Office of the
Fenris Herald
The Pentamere Regional Herald

Ronan Donnchadh Camsron
(Jeff Savage)
E-mail preferred

The Fenris Herald serves the Middle Kingdom as the Pentamere Regional Herald. The Pentamere region covers all of lower Michigan and East Essex County in Ontario, Canada. The Fenris Herald acts as an administrative assistant to the Dragon Principal Herald of the Middle Kingdom (the head of our college of heralds) and works with some 30 local officers and heralds-at-large to promote the use of coats of arms in the region.

Pentamere Groups with Arms and Blazons

Heraldry Pages of the Kingdoms

An Tir
Gleann Abhann

Book Heraldry - Names

A Dictionary of Period Russian Names - by Paul Wickenden of Thanet
A Collection of Medieval Names - maintained by Aryanhwy
The Academy of St. Gabriel
Heraldic Practices : Choosing a Name/Creating a Persona by Modar Neznanich
Modar Neznanich's Heraldry Web Page (site moved?)
Medieval Names Archive - maintained by Arval
On the use of "fitz" by Daniel de Lincolia
Sources for Slavic Naming (site moved?) - maintained by Paul Wickenden of Thanet

Book Heraldry - Armory

A Grammar of Blazonry - How to describe armory in words
An Introduction to Period Style - by Daud ibn Auda
Another look at Semy - by Eowyn Amberdrake
Creating Devices by Modar Neznanich
Counting Complexity in Devices by Daniel de Lincolia
Counting Complexity In Devices and Badges
Ermine Spots - by Daniel de Lincolia
Furs - by Daniel de Lincolia
Heraldic Design for SCA Members by Lord Balian de Brionne
Heraldic Primer - An introduction to heraldry
Instaboing Checklist - Immediate reasons that will return your submission
Lines of Partition - by Daniel de Lincolia
Modar Neznanich's Heraldry Web Page (site moved?)
Primary Charges - by Daniel de Lincolia
Reserved and Prohibited Charges - listing of what you can not use for your device.
De Bello Armoram By Rouland Carre - An armorial conflict tutorial. A five part tutorial set up to help explain the rules for submissions.
Semy defined - by Daniel de Lincolia
Sources for Slavic Arms (site moved?) - maintained by Paul Wickenden of Thanet
The X.2 Rule from the Rules for Submissions by Daniel de Lincolia

Voice Heraldry

Tangwystyl's Linguistics for Heralds: (Phonetics) by Mistress Tangwystyl. [Currently being moved. Back soon]
Modar's Vocal Heraldry Article - Baron Modar Neznanich, Volk Herald

Court Heraldry

Court Reports by Lady Clarissa Wykeham

Field Heraldry

Giving directions - by Hirsch von Henford
Alternative Wordings - by Eillis O'Boirne

Group Officer Information

Being a Local Heraldic Officer - by Clarissa Wykeham
Heraldic Practices : Duties of a Local Herald by Modar Neznanich
Order of Precedence as compiled by Lady Clarissa Wykeham

Miscellaneous Links

A Few Ways to Make Bordure Herald Happy by Daniel de Lincolia - Tips on preparing heraldic submissions
Arthurian Heraldry by Modar Neznanich
Event Heraldry: Running Heraldic Activities for an Event compiled by Modar Neznanich
Making Heraldic Banners by Modar Neznanich
Royalty of Calontir by Modar Neznanich Writing Appeals - by Daniel de Lincolia

Non-SCA Heraldry

English College of Arms
François Velde's Heraldica Web site
Heraldry in Gilling CastleZurich Roll of Arms (site moved?)
Medieval Rolls of Arms - A collection of web sites maintained by Aryanhwy


Assorted Lessons in SCA Heraldry
Books for the heralds
Frequently Given Answers (That are Wrong) in the SCA
Laurel Precedents - lists of rulings made by Laurel that clarify the rules for submission
Laurel Sovereign of Arms Home Page - This page has many links to many interesting items in heraldry.
Laurel Sovereign of Arms Education Page
Minister of Protocol's home page : This site is under construction, but it has many articles pertaining to protocol questions.
For more information about heraldry, check out SCA Heraldry
Rules for Submissions


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