May 15, 1998

Greetings unto Master Dmitrii Volkovich, Dragon; Lord Alan Fairfax, Rouge Scarpe; and the commenting members of the Midrealm College of Heralds; from Lord Paul Wickenden of Thanet, Escutcheon.

Here are the April 1998 submissions for your consideration and commenting. All commentary should be sent to Rouge Scarpe Herald, Alan Fairfax, early enough to arrive by July 1, 1998, with copies to Dragon and myself. Unless otherwise stated, all name submissions will accept minor changes to grammar and/or spelling.

My new permanent address and phone number are listed below. My old Platteville address is no longer usable, but the P.O. Box listed on last month's ILoI (and in the Pale) is still working and will be until September.

Finally, the "standardized" forms have now been approved by the Board and our kingdom is obligated to have our version of them available this summer. Stay tuned for further details.

1) Angus James MacDonald. New Badge. Argent, on a tower vert an anchor Or, a bordure purpure.

(M) Carraig Ban. {Name reg'd 4/95}

The border is just as thin on the large drawing.

2) Bronwen Torrens. New Name and Device. Per chevron inverted sable and vert, a chevron inverted between six mullets in pall inverted Or.

(F) Hróðgeirsfjöðr.

Bronwen is documented as a woman's name in the 1947 edition of Withycombe (28) but is undated. Torrens is a variant of Torrance, dated to 1561 in Black (775). The client wants the grammar and spelling corrected for the indicated language (Welsh/Scottish?).

3) Clare Kidwelly. New Name.

(F) Hawkes Keye.

Clare is found in Withycombe (67) and Kidwelly (or Kidwellie) is in Morgan and Morgan (29).

4) Cünradus dictus Howenschilt. New Name and Device. Or, three axes sable.

(M) Streamwood, IL.

The documentation comes from a letter from the Academy of St Gabriel. Cünradus is dated to 1277 in a unidentified source as a period form of Konrad. "dictus" is noted as "quite common for bynames to be recorded this way in medieval documents" (no proof given although a number of alleged period names from unidentified sources are listed this way). Howenschilt is dated to 1350 as a name meaning "hew-shield" in Brechenmacher (no vol or page number). Hopefully, RS can fix the documentation.

5) Cynemund of Caldrithig. New Name.

(M) Caldrithig.

This item was pended on the 2/98 ILoI for lack of a byname. The client has been unable to find an acceptable byname and thus has opted for a default and chosen his branch name (which, btw, is NOT the same as a "holding name").

Cynemund is the name of a priest mentioned in Bede, History of English Church and People (163) and dated to 651. Caldrithig was registered as a branch name on 1/96. The client wants the spelling and grammar corrected for the indicated language (Anglo-Saxon) and cares most about sound.

6) David O Kellahan. Device Resubmission. Per pale vert and sable, a wyvern between three dolmen argent.

(M) Red Spears. {Name reg'd 11/97}

Returned by Laurel on 11/97 for conflict with Cadwalladyr Stone of Stonecraft (Vert, a dolmen of three uprights capped by two lintels argent). The redesign is clear of this conflict.

7) David O Kellahan. Badge Resubmission. (Fieldless) A dolmen per pale vert and sable.

(M) Red Spears. {Name reg'd 11/97}

Returned by Laurel on 11/97 for conflict with Cadwalladyr Stone of Stonecraft (Vert, a dolmen of three uprights capped by two lintels argent). The redesign is clear of this conflict.

8) Deirdre de Lacy of Meath. New Name and Device. Gules, a lacy knot argent between three roses Or.

(F) Red Spears.

Deirdre is found in the 1947 ed of Withycombe (39) who notes that its usage is quite recent. de Lacy is given as a variant header spelling of Lacey in Reaney & Wilson (no page number) but is undated. The client alleges that there was a branch of the de Lacys that, after being exiled from France, settled in Ireland. Meath is documented as a county in Ireland, according to the Webster's Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary (148). The client cares most about meaning and wants the grammar and spelling corrected for the indicated language (Irish & Scottish?).

9) Ealasaid Fahy a Glescu. New Name.

(F) Three Towers.

The name is intended to be Scots Gaelic (the docs say a "Scottish variant of Gaelic"). Ealasaid is alleged to be Elizabeth. Fahy is documented from MacLysaght (102) as a Gaelic name meaning "exercise green." a Glescu is alleged to mean "of Glasgow." No documentation of this or of the given name is provided. The client will NOT permit changes to grammar or spelling.

Ealasad is in Morgan but is undated.

10) Frederich Holstein der Tollhase. New Name and Device. Per bend sinister purpure and vert, a cow rampant ermine, rising from flames proper.

(M) Three Towers.

The client wants to be known as "Frederick from Holstein the Mad." The client has enclosed a letter of documentation from St Gabriel. As these tend to be difficult to summarize, I will not attest to the accuracy of my attempt. Frederich is found in Bahlow, Mittelhochdeutsches Namenbuch nach schlesischen Quellen. Holstein is documented through the feminine form Holsteinin dated to 1382 in Brechenmacher. der Tollhase is constructed to be a nickname meaning "mad hare" and dated to 1451 as Tollehassche and to 1470 as Tollhosse in Ibid. No page numbers were provided for any of these references. The client cares most about language, meaning, and sound and wants the spelling and grammar corrected for the indicated language and meaning.

The emblazon's idea of "purpure" looks more like azure and will probably need to be reblazoned as such.

11) Gaston d'Aubrecicourt. Name Resubmission.

(M) Falcon's Keep.

The client's previous submission (Orengarde d'Aubrecicourt) was returned by Rouge Scarpe on the 4/98 ILoAR because Orengarde was a feminine name (which the client did not know). The given name is documented in "French/Occitan Names from the XIII Century" which gives the Occitan equivalent of Gaston (Gastos) and dates it to the 13th century. Unfortunately, this documentation does not provide evidence that Gaston is period as the French equivalents were derived from an 18th century source. No documentation of the byname is provided but it is identical to the client's previous submission (which also failed to document the byname). The client cares most about language.

Gaston is in Withycombe (126) and dated to the 13th century.

12) Geoffrey Storm. New Name and Device. Azure, a lion rampant with a forked tail argent, on a chief argent three martlets contourney azure.

(M) Western Keep.

The given name is undocumented. Storm is dated to 1206 in Reaney (430). The client wants the spelling and grammar corrected for the indicated language (English) and meaning. The client cares most about meaning and sound.

The period form would appear to be Geffrey, dated by Withycombe (128) to 1273. As the client wants the period form, we ought to give it to him.

13) Hróðgeirsfjöðr, Canton of. New Group Device. Sable, a heron volant, wings displayed and inverted argent within a laurel wreath Or.

(Curtice OH) {Name submitted on 2/24/98 ELoI}

A petition of support in enclosed.

14) Iames Alexander MacNaughton. New Name.

(M) Inner Sea.

Iame is dated to c1225 in Withycombe (171) as a variant of James. James itself is dated to c1240 in Ibid (171). The client wants to combine these two names to get his chosen given name. Alexander is dated to 1189 in Ibid (13). MacNaughton is a variant header spelling of MacNachtan in Black (547) but is itself undated. The client will NOT permit changes to grammar or spelling.

15) Kateline atte Water. New Name.

(F) Western Keep.

Kateline is in Withycombe (187) under "Katharine" and dated to 1273. Bardsley (67) gives Atte Watere (undated) and Ate Water (dated to 1273) under "Atwater." The client cares most about language, meaning, sound, and spelling.

16) Keeldar MacLachlan. New Device. Azure, on a chevron between two acorns and a stag rampant argent, two thistles bend sinister-wise and bendwise proper.

(M) Bedford KY. {Name reg'd ???}

The device is submitted on old Meridien device forms and as I, being unsure of whether we will accept submissions on other kingdom's forms or not, am sending it forward for your comments nonetheless (all of this will become moot in the next couple of months anyway!). However, as I can find no record that the client's name was ever registered, this will probably have to be returned.

17) Lettice Godfree. New Device. Azure, a compass star argent and a base barry wavy argent and azure.

(F) Windreach. {Name reg'd 4/93}

The blazon is mine and could use some major assistance.

18) Madeleine Valois. New Name and Device. Azure, a sun in its splendor Or, on a chief embattled argent, three fleurs-de-lys azure.

(F) Mare Amethystinum.

This item was pended on last month's ILoI for lack of payment. This problem has now been dealt with and I am pleased to present it to you for your consideration.

Valois was the name of a dynasty that ruled in France from 1328 until 1589, according to Bunson, Encyclopedia of the Middle Ages (436). It is also found in the unapproved Hanks and Hodges, Surnames (551). No documentation for the given name is provided. The client cares most about language and sound and wants the grammar and spelling corrected for the indicated language.

19) Maria Louise von Lübeck. Device Resubmission. Azure, a lotus flower in profile proper, a bordure argent.

(F) Hróðgeirsfjöðr. {Name reg'd 9/89}

The client's previous submission (Azure, a lotus flower in profile proper) was returned by Laurel on the 9/95 LoAR for various conflicts. It was resubmitted with a bordure in 1/96 but then disappeared. It is now being resubmitted.

20) Marie Boleyn. New Name.

(F) Dun Traigh.

The client documents Marie by citing Marie Antoinette (1755-93) in the Collier Encyclopedia (??:390) and Boleyn through Anne Boleyn (c1517-36) in Ibid (no volume or page given). She will NOT permit changes.

Marie is French and found in Dauzat, Noms et Prénoms (416) and is certainly period even if the client's documentation is not. I could find no other reference to the surname Boleyn.

21) Niamh nighean Lachlainn. Name Resubmission.

(F) Dragonsmark.

The client says on the forms that she previous submitted Fionnghuala of Hillhaven and she says in her documentation that she previously submitted Niamh but it was returned for not being a human name. We must assume that this is her third attempt at registration. It may also be considered an appeal. I can find no information on the previous returns.

Extensive documentation is provided. The name is a mythical name found in the Wise and Foolish Tongue (142-4). Its meaning is "bright" according to Book of Irish Names (29). To prove the existence of Irish names with a Scottish name, the client cites from Scottish Lore and Folklore (174): "as the Scots-Gaelic and the Irish are fundamentally one language we cannot go very far wrong." She cites from an email correspondance with Mistress Tangwystyl ("a learned individual") that the name could possibly have been used by a Highland Scot in the 15th century. Finally, she cites prior registration by Laurel (as recently as 8/97) of the given name. While I usually dislike people who cite prior registration, it makes sense in this case. If the only reason the name was returned was because of the given name, then it ought to be given a chance to at least go to Laurel. nighean means "daughter of" and is shown in Scottish Gaelic/English Dictionary (51). Tangwystyl uses "inghean" which the client believes might be a typo on Tangwystyl's part. Lachlainn is given in Scottish Lore and Folklore (180) and undated. Lachlan is given in Feuds of the Clans (20) as the name of a bard who was at the Battle of Harlaw (which we assume is period). The client cares most about language and will allow only one change (nighean changed to inghean).

22) Roger de Bar. New Device. Sable, on a chief gules, five fleurs-de-lys Or.

(M) Inner Sea. {Name reg'd ??/??}

I have no record of the client's registered name.

23) Sorcha Ó Meadhra. New Name.

(F) Inner Sea.

Sorcha is found in Ó Corráin & Maguire (167) and is undated. It means "bright, radiant." Ó Meadhra is the Gaelic spelling of O Meara, according to MacLysaght, Surnames of Ireland (159) and is undated. It means "merry." The client cares most about language and meaning.

24) Windreach, College of. Group Name and Device Resubmission. Per pale purpure and Or, a dragonfly between four laurel wreaths counterchanged.

(Gambier, OH)

The name was previously submitted as "Winds Reach" and returned on the 8/97 ILoAR for lack of documentation and for implausible construction. The previous device submission (Purpure, a chevron embattled, in base a laurel wreath and on a chief Or three dragonflies purpure) was also returned on 8/97 for lack of a registerable name and for design problems. This is a redesign.

Both "wind" and "reach" are mentioned in Smith, English Place Name Elements (268, 79 respectively). Reach is dated to 1536 in this spelling in Ekwall (382) and Windhill is dated to 1201 in Ibid (522). Petitions of support are enclosed for both name and device. The clients care most about sound.

There remains the unanswered question (brought up by Broom in his ILoAR) about whether the name is a meaningful medieval phrase.

25) Windreach, College of. Group Badge Resubmission. (Fieldless) A dragonfly purpure.

(Gambier, OH)

The previous badge (Purpure, a dragonfly within a bordure Or) was returned on the 8/97 ILoAR for lack of a registerable name and for conflict with the Barony of Vatavia (Azure, a dragonfly within a bordure Or). This is a redesign. A petition of support is attached.

The following submission has been PENDED and the client notifed:

P1) Orianna Ramsay. Device Resubmission. Azure, on a mug Or a tower vert, in chief a breadloaf Or.

(F) Gregory MI

This item was pended for lack of a registered name.

Yours In Service,

Paul Wickenden of Thanet

c/o Paul Goldschmidt
802 Bowman Ave
Madison WI 53716


Dmitrii Volkovich
John Polzinetti
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Miamisburg OH 45342-5346

Rouge Scarpe:

Alan Fairfax
Alan Terlep
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