December 15, 1999

Greetings unto Lady Clarissa Wykeham, Dragon; Lord Alan Fairfax, Rouge Scarpe; and the commenting members of the Midrealm College of Heralds; from Lord Paul Wickenden of Thanet, Escutcheon.

Here are the November 1999 submissions for your consideration and commenting. All commentary should be sent to Rouge Scarpe Herald, Alan Fairfax, early enough to arrive by February 1, 2000, with copies to Dragon and myself. Unless otherwise stated, all name submissions will accept minor and major changes to grammar and/or spelling.

Please pass the word: starting immediately, all submissions and other correspondance to Escutcheon should be sent to: SCA - MK College of Heralds, P.O. Box 44623, Madison WI 53744-4623. This is the first of a series of major structural reforms we are planning in the submissions process. As part of the changes, all submissions questions should go to Rouge Scarpe, unless the question is obviously in the competence of Escutcheon.

1) Adriano Veneziani. New Name and Device. Azure goutty d'eau, on a phoenix Or, a cross fleury sable.

No documentation is supplied for the name. The client wants a 13th-15th century Italian name and cares most about language. He will NOT accept MAJOR changes and will NOT allow the creation of a holding name.

Adriàno is found in De Felice, Nomi (45) and Veneziàni is in De Felice, Cognomi (259) [note the accents]. No dates, of course, so I do not know if these would be probable in period, but they would probably be better than the undocumented form we have to work with.

2) Agnes Rose VanKouwenhoven. New Name and Device. Azure, on a cross formy throughout argent, a rose gules, seeded Or, slipped in fess vert.

Agnes was a Roman Catholic saint who lived 291-304, according "Catholic Online Saints" ( Rose is dated to the 12th century as a flower [but not as a name] in "Apothecary's Rose" ( htm). van Kouwenhoven [note the spacing] is undated but found on "House of Pietar van Kouwenhoven" ( ). The client cares most about having a German name from Saxony and would like an authentic 14th century German name.

Some documentation help is needed, particularly with the second element. Obviously, as the client's surname is Dutch, it may also be difficult to meet her desires for a Saxony name. It certainly needs to have a space (van Kouwenhoven).

No blazon was supplied and I am unsure how to blazon the very unheraldic leaves. I apologize in advance for my blazon fu.

3) Antonia Perez. New Name and Device. Azure, a pale wavy argent, three roundels in bend counterchanged.

The client spends some effort telling us her persona story, but the vital statistics come from a Gabriel letter (#1796). Both elements are dated to 1561 in Martz, Porres, and Cleto, Toledo y los Toledanos en 1561 5: no pages provided [once again, I thought we had a deal that Gabriel would provide page numbers when they were available -- PWT]. The client cares most about language/culture and wants a period late 16th century Spanish name.

4) Ashby Turley. New Name and Device. Per bend sinister clovery purpure and vert, two wolves statant Or.

Ashby is the client's modern name (copy of [expired] driver's license included). Turley is thought to have originated in medieval Germany, according to "Origin of Turlet Surname" ( projects/surname/surname.html) but is dated only back to 1773 in this source.

[I'm sorry, maam, we caught you tryin' to register a name with an expired license.... ]

5) Bran of Lough Derg. New Device. Or, a raven displayed sable, clutching a crescent pendant gules, in base a mount of three peaks couped sable.

{Name reg'd 11/89}

6) Giles FitzAlan. New Name and Device. Per pale sable and gules, a wyvern counterchanged, on a chief embattled azure, two mullets of six points Or.

There is no documentation for the given name. FitzAlan is dated to 1160 in "Information on FitzAlan, William" ( The client cares most about language/ culture and wants a period 12th century English name.

Giles is a header spelling in Withycombe (134) who notes that St Giles was alleged to have lived in the 6th century and had a number of medieval churches named for him.

The device, of course, must be returned for contrast (it is quite the textbook case of color on color!). The client should also be informed that his escutcheons need to fit the dimensions on the forms when he resubmits.

7) James Cam-sron. New Name and Device. Quarterly azure and sable, an arrow and a sword in saltire, surmounted by a battle axe palewise Or.

No documentation is included for the given name, but it is (among other things) the client's modern name. For Cam-sron, the client includes Scarlett, Tartans of Scotland (15) who says, "The name Cameron derives from the Gaelic Cam-sron, meaning crooked nose." The client cares most about meaning ("that it mean the same as legal name [James Cameron]") but would also like a period "Scottish 11th century (Viking)" name.

I doubt that "cam-sron" was ever used as a surname. Black (128) has numerous period variants of the name, the earliest of which are: Cambrun (1219) and Cambron (1233). My guess is that one of these would be more likely and fit the client's request for the 11th century equivalent of his modern name. Also, what about Seumas? Seumas Cambron has a nice ring to it.

8) John of Sternfeld. Change of Registered Name.

The client's current name (Ion Merefara of Wanname) was registered on 8/79. John is the client's modern name. Sternfeld is the SCA branch (reg'd 7/83) where the client resides. We assume that he wants to keep his registered device (reg'd 8/79) if this name change is accepted.

9) Julio Galva'n. Change of Registered Name.

The client's current name (Giacomo di Firenze) was registered on 3/94. Julio is dated to 1567 in "Database of Baptismal Records from the Parish of San Cecilio, Grenada." Galva'n is dated to 1535 in Plata, Cata'logo de Pasajeros a Indias (22) as #349. The client cares most about sound and wants an authentic [Spanish?] name.

If this name change is accepted, the client would like his arms (Purpure, a sword between two griffins combattant within a bordure embattled argent) (reg'd 11/94) to be transferred to this new name.

10) Leolin Gofar. New Badge. Per pale azure and vert, a lion's paw print Or.

{Name reg'd 8/99}

11) Lyneya Fayrebowe of Busshopestrowe. New Name.

Lyneya is documented in Carroll-Clark, "A Statistical Survey of Given Names in Essex Co, 1182-1272" ( John Fayrebowe was a carpenter who lived in Busshopestrowe in 1444, according to Harvey, English Mediaeval Architects (105). The client cares most about having a 13-14th century English name and would like an authentic name for that place and period. She will NOT accept MAJOR changes.

12) Marguerit du Avignon. New Name and Device. Argent, a phoenix azure rising from flames proper and on a chief wavy azure four fleurs-de-lis argent.

Marguerite is documented from Colm Dubh's "Index to the Given Names in the 1292 Census of Paris." Avignon is dated to 1309 in Encyclopedia Americana II: 678. The client cares most about sound and wants an authentic 15th century French name.

13) Merewyn of the Ruin. Name and Device Resubmission. Azure, four sunbursts in cross Or issuant from clouds argent.

The client's previous submission (Merwyn of the Run) was returned by Rouge Scarpe on 8/99 for lack of acceptable documentation. The device was returned with the name. No documentation is included for the name and I have none to offer.

14) Njall the Wanderer. Name and Device Resubmission. Sable, a lozenge fesswise per pale gules and purpure, fimbriated argent.

The client's previous submission (Njall the Wanderer of Bork) was returned by Rouge Scarpe on 9/99 for lack of documentation of the last element, which the client has dropped.

Njall is allegedly found in Ó Corráin & Maguire (145) and in Jones, "100 Most Popular Men's Names in Early Medieval Ireland" ( tangwystyl/irish100). No documentation is provided for the byname. The client cares most about sound.

The client claimed similar documentation last time and, again, Ó Corráin & Maguire (145) do NOT have Njall. They have Niall. As Rouge Scarpe noted in his return, Njáll in Geirr Bassi.

15) Ysenda Macbeth of Islay. New Name and Device. Sable, on a bend between two lions salient three roses azure.

Ysenda is dated to c1208 in Scott, "List of Feminine Personal Names Found in Scottish Records" ( ~mittle/names/talan/scottishfem). The other elements are undocumented. The client cares most about sound and having a Scottish name. She would also like to have an authentic name for an [unspecified] language/culture. She will NOT accept MAJOR changes.

The name is a bit evocative of that Scottish play but following the Rule of Toyota, I find Macbeth in Black (458) and dated to 1005. Islay is a placename in Strathclyde, according to Darton (154).

The following submissions have been PENDED and the client notified:

P1) Matthaus Langermann. New Name and Device. Quarterly, barry argent and gules and Or, in sinister chief a double-headed eagle displayed sable, and in dexter base a stag rampant sable.

These items were submitted on the old forms. The client has been supplied with the new forms and will hopefully provide a replacements shortly.

Yours In Service,

Paul Wickenden of Thanet

c/o SCA -- MK College of Heralds
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Madison WI 53744-4623


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