October 15, 1998

Greetings unto Master Dmitrii Volkovich, Dragon; Lord Alan Fairfax, Rouge Scarpe; and the commenting members of the Midrealm College of Heralds; from Lord Paul Wickenden of Thanet, Escutcheon.

Here are the September 1998 submissions for your consideration and commenting. All commentary should be sent to Rouge Scarpe Herald, Alan Fairfax, early enough to arrive by December 1, 1998, with copies to Dragon and myself. Unless otherwise stated, all name submissions will accept minor and major changes to grammar and/or spelling.

And contrary to my expectations, the number of submissions is quite low. This is both a good and a bad thing. It is a good thing because it keeps College burnout to a minimum, but it is also a bad thing because the College takes in a great deal of its income in the Fall (after all, the cost of producing LoIs is fairly steady regardless of size). Hopefully, things will pick up, but oldtimers will note that the LoIs are getting smaller and smaller these days.

1) Alastair Calum Montgomery. Device Resubmission. Azure, a celtic cross argent, on a chief Or, a bow azure.

{Name reg'd 6/97}

The client's first submission (Argent, a rose proper slipped and thorned, surmounting and entwined around a passion cross clechy sable, on a bordure azure six mullets Or) was returned by RS on 2/97 for complexity. His resubmission (Or, upon and entwining a passion cross clechy sable, a rose proper) was returned by RS on 12/97 for contrast problems. This is a complete redesign.

2) Alexander de Seton of Altavia. New Badge. (Fieldless) On a seahorse erect maintaining a lochaber axe azure, a heart gules fimbriated argent.

{Name reg'd 9/96}

3) Antonio Cellini. Device Resubmission. Per pale purpure and argent, two sharks hauriant, on a chief two Maltese crosses all counterchanged.

{Name reg'd 5/96}

The client's previous submission (Per pale purpure and argent, two ferrets addorsed rampant maintaining a sword to chief, on a chief two Maltese crosses all counterchanged) was returned by Laurel on 11/97 for redrawing. The client has gone for a redesign. The sharks should probably be blazoned as "respectant" but then I'm not very good with fishy postures.

4) Ardal of Stonegrave. New Device. Vert, three hands in pale, a bordure embattled argent.

{Name reg'd 3/93}

5) Cecil Dupont. New Name and Device. Argent, a tyger rampant sable.

Cecil is in Withycombe (60) who notes that it "was not uncommon in England in the Middle Ages." Dupont is in Dauzat and Rostaing (224). The client cares most about sound and wants a masculine name.

I would be VERY surprised if there is no conflict with this device out there.

6) Donato Pulcinella for Commilitoni Della Balestra. New Household Badge. Sable, a crossbow, on a chief Or a chain sable.

{Name reg'd 3/83?}

The name for this household was submitted on the 9/98 ILoI. The badge was pended at that time for being submitted on an escutcheon. The client has graciously provided the design on a roundel.

7) Dougal of Icolmkill. Device Resubmission. Per fess Or and argent, an ogress between two Celtic dogs courant in annulo gules.

{Name reg'd 4/98}

The client's previous submission (Per fess Or and argent, an ogress between two foxes courant in annulo gules) was pended by Laurel on 11/97 for a redraw. This is a partial redesign. I am unclear whether it is worth blazoning the dogs as being "Celtic" (perhaps they should just be dogs?) and I do not like the blazon as is.

8) Isabel Attwater. New Name and Device. Per bend wavy gules and vert, a sun Or and a lotus argent.

Isabel is dated in Withycombe (164) to 1284. Attwater is found as a header spelling in Reaney & Wilson (18). While not dated in this spelling, R & W do date Atewatr' to 1198 and Atwaters to 1660. The client wants a feminine name.

9) Maridonna Scarlatti. New Name and Device. Gules, a triskelion of legs Or issuant from a sable-haired women's head proper.

Maridonna is from "Feminine Given Names from 13th Century Peruzia" which is allegedly off the internet but no URL is provided (the client used it at the War but enclosed no Pennsic worksheet). Scarlatti is in De Felice, Cognomi (227). The client cares most about having the name be Italian and wants a feminine name.

10) Mary Garret of Seasalter for Rhys Hebogydd. New Alternate Name.

{Name reg'd 3/91}

This was pended on the 9/98 ILoI for lack of payment. That problem has now been rectified. Rhys is found in Ross-Jones, Y Camanseriad (36) and Hebogydd is in Ibid (76). No dates are provided. The client wishes to have a masculine name.

11) Mirabella Christian du Lac de la Forest. New Device. Azure, a unicorn salient regardant argent, maintaining an oak sprig, a bordure Or.

{Name reg'd 10/94}

The bordure is drawn much thinner on the large emblazon and will need to be fed.

12) Oswin Attwater. New Name and Device. Per pale gules and Or, a dragonfly tergient between three maltese crosses counterchanged.

Oswin is dated in Withycombe (236) who notes "it remained in use until the 14th century and was occasionally revived in the 19th century. Attwater is found as a header spelling in Reaney & Wilson (18). While not dated in this spelling, R & W do date Atewatr' to 1198 and Atwaters to 1660. The client wants a masculine 13th century name.

13) Ravenslake, Shire of. New Group Badge. Argent, a raven close to sinister sable, a bordure wavy azure.

{Name reg'd 3/91}

14) Rebekah d'Avignon. Name Resubmission.

The client's previous name submission (Rebekha d'Achetet) was returned by RS on 8/98 for the undocumented byname. The client's new byname is a French place name dated to at least 1303 in Scott, Robert the Bruce (63). No documentation is provided for te client's given name [which is identical to the one she previously submitted, so she probably assumed we would have the old diocumentation lying around -- PWT]. The client cares most about language/culture and wants the name to be feminine.

The client appears to want to resubmit her previous device (which were returned with her name but were otherwise without problem) but provided no forms, so I have sent her a query to determine her intentions.

15) Siani Glendower. Device Resubmission. Azure, two palets, on a chief argent, three crosses flory sable.

{Name submitted on 6/98 ELoI}

The client's previous submission (Azure, two palets argent and on a chief sable three crosses flory argent) was returned for violating contrast rules (color on color) by RS on his 6/98 ILoAR. The redesign solves this problem. The chief needs to be fed.

16) St. Michael and All Angels, College of. New Group Name and Device. Azure, on an open book between three angels argent, a laurel wreath vert.

No documentation is provided for the name [although it certainly sounds a lot more period than your TSCA group name - PWT] and the clients care most about sound. A petition of support is enclosed.

The following submissions have been PENDED and the clients notifed:

P1) Alexander de Seton for Beaver Academe of Offence. "Alternate Device." Argent semy of maiden's heads proper crined Or, a beaver displayed maintaining two swords in saltire.

This was pended because there is no such thing as an "alternate device" and because households cannot register devices. The client will resubmit the charges on a device. I also suspect that the design will be returned for offensiveness but that is not my call.

P2) Aurik von Hirsch. New Device. Sable, on a chevron argent, three voles gules.

This has been pended for lack of a registered name.

P3) Br'eu'nnr Vallüf. New Device. Argent, on a chevron vert between two swords and a phoenix gules, three pheons Or.

This has been pended for lack of a registered name.

P4) Gregory Hatton de Este. New Device. Azure, a chervon between three griffins Or.

This has been pended for lack of a registered name.

The following submission has been WITHDRAWN by the client:

W1) Angus James MacDonald. Change of Registered Device. A windswept woman, garbed purpure, her right hand extended, her left rests upon an anchor azure, in base a dismembered serpent reverse nowed vert.

This was pended on the 9/98 ILoI for lack of payment. The client has decided to withdraw the submission. As the item was never officially submitted on an ILoI, this notification is simply provided for your information

Yours In Service,

Paul Wickenden of Thanet

c/o Paul Goldschmidt
802 Bowman Ave
Madison WI 53716


Dmitrii Volkovich
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Rouge Scarpe:

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