MK Signet Letters to the PALE

March 2008

Warm Greetings!

It is my pleasure to announce that THL Jocelyn of Lutterworth has stepped up as Lincoln Regional Signet (Midlands), and Lady Hannah Schreiber has stepped up as Fenris Regional Signet (Pentamere), as of Val Day. Please lend them your full support and assistance as they move into their new roles as Regional officers.

May I also take this opportunity to heartily thank THL Femke de Roas for serving so diligently and conscientiously as Fenris Regional Signet. Her skill and leadership have been greatly appreciated, and I will miss her support and expertise.

Additionally, I wish to express sincere thanks to THL Akiko Catherine O'Brien, for serving so faithfully in the Lincoln Regional Signet office. The scribes of the Lincoln region have benefited so much from her new scribal website and communications.

While we are losing the direct leadership of two great scribes, we can look forward to their continued participation in the scribal arts, and at the same time we can rejoice in welcoming two new leaders in the scribal community.

Yours in Service,

Mary Buchanan
Dragon Signet

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