From a 1994 discussion on the Rialto, by deFolo:

...the infamous Michael of BoarsHaven who had the misfortune, to quote Richard d'Alsace (then MidRealm seneschal), of reading THE CORPORA and believing it. To make a long story short, Michael was a contentious king, who feuded with his queen, his knights, the king before him and the king after him. His queen, Zarina Daeth, abdicated when she couldn't take his attitudes anymore, and he abdicated, hoping that--as was indicated by CORPORA--he would inconvenience the Middle Kingdom by forcing them to have a crown tournament to cover the month of April. This, of course, proved unfeasible, and we who were on the MidRealm curia merely signed a proclamation stating that Albert, the tanist, was King. Albert and his princess were later crowned, but he reigned for a couple months as uncrowned king (including at the Society Decennial).

Michael was angered by this and, accordingly, refused to return the Crowns and the files of the Kingdom. Albert filed a suit against Michael (in small claims court), and Michael counter-sued. This farce went on through two appearances in court, after which Michael's lawyer (who was giving him free advice) quit. Michael then called Albert and said he was tired of the whole situation and to come and get the crowns. Albert did, and Michael called the police to say that Albert had just stolen his crowns. Everything was worked out, and the states attorney essentially told us all that he didn't want to hear anything more about this.

During the time Michael had the crowns, he and his roommate apparently played football with them and pried out one of the gems to see if it was worth any money (it wasn't). When Albert received the crown, he commanded that it never be repaired and that future kings and queens be shown the crowns and told the sad story of Michael. (BTW, Michael's claim was that the crowns, etc. had been given to him and that he had never been told they belonged to the SCA)

More of the story of Michael is available in our BRIEF HISTORY OF THE MIDDLE KINGDOM, TALES OF THE MIDLANDS KINGS and TRUE HISTORY OF WURM WALD. I was, BTW, a close friend of Michael's and was happy to see him the last time we happened to meet. Unfortunately, he should never have been King (he won his crown when he had been a member for only about a year). At the risk of sounding allegorically political, in the beginning of his reign, Michael felt that what he was doing he was doing for the good of the Society.

Yrs, Damin de Folo
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