and/or spelling.

A reminder: Dragon and I are still taking applications from anyone who wishes to fill this office when I step down. We'd like to do the switch over by the first of the year. Anyone wishing more details, please contact Lord Richard or myself.

1) Alameda de los Leones Marcela Viscamo Hidalgo Marques y Torres


New Name & Device (F)

Quarterly gules and argent, a lion's head caboshed Or, orbed and fanged gules, within a bordure counterchanged.

Submitted as Doña Alameda de los Leones Marcela Viscamo Hidalgo Marques y Torres, we have dropped there served title portion.

She has her name broken down as follows: Alameda (first name) de los Leones (Confirmation name) Marcela (middlename) Viscamo (father's family name) Hidalgo (mother's maiden name) Marques (paternal grandmother's maiden name) y Torres (maternal grandmother's maiden name). She cites from From Aaron to Zoe: 15,000 Great Baby Names(Richman, Daniel Avram, p. 5) to show the construction of the name (the example given is Maria de la Luz Magdalena Cordova Rodriquez Torres y Gonzales). However, there are no dates given for this type of construction.

Treasury of Name Lore (Smith, Elsdon C. , p. 214-215) is also cited showing a lengthy construction of Spanish names. The documentation says family names were developed in the latter part of the twelfth century & became hereditary in the end of the thirteenth century.

Alameda is documented from All Those Wonderful Names (Hook, J. N., p. 18), meaning 'parade, promenade', with no dates given.

Marcela is documented from (Richman, p. 132), as an alternative spelling for Marcella (no dates).

Viscamo is in (Hook, p. 207), as the name of a Spanish explorer in 1603.

Torres is also in (Hook, p. 135), in a listing of the "Ten Most Common Hispanic-American Surnames" (#10).

2) Cecilia Bernadette


New Name & Device (F)

Per pale azure and vert, two harps and a columbine argent.

Cecilia is documented from Withycombe, p. 61, dated to 177 (St. Cecilia).

Bernadette is documented from Dictionaire Etymologiquedes Noms de Famille et des Prenoms de France (Dauzat, Albert, p, 38), under Bernard (no copies provided).

There is a note that the research was done at Pennsic XXV.

3) Culann Mac Cruimein


New Badge (Name 8/89)

(Fieldless) A skunk couchant contourney proper, tail errect.

As draw, the skunk's body is a gray/black, with the a white stripe.

4) Dolcia Bourdon


New Badge (Name Reg. ???)

Vert, a bat displayed within an orle of caltrops argent.

5) Edward the Archer

(Wurm Wald)

New Name (M)

Edward is in Withycombe (p. 94), dated throughout period. 'The Archer' is a descriptive byname.

We find registered Edward the Alchemist (10/95), but no other close matches.

6) Elayne Doret

(Baile na Scolairi)

New Name (F)

Elayne is documented from Surnames of Scotland (Black, George F., p. 225) and dated to 1296 (Elayne de Dudingestone, under Duddingston).

Doret is documented from Dictionary of English Surnames (Reaney & Wilson, p. 138-139), dated to 1230 (John Doret, under Dorey).

7) Geoffrey Fauconnett


New Device (Name 9/93)

Quarterly argent semy of Latin crosses bottony gules, and gules.

As drawn, this is hardly 'semy of Latin crosses'.

8) Gwyn ap Gweir

(Marshes/Red Spears)

New Device (Name 2/95)

Gules, three thistles in bend, slipped and leaved argent.

9) Hartmann von Augsburg


New Name & Device (M)

Argent, semy of grenades sable enflamed gules, on a pale sable a man-at-arms statant afronty argent, bearing at his breast a sword inverted sable.

Hartmann is documented from Deutsches Namenlexikon (Barhlow, Hans), with Hartman Luft (1362) and Hartman Somerlate (1482) (all under the entry Hartmann).

'Von Augsburg' is cited as a standard locative construction.

10) Ian MacTawisch

(Messis Luna)

New Name & Device (M)

Quarterly azure and argent, in bend two stag's heads couped contourney argent.

Ian is documented as "common to period. See "I" listing in SCA Registered Names". Withycombe lists Ian as a Gaelic version of John.

MacTawisch is documented from New York Public Library Book of Names (author ??, p. 566), under MacTavish, and dated to 1480.

11) Judith of Moreton Pinkney


Name Resubmission (F)

Her previous name submission, Judith of the Melancholy Procrastinator, was returned by Rouge Scarpe.

Judith is in Withycombe (p. 183), dated to 878. (It is also the client's mundane name).

Moreton Pinkney is documented from an unknown book (i.e. no title page provided), but there are clear dates showing usage in 1236 of the elements.

12) Loch Wylde, Shire of

(Huron, SD)

Group Name & Device Resubmission

Sable, a sunburst with a lightning bolt appendant, all within a laurel wreath Or.

The group's original name submission was Wylde Skye.

A Petition of Support for name & device are included.

Loch is documented from the Oxford English Dictionary as a Scottish form of 'lake'.

Wylde is also documented from the Oxford English Dictionary, as 'untamed', 'wild'.

13) Oleg Ivanivich

(Shadowed Stars)

New Name & Device (M)

Per pale sable and vert, a bear rampant contourney argent.

Both name elements are cited from A Dictionary of Period Russian Names (Paul Wickenden of Thanet); no copies are provided. Oleg is found on page 129, Ivonivich on page 79.

14) Saidhbhín Anastasia ní Dhuinn

(Waverly, OH)

New Device (Name 2/94)

Azure chausse argent, a rose argent slipped and leaved Or.

15) Sarilla Montoya

(Winged Hills)

Name & Device Resubmission (F)

Azure, a sexfoil and a chief envected argent.

Her original submission, Sharilla Gry-Lion, was returned by Rouge Scarpe for lack of documentation.

Sarilla is documented from Enciclopedia Universal Ilustrada: Europeo-Americana (p. 596) as a type of flower. ("Nobre vulgar de Thymus Mastichina, de la familia de las labiadas".) The client claims "it was a common practice to name females after flowers."

Montoya is cited from an unknown book (i.e. no title page information supplied), dated to 1515.

16) Solveig Gunnadóttir ór Úlfey


New Badge (Name 7/93)

Per pale Or and argent, a lozenge sable.

17) Sundridge Faire, Shire of

(Darke, Miami, Shelby Counties, OH)

Group Name Resubmission

Their original submission, Shire of Sundrie faire, was returned by Rouge Scarpe.

For documentation, they cite the Concise Oxford Dictionary of English Place-Names (Ekwall, Eilert, p. 453), which has "Sundridge K [Sunderhirse 1072 BM, -hersce 11 DM, Sondresse DB, Sundresse 1203 Cur]. Second el. OE ersc 'park, pasture'. First el. as in SUNDORNE." The meaning they say they are going for is 'fair at the pasture of th eseparate house.'

A petition of support is provided.

18) Sundridge Faire, Shire of

(Darke, Miami & Shelby Counties, Oh)

Group Badge (Name is above)

(Fieldless) An open pavilion vert bearing a twin-tailed pennant Or.

Although not required for badges, there is a petition of support enclosed for the badge. As drawn, in addition to the pennant, the three 'windows' are also Or.

19) Wolfram von Stüttgart


New Name & Device (M)

Gules, upon a plate a dragon rampant wings displayed gules.

Wolfram is documented from Knights (Hopkins, Andrea, p.65), with the author of Parsifal (written between 1198 &1210) as one Wolfram von Eschenback.

Stüttgart is documented from the Columbia Lippincott Gazetteer of the World (p. 1836), Stüttgart was chartered in the 13th C.

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