March 15, 1997

Greetings unto THL Richard Morgan of Cumberland, Dragon; Lord Emrys Eustace, Rouge Scarpe; and the commenting members of the Midrealm College of Heralds; from Lord Paul Wickenden of Thanet, Escutcheon.

For those of you who do not know me, allow me to introduce myself: I joined the SCA in AS XVII in the East and spent the next six years travelling between the East and Atlantia before settling out here in the Midrealm in AS XXIII. I became pursuivant of Würm Wald in AS XXVI, Praerie Pursuivant in AS XXVIII, and finally Shield Herald in AS XXIX. For the past couple of years I have commented both internally and externally and published in the Proceedings of the Known World Heraldic Symposium and Tournaments Illuminated. My expertise is in onomastics (particularly in Slavic languages) and I have an extensive collection of references in this field. I am a much weaker armory herald and I hope that you will help me learn to become a better one during my tenure in this office. I thank the members of the College for allowing me this opportunity to serve.

Here are the February 1997 submissions for your consideration and commenting. All commentary should be sent to the Rouge Scarpe Herald, Lord Emrys Eustace, by May 1, 1997, with copies to Dragon and myself. Unless otherwise stated, all name submissions will accept minor changes to grammar and/or spelling.


1) Anders Schwarzdorn

(March of the Marshes)

New Name & Device (M)

Argent goutty de larmes a gyron arroundi sinister issuant from chief sable a chief vert.

The client cites Anders as a diminuitive of Andreas in Heintze-Cascorbi, Die deutschen Familiennamen geschichtlich, geographisch, sprachlich, p. 115 (undated) and in Drosdowski, Lexikon der Vornamen, p. 35. He will accept Andreas. The second element is constructed and is intended to mean "black thorn" in German. Several period examples of names with Dorn- (Dornberg, 1447; Dornicht, 1436; Dornburg, 1306) are cited in Brechenmacher, p. 331-2. Several examples of Schwarz- (Schwarzbeck, 1468; Schwarzkopf, 1328; Schwarzpeter, 1465) are in Ibid, p. 581. The client cares most about the language and meaning and wishes to have the name's grammar and spelling corrected so that it has the indicated meaning in German.

2) Arònne Seuvan


New Name (F)

According to the Pennsic worksheet enclosed, the first element is documented in DeFelice, p. 77, and undated. The second element is in Dauzat, Noms et Prenoms, p. 552 as a variant of Silvain. It is undated, but said to be derived from the name of Saint Silvanus. No copies are provided. The client cares most about spelling.

3) Azure Mere, Shire of

(Kenosha WI)

Group Name & Device Resubmission

Argent, a hippocampus within a laurel wreath sable, a chief engrailed purpure.

The elements of the name are documented from the Oxford English Dictionary which cites a reference to "Aserre" in 1450 (Vol I, page unlisted) and "Mere" to 1573 or "Meere" to 1450 (Vol VI, page unlisted). The clients wish the grammar and spelling of the name corrected so that it has the intended meaning in English (but consider the sound to be the most important factor!).

This exact submission was returned by Laurel for non-period construction (in particular, the use of the unusual word "azure" in an English place name). The clients have provided no new evidence to appeal the return (the return in fact was based on the same OED references they are using), so it is unlikely that Laurel will pass it this time.

A petition of support for the name and device are enclosed.

4) Brendan the Red

(Würm Wald)

New Name (M)

Brendan is in Withycombe, p. 53, and was originally the name of a 6th century saint. The second element is a common English epithet. The client requests that the grammar and spelling be corrected for the proper meaning in English and cares most about meaning.

5) Caitlin O'Hart


New Device (Name Reg'd 5/94)

Gules, on a bend sinister between two hearts argent, a brown lute proper.

6) Clarissa Wykeham


Change of Registered Device (Name Reg'd 11/92)

Or, on a chevron azure between three hearts gules, two swords conjoined at their points Or.

If this device is accepted, she would like her current device (Or, on a chevron azure between three hearts gules, two swords conjoined at their points argent, a bordure embattled gules) changed to a badge.

7) Dervin Norwood of Hedgely Moor

(Starleaf Gate)

New Badge (Name Reg'd 4/94)

Per saltire argent and vert, two oak trees argent, a demi-sun issuant from base vert.

8) Donovan the Red of Affane

(Starleaf Gate)

New Name and Device (M)

Sable, on a bezant, a wolf's head couped gules, on a bordure argent, six gouttes de poix.

Donovan is cited from Ó Corrain & Maguire, p. 77, who cite it as an anglicized modern form of Donndubán. Donovan is also mentioned as a deposed Eoganacht prince in Black, Your Irish Ancestors, p. 40. Affane is a place on the Blackwater below Cappoquin in the Coghlan, Grehan, and Joyce, Book of Irish Names, p. 87. No documentation is provided for "the Red."

9) Donovan the Red of Affane

(Starleaf Gate)

New Badge (Name Submitted Above)

Argent, a wolf ululant nowed vert and a bordure purpure.

10) Dragon's Crossing, College of

(Lexington KY)

New Group Name and Device

Or, a dragon rampant within a laurel wreath sable.

The name elements are described as "common English" and the clients care most about language. {N.B.: The consulting herald was "Lord Emrys Eustace (Richard Darnell)" -- I wonder when Dragon and Rouge Scarpe were joined? }

A petition of support for the name and device are enclosed.

11) Eric Edwardson

(Starleaf Gate)

Device Resubmission (Name Reg'd 8/95)

Purpure, two unicorns combattant, a bordure Or.

His original submission was returned on Laurel's 8/95 LoAR for being drawn with Or unicorns when the client stated a preference for argent. The client has corrected the problem (he wants Or) and resubmitted in 1996. His submission was pended on the May 1996 ILoI for not sending enough forms. This latter problem has now been rectified and we can send this submission forward for your consideration.

12) Gareth of Gartloch

(Starleaf Gate)

New Name and Device (M)

Per saltire vert and argent, two holly leaves palewise vert and in chief a crescent Or.

Gareth is cited from the evil Hanks and Hodges, First Names, p. 128, and undated. Gartloch is constructed from the elements Gart and Loch. Gart- is found in examples like Gartlan, Gartland, and Gartlin, cited in Woulfe, p. 85, and undated. -Loch is a Scottish word meaning "lake" according to Sims, The Origin and Significance of Scottish Surnames, p. 69. The client cares most about sound.

Gareth is dated to 1593 in Withycombe, p. 125. Gartloch need not be constructed as it is a real place in Scotland and found in Darton, Dictionary of Scottish Place Names, p. 128.

13) Gwendolyn Buckelay

(Iron Oak)

New Name and Device (F)

Azure, an Irish harp and upon a bordure Or, four roses proper.

Gwendolyn is cited from Withycombe, p. 140, who notes that its use in English did not occur until the 19th century (no earlier dating is provided, aside from the fact that it was the name of Merlin's wife and is Welsh in origin). Buckelay is dated to 1273 in Colingwood, Ivies, and Keswich Dictionary of English and Welsh Names, p. 143.

This blazon is ours (the original one was misspelled and had poor syntax). We are concerned about the placement of the roses over both the field and the bordure and the fact that the bordure is drawn too narrow.

14) Héloïse d'Anjou

(Starleaf Gate)

New Name and Device (F)

Azure, on a bend sinister argent, a robin close to sinister proper.

Héloïse is cited from Withycombe, p. 148, and undated. It is also cited in Payton, Webster's Dictionary of Proper Names, p. 307, dated to early 12th century. Anjou is in Ibid, p. 28, and dated to the time of King John and before. The client requests that the grammar and spelling be corrected for French and cares most about sound.

A robin proper is brown with a red belly.

15) Hildegarde Stickerin

(Würm Wald)

New Name and Device (F)

Azure, a bear rampant, on a chief Or a martlet between two trefoils sable.

Hildegarde is in Withycombe, p. 153, as the name of a saint who was an abbess of Birgen (d. 1004). Stickerin means "embroideress" in German and is cited from Amman and Sachs, The Book of Trades, p. 33, which gives Seidensticker ("silk embroiderer"). The Oxford Duden German Dictionary, p. 1045 shows under "embroiderer": "n. Sticker, der/Stickerin, die." She requests that the grammar and spelling be corrected to achieve the desired meaning in German. She cares most about language and meaning.

German is not one of my languages but the surname looks funny to me. Seidensticker sounds better and is mentioned by Bahlow (under "Stickforth"), p. 501 (undated). She has given broad latitude on this element and is most interested in getting a German occupational surname with the proper meaning.

16) Hrothgar the Smith


New Name & Device (M)

Argent, a triskelion gules between three mullets sable.

The client cites from Beowulf (Gummere, trans.), p. 7. No documentation is provided for the second element. Meaning is most important and the client requests that the grammar and/or spelling be corrected to create the correct meaning in the "intended language". The client will NOT accept a holding name.

Withycombe, p. 225, mentions Hrothgar as an Old English form of the modern Roger. Reaney & Wilson, p. 415, have Ælfword þe Smith (c1100) and William le Smyth (1275).

17) Ione Linch


Device Resubmission (Name Submitted 12/96)

Purpure, two threaded needles in saltire, and upon a bordure argent a semy of shamrocks vert.

The client's name and device have had a fun trip. Her device was submitted on the 2/96 ILoI and pended by Rouge Scarpe on the 4/10/96 ILoAR for lack of a registered name (it had been lost). The name was resubmitted by Rouge Scarpe on the 12/25/96 "Lost Sheep" LoI but he could not find the device forms. This is at least the third attempt at submission by the client.

18) Isabel Moundoghter

(White Waters)

New Badge (Name Reg'd ???)

(Fieldless) A clew of yarn pendant from a hank of cotton fesswise argent.

Extensive documentation and a letter from Constellation is provided to document these new charges. We could not determine when the name was registered.

19) Kevin Ambrozijwski


Device Resubmission (Name Reg'd 4/83)

Gules, upon a pale argent three bats sable.

Previous submissions from this client (Gules, on a chevron argent three bats sable and Azure, on a pale Or, three bats sable) were returned by this Kingdom on 3/96 and 5/93 respectively for conflicts. This redesign addresses these conflicts.

20) Konrad Mailander

(Red Spears)

Badge Resubmission (Name Reg'd 6/94)

(Fieldless) A brown bear's head cabossed proper jessant of a zweihander inverted gules.

The client prefers that the sword be blazoned as a "zweihander" but will accept it being blazoned as a "two-handed sword."

This badge was originally submitted on the May 1995 ILoI but it was lost sometime thereafter.

21) Lyn O'Clery


Name Resubmission

Lyn is cited as an abbreviation of Linnet, as found in Withycombe, p. 197. However, as the submitting pursuivant (Lincoln) notes: "I am concerned, as Dunkling indicates that this is a modern name and Withycombe does not show period usage.... Perhaps we could relate it to a German variant of Linda." O'Clery is found in Reaney and Wilson, p. 327, as an anglicization of Ó Clérigh but is undated. She requests that the grammar and spelling be corrected so that the name has the correct meaning in the indicated language (Irish?). She cares most about sound (in particular, the preservation of the sound of the given name).

The name was returned by Rouge Scarpe (not Laurel, as was claimed by the submitting pursuivant) on his 11/2/96 LoAR. The reasons for the original return were quite complex (it filled 10 column inches -- half of which came from Fause Losenge) so I am not sure if this resubmission deals with the previous problems or not.

22) Mark the Normal

(Würm Wald)

New Name and Device (M)

Per chevron inverted gules and sable, a eagle displayed and in base three wheels Or.

Mark is in Withycombe, p. 206. Normal is an English epithet. The client really wants an epithet signifying the usual, the ordinary, the normal. He requests corrections to grammar and spelling to achieve the desired meaning in English.

My two pence is that Playne (1293) or Playne (1383) -- both in Reaney & Wilson, p. 354 -- would be close to his desired byname.

23) Ottar Finnson

(Starleaf Gate)

New Badge (Name Reg'd 6/94)

Argent, a hurt between eight rapiers sable, points to center.

The blazon is mine.

24) Vast Eerie Reaches, Shire of

(Bellevue, OH)

New Group Name & Device

Sable, a panther rampant argent, langued within a laurel wreath Or, a chief barry wavy argent and azure.

No documentation is provided for the name. It does not sound like any period construction that I am familiar with (with its three-word name and unwelcoming sound).

The blazon is mine (the one submitted had major syntax problems). The panther has a red eye, but it did not seem worth blazoning this feature. If someone can suggest a term that sounds better than "eye of gulles [sic]" suggested by the submitting pursuivant, I will be most obliged.

A petition of support for the name and device are enclosed.

The client will NOT accept changes to grammar and/or spelling.

The following submissions have been PENDED:

P1) ???

(Three Hills)

New Name and Device (?)

A gyronny of six, sable and argent, issuant from the fess point three acorns stemwise to the fess Or, and three oak leaves stemwise to the fess point vert.

There was a check, one color device form (with no name on it), and one copy of some documentation for a name, but no name forms at all and no indication on the single device form of the name of the submitter. Due to the lack of forms and our inability to determine the name of the submitter, we must PEND this submission.

P2) Randolph Lee


New Name and Device (M)

Gules, a wolf rampant maintaining a sword and shield sable on a pale, a bordure Or.

There was only one copy of the device and name forms, therefore we must PEND this submission.

Yours In Service,

Paul Wickenden of Thanet
c/o Paul Goldschmidt
P.O. Box 56
Platteville WI 53818


Richard Morgan of Cumberland
Richard Darnell
P.O. Box 6244
Minneapolis MN 55406

Rouge Scarpe:

Emrys Eustace
Joe Marfice
233 Perrine St
Dayton OH 45410

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