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The Acceptances and Returns Herald for the Middle Kingdom

Rouge Scarpe Herald

Search for a submission

Rouge Scarpe provides this service so that clients and consulting heralds may look up the progress of their submissions, and find what is known about Lost Sheep submissions.

If you cannot find results on an existing submission here, please email the Rouge Scarpe Herald directly.

Due to unavoidable delays, very recent submissions and decisions may not be entered into this database yet. Your submission should appear here within two months of its mailing to the Escutcheon Herald. Decisions by Rouge Scarpe and Laurel will generally be posted within one month of their occurrence.

Please read the following discussion carefully:

The following search form will only find exact matches. Thus, Steven Albright is not a match for Steve Albright, or Stephen Albright. SCA names retain their accents in the database, for accuracy in reporting.

To further make the search easier, wildcard characters are assumed before and after the search text. This means that Steven Albright de London might try just searching under "Albright". In this form, it doesn't matter if he originally used, "Steve", "Steven", or "Stephen”, and the "de London."

NOTE: Do not use * wildcards in the middle of a name as that feature has not yet been implemented.

If your initial search turns up too many entries of other people, try again with a more precise search (such as "Albright Jr", in the example above).

Recommended Search Method (HINT):

  1. Search first under the registered name (if known), or of the submitted name.
  2. If this doesn't turn up all of the desired records, next try using part of the registered name (if known), or part of the submitted name. Douglass MacFarlane might try just "Douglas", and then "Farlane". Due to the problems involved with accented characters, whole name searches are far less reliable: "Megan nic Aífe" cannot search for the character "í", so "Megan nic Aife" will not turn up results. She should try "Megan ni", or maybe just "Megan".
  3. If all this fails, please contact the Rouge Scarpe Herald. They have access to the Middle Kingdom Submissions files, among other sources, and can also double check the accuracy of the information (in case some typo in the data prevents your search from working). Due to the workload of this office, it may take a couple of weeks before they can search all possible sources of information on your Lost Sheep, but be assured your inquiry will be handled as soon as possible.

The database is being updated continually

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