Marshallate Badge
Baron Henry of Exeter
(Terry Doner)
438 Thomas Ave
Forest Park, IL 60130
Please call before 9pm CST (312) 504-8692

Office of the Kingdom Archery Marshal

This is the homepage for the Kingdom Archery Marshal, formally known as the Deputy Earl Marshal for Target Archery. This office is responsible for administering the rules, regulations, and safety for archery ranges in the Middle Kingdom.

There is no authorization required to participate in Target Archery in the Middle Kingdom, though we are required to ask you to file a "Hold Harmless" waiver before participating. This is to allow the SCA insurance to cover our Marshals as they monitor your safety, teach, and help check your equipment.

The Target Archery Handbook is in the process of revision at this time (February 2015). The Archery and Archery Marshal's Handbook remains the go-to source for information until the new book is finished and approved.

Loaner Equipment is usually available, especially if the Archery Marshal knows someone who needs it will be attending. That includes children, as long as a parent is present and appropriate waivers are present. Come on out to the Range and join us!

Order of the Greenwood Company

Roster of members of the Greenwood Company

Archery Reporting Schedule

Mar 1 (Q1), Jun 1 (Q2), Sep 1 (Q3), Dec 1 (Domesday)

NEW Online Report
Regional Report Schedule

Mar 7 (Q1), Jun 7 (Q2), Sep 7 (Q3), Dec 7 (Domesday)

NEW Online Report
Kingdom Report Schedule

Mar 14 (Q1), Jun 14 (Q2), Sep 14 (Q3), Dec 14 (Domesday)

Constellation Marshal
Alfairin Fani
(Daniel Hernandez)
16670 Winchester Rd
Ossian, IN 46777
(260) 415-9522

Midlands Marshal
THL Robert Thorne, CGC
(Scott Hecathorn)
1260 N. Carefree Dr.
East Peoria IL 61611
(309) 258-6443

N. Oaken Marshal
Forester Gwyneth Cole
(Lisa Heller)
411 Douglas Blvd
Richmond hts OH 44143
(571) 239-5360

Pentamere Marshal
Forester Geniveve Rose de Glendalough (aka GenRose)
(Patresha Roehre)
(616) 821-7274 (no calls after 10 pm)

S. Oaken Marshal
Lord Miura Makoto
(David Caron)
(513) 315-8715