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Tadashi Arms

Fuyuzyru Tadashi
Kobayakawa Ariake


Crown Tourney

Date: 5/28/89
Location: Caer Anterth
Runner Up: Dag Thorgrimson


Date: 10/7/89
Location: Grey Gargoyles
Reign #: 40
Pennsic #: 18

Curia Regis

At Beginning of Reign

Seneschal: Myrra de Blackwoode
Marshall: Alan Culross
Exchequer: Elin Redlock
Chronicler: Elysabet de Warren
Minister of Arts: Caroline de Mercier
Minister of Sciences: Sonya of Prague
Dragon Herald: Vasili iz Naitemneshoi Dollina
Chirurgeon: Cecelia of Sternfeld



Ragnarr Arnbjornsson 10/21/89
Drager Fyrkappa 1/13/89


Sion Andrias o Gwynedd 10/7/89
Theodora von Ingleheim 10/7/89
Judith of Kirtland 11/11/89
Tsvetan Arinsson of the Skraelingar 1/20/89
Rowena o'r Emrallt 1/27/90
Fionna Goodburne MacNicol 5/12/90


Carlo dalla Casa 1/13/90



King's Champion: Arts Champion:
Queen's Champion(s): Jeames Blaunkheart Poet Laureate:

Other Notables

Seneschal's Office
First Deputy Seneschal: Master Sir Karl Ulfsson
Curia Secretary: Gareth Tancred Wilfrith
Historian: Robert Fitzhugh of Bannockburn
Information/Publications Officer: Melisande de Marmande
Minister of Children:
Deputy for New Groups:
Deputy for Staff Development:
Marshall's Office
Minister of the Lists: Sir William of Bellwood
List Mistress:
Archer General: Aldric Greystone
Marshal of Fence:
Deputy Marshal for Scouts: Alinor of Braeford
War College Dean:
Equestrian College Dean:
Coursing College Houndmaster:
Arts and Sciences Office
A&S Judges Coordinator:
Kingdom Cartographer:
Chronicler's Office
Calendar Secretary: Gareth Tancred Wilfrith
Pale Editor:
Herald's Office
Kingdom Signet: Angelique Du Bois
Minister of Protocol: Cedric du Gran Lac
Clerk of Precedence: William Brigandyne
Escutcheon Herald:
Chancellor of RUM: Claire of Lynwood Keep
Royal Chamberlain: Thorvald Redhair
IKAC Representative:
Steward of the Society: Hilary of Serendip

Notes and Links to Further Information

Law Changes:
XVI-100 Anyone may attend a Middle Kingdom event provided they adhere to the requirements for participation as specified in Society Law.
from the April XXV Pale: "This year the Riding of Hawkland Moor's TYGER HUNT will celebrate the marriage of
Baron Foscadh Coisi o'Dubdha and Lady Pelinora de Orion event of which many have heard but doubted, so put aside the weekend of July 6th and pay witness."
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