These are the groups in Pentamere as listed in The Pale

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Sable, on a pile inverted throughout argent between two lightning bolts in chevron inverted Or 
          a laurel wreath vert. Per pall sable, argent and gules, a laurel wreath vert and in chief a tower argent. Azure, a wolf's head couped argent vorant of a sun and in chief a laurel wreath Or. Vert, a chalice within a laurel wreath between three suns Or. Gules, on a pile throughout argent a swan naiant sable within overall a laurel wreath Or.
Barony of Andelcrag Barony of Cynnabar Barony of Northwoods Barony of
Roaring Wastes
Barony of Donnershafen
Per bend wavy Or and azure, a tower sable issuing a flame gules, and a laurel wreath Or. Per chevron gules and azure, a hawk Or within a laurel wreath argent. Per fess azure and sable semy of lozenges, a fess embattled argent and in chief a laurel wreath 
Canton of Dun Traigh Canton of Kastenstadt Riding of Hawkland Moor Canton of Brackendelve  
Purpure, a fir tree couped within a laurel wreath within a bordure embattled, all argent.   Gules, on a bend sinister argent, between a laurel wreath and an anvil Or, three oak leaves 
          palewise vert.  
Canton of Rimsholt   Iron Oak (Incipient Canton) Canton of Fasach Mor  
Per fess azure and vert, a fess indented to chief Or, in chief a laurel wreath vert, fimbriated 
          Or.   Argent, a fess wavy azure, overall a pine tree couped gules between three laurel wreaths 
Canton of Three Hills   Ealdnordwuda Grand Marias (Incipient)  
Canton of Three Walls   Eastern Light (Incipient Canton)    
Iron Gate (Proto-incipient Canton)   Weldlake (Incipient Canton)    
Templemede (Incipient Canton)        

The following are the Shires of Pentamere

Barry wavy argent and azure, an oak tree eradicated within a laurel wreath sable. Azure, an oak tree eradicated argent between three laurel wreaths Or. Argent, a portcullis within a laurel wreath and on a chief embattled grady azure three maple 
        leaves argent.
Altenberg Fearann na Criche Starleaf Gate
 Argent, two chevronels gemel, braced and fretted vert, between three quatrefoils azure, in chief 
          a laurel wreath vert.   Per chevron inverted Or and vert, an eagle's leg erased sable and a laurel wreath argent.
Stormvale Talonval


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