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Pale Letters From the Dragon Signet

June 2009 Pale Letter

Greetings to the Midrealm Scribes and all lovers of Illumination and Calligraphy,

A very large “Thank you” to Mistress Mary Buchanon for her years of service as Dragon Signet. She has been a friend and advisor and will continue to be one. We can look forward to her continued participation in the scribal arts.

THL Aminah al yazici bint Ismail has graciously accepted the position as Aethon Signet and stepped up at Grand Tournament in Unicorn. She has been an active scribe for several years and serves as Baronial Signet in Fenix. I invite the scribes of South Oaken to introduce yourself to her, and lend her your full support and assistance as she moves into her new role.

Thank you also to:
Baroness Angelique d’Herrison has agreed to continue in her role as Special Deputy for Backlog and Unclaimed Scrolls. Thank you.
Sjt. Henry of Exeter will serve as a Special Deputy Signet at Large, filling in at events as needed. He will be the Acting Signet at Pennsic this year.
Lady Edyth Miller has accepted the role as Special Deputy for Handbook Revision. This is an on-going quest to update the Middle Kingdom Scribes’ Handbook that began several years ago. If you have a particular area of expertise, or know of someone, please let her know. Her contact information can be found on the Middle Kingdom College of Scribes webpage.

If you haven’t yet created a court scroll, I encourage you to give it a try. Contact your Regional Signet (they are listed in the back of the Pale), or your Baronial Signet. Scroll blanks (illumination only) are always welcome. Each Regional keeps a supply on hand for last minute awards.

And, speaking of last minute awards, “Combat” scribes are also welcome. If you are able to do calligraphy well under pressure, please seek out the Scribes’ Room at any event with a Royal (or Regency) Court and offer your services.

Award scrolls are created by individual scribes as gifts to the Crown, but I encourage all scribes to put your name on the back of scrolls or on the gloss, if you are concerned about it showing through. It would also be helpful if you would write the recipient’s mundane name and group on the back of the scroll, in case we need to find them.

Peritus * Integritas * Liberalitas
THL Elspeth Clerk
Dragon Signet

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