December 18, 1996

Greetings unto THL Richard Morgan of Cumberland, Draco, Lord Emrys Eustace, Rouge Scarpe; and the commenting members of the Midrealm College of Heralds, from Tiarna Rory mac Feidhlimidh, Escutcheon.

Here are the November, 1996, submissions for your consideration and commenting. All commentary should be sent to the Rouge Scarpe Herald, Lord Emrys Eustace, by February 1, 1997, with copies to Dragon & myself. Unless otherwise stated, all name submissions will accept minor changes to grammar and/or spelling.

Lord Paul Wickenden of Thanet, current Shield Herald, will be taking over this office in a few months. January submissions should still be sent to me, with February submissions sent to Lord Paul. Please start including him with copies of your commentary. His address is with the others at the end of the letter.

1) Alasdair Calum Montgomery

(Caer Anterth Mawr)

New Name & Device (M)

Argent, a rose proper slipped and thorned, entwined upon a passion cross urdy sable, all within a bordure azure charged with six mullets of five Or.

Alasdair is documented from Highlanders: A History of Scottish Clans (MacLean, Fitzroy, p. 135); Alasdair Crotach MacLeod, 8th Chief of Dunvegan, died 1547.

Calum is documented from Clans and Tartans of Scotland (Blain, Robert, p. 232); Calum Beg, tenth Chief of the Makintoshes, led several forces into battle from 1411-1424.

Montgomery is cited from Clans & Tartans: The Fabric of Scotland (Blackie, Lorna). A Lowland clan of Norman origin, the first noted of the name is John Montgomery, who captured Harry Hotspur at the Battle of Otterburn in 1338.

2) Alric Morgan

(Flaming Gryphon)

New Name & Device (M)

Quarterly azure and gules, a lion rampant guardant within a bordure Or.

Alric is documented from The Anglo-Saxon Chronicles (Savage, Anne, p. 76), dated to 798, when Alric son of Heardberht was killed in a great battle in Northumbria April 2nd.

Morgan is documented from Feudal Coats of Arms (Foster,Joseph, p. 173), with the citation of the arms of Morgan, a Kentish knight, from the Arundel Roll (Sable, a chevron between three spear-heads erect argent). Morgan is also cited from The Clans & Tartans of Scotland (Bain, Robert, p.190), under MacKay. The Clan MacKay was known as the Clan Morgan in the early 14th century.

3) Dragomir Ferenczy


New Name (M)

Dragomir seems to be cited from a WWW page, The Dragosz (or Dragos) Entymology, Ethnology, and Heraldry Page. It is in a list of 'slavic names': "Dragosh, Dragan, Dragomir, Dragoslav, Dragoliub, Dragic..."

It is also cited from The History of Transylvania (Gabor Barta, et. Al., p 196), in the surname of Silviu Dragomir, the "greatest authority on the Romanian history of this period".

Ferenczy is also cited from The History of Transylvania

(p 596), in the name of one of the pioneers of modern Hungarian painting, Károly Ferenczy.

4) Genevieve de Belleval

(Caer Anterth Mawr)

New Name & Device (F)

Azure, semy of estoilles, a bend bretessed and cotised Or.

Genevieve is cited from Dictionary of the Middle Ages (Strayer, Jospeh, Vol. 9 p.401), as the name of a young woman who went out of the city of Paris to meet the armies of Attila the Hun in 451; where upon he and his horde turned south and spared Paris.

de Belleval is documented from Medieval Civilization (Grabois, Aryeh, p. 312), and Firmin de Belleval, the 14th century French astronomer.

5) Geoffrey de la Brugge

(Caer Anterth Mawr)

Device Resubmission (Name 7/96)

Sable, a chevron between two fleur-de-lys and a unicorn rampant argent.

His original submission, Gules, a chevron sable betweentwo fluers-de-lys and a unicorn rampant argent, was on the January, 1996 ILoI (with his name). At that time voiced my concerns on the contrast problems, but sent it on for commentary in the event others could come up with an allowance based on 'regional style'. I assume it was returned by Rouge Scarpe at that time.

This submission eliminates the contrast problems; we are, however, concerned with the malnourished chevron (actually, all the charges could use some feeding).

6) Moire MacVey

(Caer Anterth Mawr)

Name & Device Resubmission (F)

Quarterly argent and gules, in sinister bend two heart sargent.

Her original name and device submission (Moire Sorcha McVey, Quarterly bendy gules and argent and gules, in sinister chief a heart, in dexter base a mullet of eight point sargent.), was on the March 1996 ILoI. According to the submitting herald, the original rejection cited that the name was returned for combining a Scottish first name & Irish surname, and the device was returned for the appearance of marshalling.

Moire and MacVey are both cited here in an unnamed book of Scottish clans and names. Moire in a listing of women's names, MacVey with a listing of clans (and associated with the MacDonalds and MacLeans of Duart).

Also included in the packet is another device (Per bend sinister gules, and bendy gules and argent, a heart argent), which the submitting herald mentions as an alternative submission. However, it has long been the practice of this office to not deal with various 'alternatives' or 'variants' (a practice going back to THL Thorvald's tenure as Pale Herald). We include this item here for your information only, and not for commentary or conflict checking on the'alternative'.

Yours In Service,

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