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Corin du Soleil
Myfanwy o'r Pelydrau ar Ysgall


Crown Tourney

Date: October 27, 1984
Location: Nordskogen
Runner Up: Reynard the Brown


Date: May 4, 1985
Location: Sternveldt
Reign #: 31

Curia Regis

At Beginning of Reign

Seneschal: Geneviève du Vent Argent
Marshall: Logos von Schnecke
Exchecquer: Robert MacGryffyn
Chronicler: Siobhan Medhbh O'Roarke
Minister of Arts: Myrra de Blackwoode
Minister of Sciences: Solomon ben Jacob the Levite
Dragon Herald: Charles Stewart O'Connor
Chirurgeon: Bardolf Ulfacson



Fernanda de la Forêt 8/17/85
Valerius Paencalvus 8/17/85


Mordreth Llanelli Colwyn 5/4/85
Anne St Augustine de Rome 5/18/85
Aelered Verrier do Saint Gobain 8/17/85
Enid Aurelia of the Tin Isles 8/17/85
Kathleen Allen 8/17/85
Matilda of Tay 8/17/85
Robert of Two Cliffs 8/17/85


Moonwulf Starkaaderson of Rivenstar 5/4/85
Caradoc Llew du ap Morgan 8/17/85
Enid Aurelia of the Tin Isles 8/17/85
Robert MacGryffyn 8/17/85


Fernanda de la Forêt 8/17/85


King's Champion: Palymar of Two Baronies Arts Champion: Tamarra Amalthea de Romany
Queen's Champion: Poet Laureate:

Other Notables

Seneschal's Office
First Deputy Seneschal:
Curia Secretary:
Information/Publications Officer:
Minister of Children:
Deputy for New Groups:
Deputy for Staff Development:
Marshall's Office
Minister of the Lists:
List Mistress:
Archer General:
Marshal of Fence:
Deputy Marshal for Scouts:
War College Dean:
Equestrian College Dean:
Coursing College Houndmaster:
Arts and Sciences Office
A&S Judges Coordinator:
Kingdom Cartographer:
Chronicler's Office
Calendar Secretary:
Pale Editor:
Herald's Office
Kingdom Signet:
Minister of Protocol:
Clerk of Precedence:
Escutcheon Herald:
Chancellor of RUM:
Royal Chamberlain:
IKAC Representative:
Steward of the Society: Aelflaed of Duckford

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Law Changes:
New branches must have at least 30 sustaining members. No person under the age of 18 years is allowed to fight in the lists.

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