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Alen Elegil
Isabella of Greycliffs


Crown Tourney

Date: May 18, 1985
Location: Caer Anterth Mawr
Runner Up:


Date: October 12, 1985
Location: Gwyntarian
Reign #: 32

Curia Regis

At Beginning of Reign

Seneschal: Geneviève du Vent Argent
Marshall: Logos von Schnecke
Exchecquer: Robert MacGryffyn
Chronicler: Siobhan Medhbh O'Roarke
Minister of Arts: Myrra de Blackwoode
Minister of Sciences: Solomon ben Jacob the Levite
Dragon Herald: Charles Stewart O'Connor
Chirurgeon: Bardolf Ulfacson



Dag Thorgrimsson 2/1/86
Karl Ulfson 5/1/86


Morgana bro Morganwyg 3/29/86


Winifred Yseult of Hall's Isle 1/18/86




King's Champion: Emmelyne Carithil Arts Champion: Tamarra Amalthea de Romany
Queen's Champion: Michael Arthur of Kerry Poet Laureate:

Other Notables

Seneschal's Office
First Deputy Seneschal:
Curia Secretary:
Information/Publications Officer:
Minister of Children:
Deputy for New Groups:
Deputy for Staff Development:
Marshall's Office
Minister of the Lists:
List Mistress:
Archer General:
Marshal of Fence:
Deputy Marshal for Scouts:
War College Dean:
Equestrian College Dean:
Coursing College Houndmaster:
Arts and Sciences Office
A&S Judges Coordinator:
Kingdom Cartographer:
Chronicler's Office
Calendar Secretary:
Pale Editor:
Herald's Office
Kingdom Signet:
Minister of Protocol:
Clerk of Precedence:
Escutcheon Herald:
Chancellor of RUM:
Royal Chamberlain:
IKAC Representative:
Steward of the Society: Hilary of Serendip

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Law Changes:
Six month probationary period for new great officers of state., Great officers of state may not fight in a Crown Tourney which might result in a reign overlapping their tenure as great officer, nor may they be fought for in the same manner.
Twentieth Year Celebration of the Society, April 26, 1986, Renaissance Festival Grounds in Houston, TX.

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