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Michael of Boarshaven
Zarina Daeth


Crown Tourney

Date: May 10, 1075
Location: Jararvellir
Runner Up: Polidor Haraldsson


Date: October 4, 1975
Location: WürmWald
Reign #: 12

Curia Regis

At Beginning of Reign

Seneschal: Richard of Alsace
Marshall: Dagan du Darregonne
Exchequer: Gwendolyn ro Kearsey
Chronicler: Caellyn y'Vearn, then Catherine of Brittany
Minister of Arts: Zarina Daeth
Minister of Sciences: Albert von Dreckenveldt
Dragon Herald: Guy de la Mayne Esanglant





Polidor Haraldsson 10/25/75




Lindanlorien Droxeen 10/4/75
Zarina Daeth 1/31/76


King's Champion: n/a Arts Champion:
Queen's Champion: Moonwulf Starkaadersson Poet Laureate:

Other Notables

Seneschal's Office
First Deputy Seneschal:
Curia Secretary:
Information/Publications Officer:
Minister of Children:
Deputy for New Groups:
Deputy for Staff Development:
Marshall's Office
Minister of the Lists:
List Mistress:
Archer General:
Marshal of Fence:
Deputy Marshal for Scouts:
War College Dean:
Equestrian College Dean:
Coursing College Houndmaster:
Arts and Sciences Office
A&S Judges Coordinator:
Kingdom Cartographer:
Chronicler's Office
Calendar Secretary:
Pale Editor:
Herald's Office
Kingdom Signet:
Minister of Protocol:
Clerk of Precedence:
Escutcheon Herald:
Chancellor of RUM:
Royal Chamberlain:
IKAC Representative:
Steward of the Society:

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Law Changes:
Michael, squired to Sir Polidor Haraldsson, won Crown Tourney after a very brief participation in the Society. He asked Lady Zarina, then Kingdom Mistress of Arts and Noyon Khan of the Dark Horde in the Middle Kingdom, to be his queen, hoping that she could help guide him in being a positive, effective monarch - indeed, as was her goal as well. Unfortunately, both badly misread how well they were able to work together. This, combined with the effects of a violent blow to Michael's head sustained on his job as security guard, resulted in a bitterly contested power struggle between Michael, Zarina, and the Curia. This resulted in the abdication of HRM Zarina over "philosophical differences" in January 1976 and the abdication of HRM Michael in March 1976. Albert and Selene served as Prince and Princess Regent from March until May 1976.
- Catherine Aimée Le Moyne, then Chronicler
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