November 15, 1996

Greetings unto THL Richard Morgan of Cumberland, Draco, Lord Emrys Eustace, Rouge Scarpe; and the commenting members of the Midrealm College of Heralds, from Tiarna Rory mac Feidhlimidh, Escutcheon.

Here are the October, 1996, submissions for your consideration and commenting. All commentary should be sent to the Rouge Scarpe Herald, Lord Emrys Eustace, by January 1, 1997, with copies to Dragon & myself. Unless otherwise stated, all name submissions will accept minor changes to grammar and/or spelling.

1) Arwenna of Kelsley


Change of Badge Blazon

Gules, fretty argent, a falcon striking, maintaining in it'stalons a lure, sable.

The client registered the badge Gules, fretty argent, afalcon volant, wings addorsed and inverted, maintaining in its talons a lure, sable, in August 1984 (for House Falconmews). The badge itself is not being changed; but she wishes to change the blazoned position of the falcon from volant to striking.

We feel this is a some what odd request, and a simple matter for Laurel to re-blazon, but include it here to send it through "the proper channels".

2) Giannetta di Firenza


Device Resubmission (Name 5/96)

Gules, a dolphin haurient Or within a bordure engrailedOr.

This submission was on the November, 1995, ILoI (along with the name). According to the submitting pursuivant, while the name has been registered, the device seems to have vanished without any word to the client.

3) Giulia Isabella di Venizia


New Name & Device

Per pale azure and argent, three chevron ells interlaced,counterchanged.

Giulia is documented from The Renaissance Princes (Bernier, Olivier, p. ?), with Giulia Farnese (1493), sister to Alessandro, who became Pope Paul III.

Isabella is documented by the client as Daughter to Duke Ercule d'Este (1474), but there is no documentation provided for this. However, Withycombe also documents this name (p. 164), to 1199.

4) Helena O'Shea

(Mundelein, IL)

New Device (Name 1/94)

Purpure, a church bell within a bordure dovetailed argent.

5) John O'Gara

(Mundelein, IL)

Badge resubmission (Name 2/95)

(Fieldless) On a sword gules a boar's head caboshedargent.

6) Kateryne Dod

(Riviere Constelle)

New Name & Device

Bendy sinister of eight purpure and Or, a leek proper.

Kateryne is documented in Withycombe (p. 187, under Katharine), dated to the 15th C.

Dod is documented in A Dictionary of English & Welsh Surnames (Bardsley, Charles, p. 245), with Benedict Dod dated 1273.

The leek proper is vert, with an argent bulb/base.

7) Konrad Josef Urbanowicz

(Far Reaches)

Device Resubmission (Name 8/96)

Gules, two lances in saltire surmounted by a third all within a bordure Or.

He submitted this device (with his name) on the February, 1996, ILoI. We have no other information on the return --could be another 'lost submission'.

8) Messis Luna, Stronghold of

(Minot, ND)

Group Name & Device Resubmission

Azure, in sinister chief a mullet argent per fess sable wall embattled with a tower in center, a roundel Or above thetower, on a base vert a laurel wreath Or.

The clients say this is a resubmisison for the returnedsubmission of the Stronghold of Northmarch; we have no information of that being submitted to this office.

For name documentation, the clients claim that Messis Luna is Latin for harvest moon. The supplied documentation is dictionary definitions of "harvest moon" (the full moon nearest the autumnal equinox).

The above blazon is the client's; we can find no easy way to re-blazon the obvious pictorial heraldry.

There is a petition of support for the name & device.

9) Vincent Furnier


New Name

Vincent is documented from The New Century Cyclopedia of Names (Barnhart, Clarence L., p. 4028). There are several Vincents listed in period, including several saints.

Furnier is documented from Middle English Dictionary (Kurath, Hans, p. 946), under furnër, -ier, with one Ric. leFurnier (1286).

Yours In Service,

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