Incipient Canton of Iron Oak


These are the pages for the Offices of Iron Oak, and a brief description of the responsibilities of each office. For offices that have modern equivalents, today's terms are listed in italics.

Seneschal - President
Gabriel Sebastian Greaves • E-mail

The Seneschal acts as Iron Oak's "chapter president", serves as its representative to the outside world, and is the administrative officer responsible for the "business side" of the group. In addition, the Seneschal is the media contact for the group.

Exchequer - Treasurer
Lady Morgaine nicFhrannsaidh • E-mail

The Exchequer keeps Iron Oak's bank account and financial records.

Chronicler - Secretary and PublicationsLady Morgaine nicFhrannsaidh • E-mail

The Chronicler produces Iron Oak's newsletter, Leaves from the Iron Oak, and (in Iron Oak) is also responsible for taking meeting minutes and distributing them to the group.

Chatelaine - Membership
Lord Lughaidh Albanach • E-mail

The Chatelaine assists new members in getting to know the S.C.A. and other members of the populace. In Iron Oak, the Chatelaine also maintains our "Gold Key", or loaner garb, for new and prospective members.

Minister of Arts & Sciences
Lady Morgaine nicFhrannsaidh • E-mail

The "MOAS" serves as a central point of contact for the study of historical crafts and sciences. The members of Iron Oak have diverse talents and interests. To find someone who might share an interest with you, the Minister of Arts & Sciences is our "go-to" person.

Ghurban Arslan • E-mail

Iron Oak's Herald makes announcements at events, and helps people get their names and devices registered with the Society's College of Arms.

Gauis Titius Aquila • E-mail

Iron Oak's Webminister oversees this website and Iron Oak's other Internet-related activities.

Knight Marshal
Hr´┐Żlfr Sveinsson • E-mail

A marshal supervises the armored combat and other combat-related activities that are often the most recognizable sign of an SCA event. The Marshal also coordinates and oversees fighting practices, and the fighting activities at Iron Oak events.

Youth Minister
Lady Isabel nicDougall MacLean • E-mail

Youth Ministers are responsible for assisting parents or legal guardians in integrating their children's activities into local and Kingdom events. Youth ministers can request other people to assist with youth activities, or if the youth minister wishes, they can co-ordinate and run activities themselves.