February 15, 1997

Greetings unto THL Richard Morgan of Cumberland, Draco, Lord Emrys Eustace, Rouge Scarpe; and thecommenting members of the Midrealm College of Heralds, from Tiarna Rory mac Feidhlimidh, Escutcheon (outgoing)

Here are the January, 1997, submissions for your consideration and commenting. It also includes a batch of submissions(some dating back a few months, according to the check dates) that were sent to Lord Paul. To speed processing he has sentthem on to me, to get them in the queue as fast as possible. All commentary should be sent to the Rouge Scarpe Herald, LordEmrys Eustace, by April 1, with copies to Dragon, myself, and the new Escutcheon, Lord Paul Wickenden of Thanet. Unless otherwise stated, all name submissions will accept minor changes to grammar and/or spelling.

All submission should now be going to Lord Paul; please help spread the word. Any that I receive here will beforwarded on to him.

It's been a pleasure to serve the College & Kingdom in this office for the past 3+ years. My thanks to one and all who have aided me, and I hope you support Lord Paul as he takes over. I'm looking forward to commenting on someone else's lettersagain. Special thanks to my lady wife for her understanding and fielding phone calls from frantic clients.

A few final reminders from Uncle Rory (please pass this along to any local pursuivants you may work with): Name submission = 2 copies of the form + 2 copies of the documentation. Device/Badge submission = 3 color copies of the form + 1 black-and-white copy. Submissions are $6.50 per item, a Name & Device together = $13.00. Typed submission forms are A Good Thing™. If you use computer-generated forms, please make sure they at least contain the same information as the regular ones do, and that the emblazons are the same size.

1) Adam Comyn


New Name & Device (M)

Sable, a lantern argent between flaunches barry wavy argent and gules.

The client cites Adam from Surnames of Scotland (Black,p. 7), dated to 1194.

Comyn is also from (Black, p.166, 191), and dated to 1165.

2) Adelicia Marie d'Argent

(Dark River)

Name & Device Resubmission (F)

Argent, a sheaf of three peacock feathers proper, tied Or.

Adelicia is listed on the Pennsic worksheet with "have documentation at home". Also mentioned is Withycombe entries for Adaliz and Athelesia (under Alice).

Marie is listed in Withycombe as the French ver. of Mary,

d'Argent is cited on the Pennsic worksheet as French, 'of the town of Argent', from Dauzat et Roztaig, p. 26.

This submission was originally made at Pennsic 23, where it was returned for aural conflict with Adeliz Argenti (reg.2/87). The addition of Marie should bring it clear.

3) Adelicia Marie d'Argent

(Dark River)

Badge Resubmission

Checky sable and argent, on a plate a spider bendwise sinister sable.

This badge was returned when the client's name (see #2 above) was returned.

4) Alexandra of Falcon's Keep

(Falcon's Keep)

New Name & Device (F)

Gules, a bend between two dolphins naiant in annulo argent.

Alexandra is in Withycombe (p.14), dated to 1205.

Falcon's Keep is the registered name (10/92) of her local branch.

5) Alyna Brynderlwyn

(Falcon's Keep)

New Name (F)

Alyna is in Withycombe, under Aline, dated to 1346.

Brynderlwyn is in Welsh Place-Names and Their Meanings(Davies, Dewi, p. 6) (meaning 'hill of oak-wood').

6) Alys Katharine


Name Change (F)

The client wishes to change from her registered name, Alys Katharine of Ashthorne Glen (reg. 8/98) (and transfer over her registered device - Per chevron vert and Or, two Catherine wheels and a fleur-de-lys counterchanged and her badge (Fieldless) On an acorn vert a Catherine wheel Or(both reg. 10/91).

7) Angus James Macdonald


New Device (Name 4/95)

Per bend sinister argent and purpure, a tower vert and an anchor Or.

8) Ariadne Danebod

(Red Spears)

Name Resubmission/New Device (F)

Azure, a dove close to sinister argent, within a bordure counter-compony vert and argent.

Her original submission, Ariadne Ingeborg Danebod, was on the November, 1994, ILoI, and apparently returned in-kingdom. Ariadne is documented from Medieval Queenship (Parsons,John Carmi, p. 208), the name of a Byzantine empress, daughter of Leo I (d. 515).

Danebod is documented from The New Century Cyclopeadia of Names (Barnhart, Claence, p. 208), dated to the 12th C.

9) Balthazar fitz Gryphon


Device Resubmission (Name 10/92)

Vert chape ploye argent, a griffon segreant countourney argent, taloned and beaked Or, langued gules.

His original submission, Azure chape ploye argent, a griffin segreant argent, was returned in March 1996 for conflict with Per pale purpure and azure, a griffon segreant argent, bearing in its dexter talon a morgenstern and in its sinister talon a targe charged with a tower azure (Griffin ValDrummond). There is one CD for the field, but none for the maintained charges.

He encloses a letter from Sir Tnek the Ainissestor, granting permission to conflict with his arms Per bend sinister sable and gules, a griffin segreant to sinister argent (reg. 10/76).

10) Christiana d'Avochlie

(Mare Amethystinum)

New Name & Device (F)

Azure, a shake fork between a Celtic cross in chief, a length of chain and a fleur-de-lis, Or.

Christiana is in Withycombe (p. 65), dated to the end of the 12th C.

d'Avochlie is documented from The Domesday Book: England's Heritage, Then and Now (Hinde, Thomas, p.??), a 'lost' Shropshire village.

11) Cristina Starling


New Name (F)

Both names are cited as being in Reaney's Dictionary of British Surnames; Cristina on p. 73 & Starling on p. 332. No copies were provided.

12) Duncan MacAlpin

(Flaming Gryphon)

New Name & Device (M)

Per bend sable and argent, a fleur-de-lys inverted Or, two thistles slipped and leaved, proper.

Duncan is documented from Scottish Surnames (Dorward,David, p. 79), dated in Scotland throughout period.

MacAlpin is documented from Scotland's Kings & Queens (Pictin Pictorials, p. 1-2), as the surname of a line of Scottish kings.

13) Edward Brackenburye of York


New Name & Device (M)

Azure, between flaunches Or, gouty de sang, in pale a boarand a rose argent.

Edward is in Withycombe, p. 94.

Brackenbury is documented from The Life and Times of Richard III (Cheetham, Anthony, p. 142), with Sir Robert Brackenbury, constable of the Tower.

14) Elena de Vexin

(Wood River, IL)

Badge Resubmission (Name 2/89)

(Fieldless) On a mullet of eight points Or a fleur-de-lys purpure.

This submission was on the May, 1995 ILoI, and vanished into the heraldic black hole.

15) Flaming Gryphon, Barony of -

Order of the Gryphon's Spear

New Order Name & Badge

(Fieldless) A griffin passant maintaining a spear sable.

The name is "Common English".

16) Hely d'Isigny


New Name & Device (M)

Vert, a wolf's head caboshed within an orle Or.

No copies for any of the cited documentation were provided.

Hely is documented as Helyas Dictionary of English Surnames (Reaney & Wilson) under Ellis; also by Helie in Dictionnaire Etomologique des Nom et Tre Noms de France(Dauzat), and Elye and Helia in Dictionary of English &Welsh Surnames (Bardsley).

D'Isigny is documented from (Dauzat, p. 362).

17) Kirsten Thorsteinsdottir

(Riviere Constelle)

Device Resubmission (Name 9/91)

Per chevron azure and argent, two rivenstars argent and alion's head erased gules.

This is the client's fourth attempt to register her arms. The first (Per chevron azure and argent, two rivenstars per bend and in base a lion's head erased gules) was returned for conflict, the second (Per chevron azure and argent Ermine sable, two rivenstars per bend and in base a lion's head erased gules) for use of the non-banned rivenstars, and the third (same as the second, but she received a 'dispensation' allowing her the use of rivenstars) was lost in the heraldic black hole.

The submitting pursuivant also enclosed several variations (including changing the rivenstars to compass stars), but ash as been noted before the College only considers one submission.

18) Lefwenna Swanhilde de la Hay


New Name & Device

Per pale vert and gules, a swan rousant argent and in chief three clarions Or.

No copies of the documentation were provided.

Lefwenna is documented in The Anglo-Saxon Heritage in Middle English Personal Names: East Anglia 1100-1399 (Seltén, Bo, p. ?), dated to 1209.

Swanhilde is documented from A Dictionary of English Surnames (Reaney & Wilson), as Swanhild (1227) and Swanilda (1201).

de la Hay is documented from (Reaney & Wilson) under Hay as de la Haie (1185); also in (Bardsley) as de la Hay (1273).

19) Lloyd of Penrose


Badge Resubmission (Name 5/91)

Per pale Or and gules, a lion's jamb sinister maintaining a Latin cross bendwise, counterchanged.

20) Meriel FitzWilliam

(Flaming Gryphon)

New Name & Device (F)

Sable, three sea horses naiant argent, crined and finned Or, a chief erminois.

Meriel is in Withycombe (p. 224), dated to the 12th & 13thC.

FitzWilliam is cited as a "Norman patronymic".

21) Micheline du Follet


New Name (F)

There is no documentation suggested for Michelina.

du Follet is documented from L'Histoire de la Famille LaFollettee en Amerique (Jones, Franklin LaFollette, p. 1), as the name of a chateau in Anjou, dated to 1085.

22) Oakford, Canton of

(Port Clinton, OH)

New Group Name & Device

Argent, a cross of four oak leaves within a laurel wreath vert, in base a ford.

The clients claim the construction is a common English place name construct, citing examples such as Oxford, Brayford, Guineaford, Bideford, Kennford, Chagford, Lydford, Bridford, Ebford, etc. They also supply a map from a WWW page (www.stilwell.co.uk/county-maps/devon.html), showing towns in Devon (including an Oakford, which dates back to at least 1244).

They have enclosed a petition of support for name & device.

23) Owain MacCabe - Kindred of the Teutonic Order

(Waukegan, IL)

New Household Name (Name 7/91)

The client cites from English Weapons & Warfare: 499-1660 (Norma, A.V.B., p. 37) and The Crusades (Treece,Henry, p. 191), both discussing the order of Teutonic Knights.

According to the client, the meaning of the name is most important, as they are trying to form a crusader-style archery group.

24) Red Spears, Barony of

New Badge

(Fieldless) A boar's head erase Or, winged argent.

25) Red Spears, Barony of

New Badge

(Fieldless) On a boar spear head gules, a rose Or.

26) Rockwall, Shire of

Group Device Resubmission

Azure, a bridge argent, each tower charged with a laurel wreath azure, in chief a lion dormant Or.

A petition of support is provided.

27) Romula Rethe of the Cleftlands

(Red Spears)

Badge Resubmission (Name 9/89)

(Fieldless) A feather fracted in chevron argent.

There is a letter from Lady Anna Mailander granting permission to conflict with her registered badge, Sable, a feather fracted in chevron argent (reg. 9/96).

28) William Taylor the Pure

(Red Spears)

Device Resubmission (Name 9/96)

Per pale purpure and vert, a bear's sinister leg palwise issuant from base Or, maintaining a clay pot argent.

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