May 15, 1997

Greetings unto Lord Richard Morgan of Cumberland, Dragon; Master Dmitrii Volkovich, Dragon-Elect; Lord Emrys Eustace, Rouge Scarpe; and the commenting members of the Midrealm College of Heralds; from Lord Paul Wickenden of Thanet, Escutcheon.

Here are the April 1997 submissions for your consideration and commenting. All commentary should be sent to the Rouge Scarpe Herald, Lord Emrys Eustace, by July 1, 1997, with copies to Dragon-Elect, and myself. Unless otherwise stated, all name submissions will accept minor changes to grammar and/or spelling.

As you will immediately note, I am experimenting with a new format. This is done under direction from Rouge Scarpe who is in turn following orders from Laurel. The goal is to create a format that is compatible with the LoAR so that Laurel need not have to do extensive retyping of the entries from their original format. With that goal in mind, we welcome your feedback on the new format.


1) Antonio Cellini. Device Resubmission. Per pale purpure and argent, two ferrets addorsed rampant maintaining a sword to chief, on a chief two maltise crosses, all counterchanged.

(M) Darkmoon. {Name reg. 5/96}

His device was apparently returned by the Middle Kingdom but I have no information on the original submission.

2) Aryanhwy Prytydes merch Catmael Caermyrdin. New Name and Device. Argent estencelé sable, in pale three stoats passant, counter-passant, passant purpure.

(F) Falcon's Keep. Rather extensive documentation from Tangwystyl (Harpy Herald) is attached. It is difficult to summarize but says that Aryanhwy is a constructed given name and it documents the various roots. Prytydes is an occupational byname meaning "(female) poet" -- the masculine form of this byname is found in Welsh Surnames (178), Morgan & Morgan. Catmael is a compound of elements that in modern form would be Cad+mael and they are each documented. The final element is a locative whose modern spelling would be Caerfyrddin. All elements have been modified to 11th century spellings. [Note: The original documentation runs 700 words and cites five sources -- I'd love to share its nuances with all of you but my wrists could never take that much retyping]. The client cares most about language, meaning, sound, and spelling.

3) Aryanhwy Prytydes merch Catmael Caermyrdin. New Badge. (Fieldless) A stoat passant purpure.

(F) Falcon's Keep. {Name Submitted On This LoI}

4) David Kellahan. Name and Device Resubmission. Per pale sable and vert, a dolmen argent.

(M) Red Spears. Name and device were lost in our Heraldic Black Hole™. A Dictionary of English Surnames (43) Reaney and Wilson gives us David. The second element is documented from the 2/97 LoAR for Moira Kellahan (the client's daughter) which in turn cites a previous [5/96 LoAR] acceptance of Michael Kellahan. The commentary states:

"Submitted as Moira Callahan, Callahan was discussed in the 5/96 registration of Michael Kellahan.

"The name was submitted as Michael Callahan. While we cannot certainly say that this spelling of the surname is an impossible late-period Anglicization, at the very least it incorporates a number of rare practices: the omission of O (or Mac), the rendering of -chain as -han, and the rendering of Ceal- as Cal-. We have therefore slightly modified it to follow documented period practice. Woulfe, s.n. Mac Ceallaghain, notes the late 16th or early 17th century Anglicizations M'Keallaghain and M'Kelleghane. By far the most common English representation of -chain is -ghan(e), but Pelican was able to find a significant number of instances of -han, s. nn. O Beachain (O Behan), O Beagachain (O Beggahan, O Begkahan), O Beannachain (O Benahan), O Bruachain (O Brohan), O Cuinneachain (O Quenahan), O Farrachain (O Farrohan, O Farhan), O Fiachain (O Feehan)."

A more serious issue raised by this submission is its similarity to the client's modern name (David Callahan). The question is whether the spelling change is sufficient to clear it of III.A.9 ("Protected Names: Name Used by Submitter Outside of Society") of the Administrative Handbook. If it is not clear, the client has expressed a willingness to accept David O Kellahan but only as a last resort. The client wishes to have the grammar/spelling modified so that it is correct for the indicated language but cares most about sound.

5) David Kellahan. New Badge. (Fieldless) A dolmen argent.

(M) Red Spears. {Name Submitted On This LoI}

6) Eva MacCarthy. New Device. Gules, a goblet Or and in chief a mullet of eight points argent, a bordure indented Or.

(F) Waukegan, IL. {Name reg. 9/92}

7) Fáelchú an Stalcair. Name and Device Resubmission. Vert, a stag's head cabossed and on a chief argent, three bowen crosses vert.

(M) Red Spears. The name was previously submitted as Eochaid Fáelchú an Stalcair and returned by the Middle Kingdom for a nonperiod use of a double given name. The client has dropped the first given name.

Fáelchú is in Surnames of Scotland (251) Black. Ibid (565) has an Stalcair as part of Mac an stalcair, meaning "son of the (deer-) stalker". The client wants it as a nickname meaning "the stalker" or "the deerstalker." It seems reasonable that if you call someone "the son of" that there was once someone known as whatever follows, says the submitting pursuivant. The client wants the grammar and spelling modified so the name has the correct meaning in Scottish.

The device was originally returned for nonperiod style by the Middle Kingdom. The device has been altered to address this problem.

8) Gregor von Hannover. Device Resubmission. Gules, on a bend sinister Or, a sword azure.

(M) Vanished Woods. {Name reg. 2/96}

9) Ian Gartloch. Device Resubmission. Argent, a compass star vert, on a bordure sable eight holly leaves argent.

(M) Starleaf Gate. {Name reg. 11/94}

The compass star is drawn with two-tone vert coloring (light and dark green). We are treating this as an artistic license although it is non-heraldic in style. The original submission was returned by Kingdom but I have no information on the reason for the original return.

10) Isabella Sharman. Name and Device Resubmission. Azure, a sextafoil, a chief invected argent.

(F) Winged Hills. This is the client's third attempt at a name (previous attempts include Sharilla Gry-Lion and Sharilla Montoya). Isabella was the name of the consort of Frederick II and daughter of King John (the Bad King). She lived from 1214-41, according to Plantagenet Encyclopedia (105) and is found in History of Christian Names (34 & 35) Yonge. Sharman is a variant of Sherman and found as a header spelling in Dictionary of English Surnames (292) Reaney & Wilson. The client asks that the grammar and spelling be corrected for the English language.

Presumably the device was returned with the name, although I have no information on the original returns.

11) Kateryne Dod. Device Resubmission. Or, semy of leeks vert, on a torteau, a chatloup passant Or.

(F) Riviere Constelle. {Name Submitted On 2/97 MK ELoI}

Documentation for a chatloup is provided from An Heraldic Alphabet (62).

12) Katherine Elenora de Lacy. Device Resubmission. Vert, a unicorn couchant regardant, on a bordure argent, eight fleurs-de-lis sable.

(M) Starleaf Gate. {Name reg. 11/94}

13) Loretta of Illiton. New Name and Device. Or, a dragon sejant vert issuant from a brown war wagon proper, a bordure dovetailed purpure.

(F) Illiton. Loretta is the client's mundane given name. Illiton is the submitter's home group (Name reg. prior to 1987). ODECN (198) Withycombe notes Loretta is a name common among Roman Catholics but does not provide dates.

The dragon and its "war wagon" is difficult to blazon. The forms note that "this applicant is in a wheelchair and thought this device would be appropriate."

(M) Waukegan, IL. {Name reg. 7/91}

14) Owain MacCabe. New Device. Per bend azure and sable, a bend engrailed between a sea lion Or and a cross crosslet argent.

If this submission is accepted, the client wishes to release his current device (Argent, a turtle and on a chief sable three turtles argent).

(M) Red Spears. {Name reg. 4/94}

15) Owen FitzRaven. Device Resubmission. Azure, two bars palewise on sinister surmounted by a bar fesswise in chief argent.

This submission fell into our Heraldic Black Hole™ about a year ago. If it is registered, the client would like his current device (Per pale argent and azure, a chevron counterchanged and in dexter chief an eagle's head azure) changed to a badge.

The blazon needs some obvious help. The best I can suggest is: Azure, two palets in sinister surmounted by a bar in chief argent.

16) Patrick Connor O'Donnell McPhelan. Device Resubmission. Vert, a chevron inverted argent, between three bezants.

(M) Marche of the Thistle. {Name reg. 9/89}

The original submission was returned for "nonperiod design due to the use of two metals" according to the submitting pursuivant. As the original was fieldless, we suspect the problem was more likely the use of unconnected charges in a fieldless device, although we have no independent information on the return.

17) Robert Blackthorn. New Device. Per pall inverted azure, gules, and Or, a pall inverted ermine, two estoiles Or and a fireball gules.

(M) Riviere Constelle. {Name reg. 5/88}

18) Robert FitzRobert of Jersey. Name Resubmission.

(M) March of the Marshes. Dictionary of English Surnames (2) Reaney & Wilson have Robert (and have many more such cites). FitzRobert is a patronymic of the above name. Jersey is one of the Channel Islands between England and France.

This name was previously submitted as Robert FitzStanford of Bellmawr and returned by the Middle Kingdom. It was then resubmitted as Robert FitzRobert of Bellmawr and returned by Laurel for lack of documentation of "Bellmawr." The offending element has now been removed.

Robert is in OSECN (254) Withycombe, who notes that the name is of French roots but she does not date it. For some reason, I cannot document "Jersey." Can anyone prove its existence in period?

19) Sabina Vodnikova. New Name and Device. Per pale azure and gules, a two-headed swan couchant sinister, its necks intertwined, wings elevated and addorsed Or.

(F) Fearann na Criche. Rather extensive documentation is attached. Dictionary of Given Names (216) Loughead mentions that Sabina is of Latin origin but gives no dating. The Saints (394) Coulson notes that it is not certain if Saint Sabina ever lived but her saint day is August 29. Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church (1197) Cross notes that Saint Sabina lived c126 and is mentioned as early as 1743. In his Dictionary of Period Russian Names (202), Wickenden cites Sabina to the 15th century as the name of an Orthodox martyr. In Ibid (265) we also find Vodnikov as a byname meaning "water carrier." Vodnikova is the feminine form of the byname. The client cares most about sound.

Sabina is documented in ODECN (260) Withycombe, who dates it to 1199 and before.

The unusual charge (two-headed swan couchant) is based on a 14th century Russian manuscript drawing, documented from Full-Color Picture Sourcebook of Historic Ornament (plate 65), copies of which are enclosed. We find the charge difficult to reproduce and wonder about its blazonability.

20) Saidhbhín Anastasia Ní Dhuinn. Device Resubmission. Per pale azure and argent, on a bend sinister between two frets, four lilies, all counterchanged.

(F) Waverly, OH. {Name reg. 2/94}

21) Wilhelm Schatzgeyer. Device Resubmission. Sable bezanty, an eagle displayed Or.

(M) Rockhaven. {Name reg. 10/96}

The same device was returned on the 10/96 LoAR for conflict with Arnulf Adler's device (Sable, an eagle displayed Or, perched upon a sword fesswise proper, all within an orle of fleurs-de-lys Or). The client has enclosed a letter from Arnulf Adler who grants permission to conflict.

Yours In Service,

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