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Ronin Arms

Ronin of Darkmoon
Katya of Shadowed Stars


Crown Tourney

Date: 10/26/91
Location: Jararvellir
Runner Up: Amaranth Wolfsbane


Date: 5/16/92
Location: Shadowed Stars
Reign #: 45
Pennsic #: 21

Curia Regis

At Beginning of Reign

Seneschal: Gareth Tancred Wilfrith - Mairin of the East Isles (July AS XXVII)
Marshall: Palymar of Two Baronies
Exchequer: Aelwine Eddwinssen - Margherita Alessia (Ghita)
Chronicler: Anne Geoffreys of Warwick
Minister of Arts: Mistress Alexis MacAlister of Beverlay
Minister of Sciences: Patrick Mc Phelan
Dragon Herald: Talan Gwynek until
Thorvald Redhair
Chirurgeon: Brandar Blarhjaalmr
Prince and Princess of Ealdormere: Killdare Silverwolf and Catherine Dupres



Jafar al-Safa 10/10/92


Aelwyth the Grey, Sternfeld, 7/25/92
Aelwynor ferch Allwyn, Sternfeld, 7/25/92
Hector of the Black Height, 8/15/92




King's Champion: Arts Champion:
Queen's Champion(s): Poet Laureate:

Other Notables

Seneschal's Office
First Deputy Seneschal: Master Sir Karl Ulfson
Curia Secretary: John of Sternfeld
Historian: Thorgerdr Karlsdottir
Information/Publications Officer: Serena Holmes
Chatelaine: Alys Katherine
Minister of Children: Mistress Caroline de Mercier
Deputy for New Groups: Sir Talymar gan y Lluwyn
Deputy for Staff Development:
Marshall's Office
Minister of the Lists: William of Fairhaven
List Mistress:
Archer General: Trelogin Tavistok
Marshal of Fence:
Deputy Marshal for Scouts:
War College Dean:
Equestrian College Dean:
Coursing College Houndmaster:
Arts and Sciences Office
A&S Judges Coordinator:
Kingdom Cartographer: Margaret O'Monaghan
Chronicler's Office
Calendar Secretary: Myrra de Blackwoode
Pale Editor:
Herald's Office
Kingdom Signet: Lucia Porzia Sforza di Firenze
Minister of Protocol: Minna von Lubek
Clerk of Precedence: Countess Geneviève du Vent Argent
Escutcheon Herald: Balion de Brionne
Chancellor of RUM: Katherine of Sternfeld
Royal Chamberlain:
IKAC Representative:
Steward of the Society: Hilary of Serendip

Notes and Links to Further Information

Law Changes:
Read into law during Court at Border Raids, June 27, AS XXVII:
Article VII - Fighter Authorizations
VII-100 (Paraphrased change): All fighters (not just unbelted) must be accepted tested, and approved for combat before entering any lists.
VII-101 (Paraphrased change): Fighters not fighting at an official event for more than one year may be asked to re-authorize at the marshall's discretion.
Article XIV - Recognition and Advancement of Subsidiary Groups
XIV-202 (Paraphrased change):If a group has money, they must have an exchequer. No group may hold money in the name of the SCA until it has been officially recognized by the Kingdom Seneschal as incipient or full-status.
Article XVI - Miscellaneous Laws
XVI-400 (Paraphrased change): No household, guild, association, etc. for the purpose of assassination or of slavery shall be allowed in the Middle Kingdom. Assassination games may be played, with consent and advance knowledge of the players. No activity that appears to condone or frivolously treat slavery shall be allowed in the Middle Kingdom.
Read into law during War Court, August 13, AS XXVII:
Article IV - Lesser Lords and Ladies of State
Renumber IV-600 to IV-1100 IV-601 to IV-1101 IV-700 to IV-600 IV-800 to IV-700 IV-801 to I701(as appeared in Pale) IV-900 to IV-800 IV-1000 to IV-900 IV-1100 to IV-1000 IV-1101 to IV-1001 IV-1100 The Minister of Regalia should be a Chancellor of the Exchequer and shall be responsible for maintaining such possessions and treasures as the royal office shall hold. He shall be responsible for providing the Crown, its Royal Heirs, and the Chancellor of the Exchequer with an updated inventory within thirty days following Crown Tournament. Article VI - Crown Tournament IV-501 No person under 18 years of age may be fought for in any Crown Tournament in the MIddle Kingdom. Emancipated minors may be excepted at the discretion of the Crown on a case-by-case basis, but proof of emancipation is required.
Banishment from the Kingdom: Hanse Sebastian von Imner of the shire of Dernhealde. 24 May AS XXVII
Steward's Council created in this reign. Announcement appeared in the Pale (August AS XXVII)
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