Middle Kingdom
Hunt Guild Membership Roll

Guild Minister ; Master James Cunningham
Warden ;
Lord Liam O'Shea (the Fish Dude)
Web Master ; Laird Liam Meyrick (the Doryman)

If you have questions, ask a Guild Steward.
Guild Stewards
Steward of Falconry ; Master James Cunningham
Steward of Piscatoral Activities ; Laird Liam Meyrick
Steward of Hounds ; Volunteer needed for herding, earth, and scent dog questions
Steward of Archery ; Volunteer needed for archery and thrown weapons as they apply to hunting questions
Steward of Tracking ; Volunteer needed for "how to" questions on tracking
Steward of Trapping ; Volunteer needed on how to make and setup traps
Steward of Game Preparation and Cooking ; Volunteer needed on how to prep and cook game

Guild members who have also Marshalls Certificates;
If you are a Marshall (archery. thrown weapons, etc.) please send me your name.

Guild Members
Dunstan MacLiam
Cora Elizabeth
Matthew MacCorin
THL Samira Umm' al Harith
Lord Breac Macfinnien
Lady Lyonesse Meyrick
Mistress Priscilla the Hun O.L.
James Ironmark
Lady Lyonette Drouet de Saint Amand
Master Modar Neznanich O.P.
Aodhfin Siebert
Master John Devereaux O.L.
Aidan Alpin
Baron Master Beawulf Gordon O.L.
Bethany MacDonald
THL Catrin Skynith
Master Charles Oakley O.L.
Master Baron James Cunningham O.L.
Odette d'Amboise
Signor Alessandro d'Este
Master Gwilym o’r Afonydd Tair, OP   
Christopher Graydon
Lady Bera Anushka Raudhar
Don Carlos el Lobo
Jakob of Dzikow
Lady Maria Elena Von Metten
Guillaume des Pyrenees
Geoffrey “Hawken” of Huntingdon

Lady Murron de Draco
Lady Alianora Pannatier
Juerge von Elchbruch
Maggie O'Donnell

Caleb Killian
Lord Torvald Swakhammer
Lady Juliana of Frisia
Lady Cora Elizabeth
Lilith of the Northern Wood

To become a member of the Hunt Guild, download the Hunt Guild Membership Form here. Simply fill it out and email to liam_meyrick@charter.net