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The Submissions Herald for the Middle Kingdom


(or "Lessons Learned From Others")

Thing that will get your submission returned for correction by the Escutcheon Herald, before it is put on the ILoI. If you think you might have done something wrong, please check this (incomplete) list to make sure that you haven't done something that someone else has already done!

All Submissions:

  • - Illegible handwriting
  • - No check (Unless this is a local group's first name or device)
  • - Not enough copies
  • - Wrong form
  • - Form filled out wrong. If registering a Household name, that goes on the second line, your registered name goes on the first line, as Household names are registered to a person.
  • - (If from a group) no petition of support from the populace. Please indicate any officers by listing their position.
  • - Documentation that does not make obvious the pertinent information. Make sure that you make copies first, THEN highlight your information - sometimes photocopiers turn highlighting into black bars, and it makes your documentation look like it was censored!
  • - Please SUMMARIZE your documentation on the form. A brief overview that includes some context, a year and the source is fine. If you need additional pages for more detail, please use them.
  • - If your source is not listed in Appendix H, please include a photocopy. Do not rely on a link!
  • - Please no staples! This won't get your submission returned, but I have to remove them anyway to send them up to the next level. Paperclips are not necessary either. Thanks!


  • - No support or documentation of any kind.
  • - If household name or alternate, make sure that YOUR currently registered name is on the "Society Name" line. The Household/Alternate name goes on the next line down, "Name Being Submitted".
  • - If using the fillable online form: Before closing the file, print it and then CHECK to make sure that all of your documentation appears in the space. If there is overflow, a small plus sign in a black box will appear at the botton right of the space. If it is there, PLEASE copy/paste your whole documentation onto another sheet of paper and include it with your submission.
  • - Wikipedia is not a good source for documentation. Don't use it! If it's good information, it will be able to be found in another, more reliable source.

Devices & Badges:

  • - Coloring in crayon, colored pencil, or any other wax-based media. Markers are best, and Classic Crayola is preferred because they are the standard colors and do not fade over time. Neons and highlighters do not register well with the scanner, so it's best to stick to more "full bodied" colors.
  • - No name submission or registered name to associate the device with. If your name was put into submission in a previous month, it's helpful to know that. If your name has diacritical marks (funny letters) make sure that they are on the paperwork correctly (even if you have to hand write them), it makes Escutcheon's job much easier in indicating that the device is linked to the name!
  • - If your name is already registered, please use it as it was registered. If you submitted "Margory the Submitted" and they registered "Margo of the Submitters", I will not be able to find your submission to associate the items together.
  • - If you are sharing a badge, please make sure that the person you are sharing it with also has a registered name. We cannot associate a badge with any name that is not already entered in OSCAR.

Which Form Should I Use?

Are you a person filing your first name? Name form

  • Are you filing for a household or guild? Name form for Individuals
  • Do you already have a registered device? Badge Form
    (NOTE: If you wish to make your current device into a badge or release it, and register a new device, use the DEVICE form. Each person may have only one registered device.)
  • Are you filing for an incipient Branch (Shire, Canton, etc?) Branch form