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Nathan von Daritz
Kirsten von der Walde


Crown Tourney

Date: May 27, 1978
Location: Three Rivers
Runner Up: Alen Elegil


Date: September 30, 1978
Location: WürmWald
Reign #: 18
Pennsic #: 7

Curia Regis

At Beginning of Reign

Seneschal: Rory O'Tomrair
Marshall: Komura Shimitsu
Exchequer: Alessandra dal Castelsalice
Chronicler: Brusten de Bearsul
Minister of Arts: Asdis Stefansdottir
Minister of Sciences: Bethaldric Quarryl
Dragon Herald: Daemon de Folo
Chirurgeon: Ealasaid nic Phearsoinn



Alen Elegil 10/28/78
Laurelen Darksbane 10/28/78
Hugo von Feuerklippe 10/28/78
Corin du Soleil 10/28/78


Perygen Northymbr 5/5/79
Catherine of Meirionnydd 5/5/79






King's Champion: n/a Arts Champion:
Queen's Champion(s): Merowald de Sylvaeston Poet Laureate:

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From Duke Finnvarr, posted on the Middlebridge, 3/2/00 (with permission):

Nathan von Daritz was one of two brothers active in early Wurm Wald. The other was Nubbin Keshran. Both were eventually knighted, Nubbin first, I believe.

Nathan was about medium height and I remember him as slender. He was also very blond (while Nubbin was dark-haired). In their early days I was more aware of Nubbin.

My first conscious sight of Nathan was at a masquerade at North Woods where the point was to fool everyone as to whom you really were. There was a prize for the last person to be identified, which was won by Albert von Dreckenwald, Baron Wurm Wald and another early king. He was well known for his goatee. For the purposes of the contest he shaved the goatee, and wore a mask that covered his whole head *except* his chin. When he took off the mask, it took a moment for anyone to recognize him, even unmasked. Then we were all stunned.

Nathan was at that same revel, dressed in a gorgeous Tudor women's dress. He was a real fresh-faced kid, and lots of people were wondering who the babe was. When he was unmasked and unwigged, my shock was moderated by the fact that I didn't have the slightest idea who he was.

Nathan went off to Guatemala in the mid-70s to do missionary work -- perhaps for the Presbyterian church. This involved a lot of hard physical labor. He came back in time for the May 1978 Crown Tournament, which was held in Three Rivers (St. Louis), now part of Calontir, and fought in it.

That tournament was hot as hell. At least, I thought so. When I arrived on Friday evening at midnight, it was 100F and close to 100% humidity. It didn't cool down on Saturday or Sunday, the day of the tournament.

A lot of up-and-coming fighters, such as Laurelen Darksbane, Alen Elegil, and Hugo von Feuerklippe, took part in this tournament. Hugo had perfected the Bellatrix snap and killed several people in one blow. Laurelen was in the midst of a comet-like progress that took him from authorizing to winning Crown Tournament in 18 months (read it and weep -- he was a phenom, that was not normal even then). But these and other future knights and monarchs ground to a halt the first time they got into a long fight. I remember Laurelen the fight after his first tough one -- he tottered out on the lists like an old man and died real fast.

But, yes, there was one exception -- Nathan von Daritz. Memorial Day in St. Louis was nothing to someone who'd dug ditches in Guatemala. Nathan did not get hot, did not get frazzled, and by gum he could fight, too -- he was stronger and fitter than when he'd left.

The finals of that Crown tournament were never finished. Nathan's opponent was Alen Elegil (soon to be king, too), who had survived, but did not have 3 fights in him. He did not want to quit, but his friends forced him to have his temperature taken, and when the unbelievable numbers were read off , they talked some sense into him.

Nathan's lady was not present that day. She was Kirsten von der Walde, the beautiful and charming younger sister of Sir Fern. She had just got off the throne as Merowald's second queen. She was tired of being royalty and had stayed home in North Woods. She'd only agreed to be Nathan's lady if he promised not to win. Neither had thought victory to be at all likely. So Kirsten ended up being royalty for two years straight.

Nathan was an unbelted king, but he managed to be royal and authoritative nonetheless. The test came at the Crown Tournament he presided over when there were two obvious candidates for the accolade, and the knights were divided on one of them. He decided both would be knighted, and managed to win the respect of the knights for his authority -- no mean trick. Later that day, he faced an interesting situation when two unbelted fighters -- Laurelen and Alen, both of Cleftlands -- faced each other in the finals. There was a quick consultation and it was decided that before the crown was decided, they would be knighted on the field, simultaneously. They were called out for the second fight, brought through the ritual to the point of laying on -- then there was an interruption and they were knighted, two knights standing on either side, holding swords while the king put a hand on each. Since L and A loved each other like brothers and had trained each other in arms, it was exactly the right thing to do -- neither of them lost those finals!

So it was that an unbelted king made four knights in one day, the first time that had ever been done in the Midrealm. That many haven't been made at once too many times since.

Nathan was knighted by his successor, Laurelen.

So much off the top of my head.


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