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Last Updated May 21, 2004 (AS 39)

May Crown 1993
May Crown 1994 (HE Brannos)
Fall Crown 1997 (HG Jafar's 2nd)
May Crown 2001
Fall Crown 2002
Fall Crown 2003 *NEW!*
Pennsic Belted Champion's Battle (Aug 2002)
Pennsic Unbelts Battle (Aug 2002)

Christmas Tourney (Flame2002)
Commoner's Crown (Nov 2002)

Candlemas 2003 (part 1)
Candlemas 2003 (part 2)


Birka Plates Lacing Directions  
De Re Militari by Vegitius

PW33 Battle and Social Schedule (pdf)


Duke Palymar's Do's and Don'ts of Grappling (94mb WMV file)
Duke Palymar's Polearm 101
Duke Palymar's Polearm 201
Earl Brannos' Sword & Shield 101
Earl Brannos' Spear 101
Earl Brannos' Spear 201 *New*(423MB) Click here to download a zipfile of the vid.
Duke Finn's Targeting 101

Duke Finn teaches range judgement (pt 1)

Duke Finn teaches range judgement (pt 2)

Sir William's infighting (pt 1)

Sir William's infighting (pt 2)

Lothar in the final4