Dragon Herald Badge
Konrad Mailander
(Dale Niederhauser)
110 Dodge St.
Swanton, OH 43558
E-mail is the preferred method of contact

Office of the Dragon Herald

Konrad Mailander, Dragon Herald
Konrad Mailander
(Dale Niederhauser)
110 Dodge St.
Swanton, OH 43558
(urgent matters-please leave voice mail)
E-mail is the preferred method of contact

heralds at-large

Alan Fairfax - Email
Alexander Adelbrecht von Markelingen - Email
Alexander de Seton of Altavia - Email
Alianora Gyllecatan - Email
Allegra Ginevra Soave da Napoli - Email
Altani Unegen - Email
Alzbeta Michalik - Email
Aminah al yazici bint Ismail - Email
Andreas Blacwode - Email
Angelo di Antonio Machiavelli - Email
Angharad ferch Tangwystl - Email
Antonius - Email
Aurora Lucia Marinella - Email
Bertrande Fresneau - Email
Caitriona MacDhonnachaidh - Email
Camilla de la Reynarde - Email
Damian Nihthauk - Email
DonalBane of Blakmers - Email
Douglas MacFarlane - Email
Edborough Kellie - Email
Edmund of Hertford - Email
Edward Aelredson - Email
Eginolf von Basel - Email
Frøkn mac Cannech - Email
Ghurban Arslan - Email
Gilebert le Braceeur de Dijon - Email
Ginevra Boscoli - Email
Gunnarr Alfljot - Email
Hakon Hrafnsson - Email
Henry Best - Email
Jack Black of FLint - Email
Jerusha A'Laon - Email
Johannes Robbertszoon - Email
Johannes von Pels - Email
Jok Turnour - Email
Justice McArtain - Email
Kateline Eliot - Email
Katerin ferch Gwenllian - Email
Katharina Spenglerin - Email
Kenneth Brightmore - Email
Leofrune Godwinesdohtor - Email
Llywelyn ap Llywarch - Email
Marie la Fauconniere - Email
Michael of Exeter - Email
Milesent Vibert - Email
Penelope Winter - Email
Peter Grau von Bremen - Email
Piotr Zavilov - Email
Reyni-Hrefna - Email
Rhuah Jonsdottir - Email
Roana Aldinoch - Email
Robert FitzRobert of Jersey - Email
Ruzhko Tork - Email
Samson Muskovich - Email
Sebastian Elgar - Email
Siobhán an Einigh of Connacht - Email
Sorca Drac - Email
Spurius Furius Germanus - Email
Tommaso Franceschi - Email
Victoria Elizabeth Anne Stonewall - Email
Wilhelm von Wolfsburg - Email