Marshallate Badge
Baron Henry of Exeter
(Terry Doner)
438 Thomas Ave
Forest Park, IL 60130
Please call before 9pm CST (312) 504-8692

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All Archery Marshals Reporting Schedule

Mar 1 (Q1), Jun 1 (Q2), Sep 1 (Q3), Dec 1 (Domesday)

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Regionals Reporting Schedule

Mar 7 (Q1), Jun 7 (Q2), Sep 7 (Q3), Dec 7 (Domesday)

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Constellation Marshal
Alfairin Fani
(Daniel Hernandez)
16670 Winchester Rd
Ossian, IN 46777
(260) 415-9522

Midlands Marshal
THL Robert Thorne, CGC
(Scott Hecathorn)
1260 N. Carefree Dr.
East Peoria IL 61611
(309) 258-6443

N. Oaken Marshal
Lady Caitlin inghean Neill
(Kathy McClung)
4706 Wood Ave.
Parma Oh 44134
(440) 888-1314 -- No calls after 10pm Eastern

Pentamere Marshal
Forester Geniveve Rose de Glendalough (aka GenRose)
(Patresha Roehre)
(616) 821-7274 (no calls after 10 pm)

S. Oaken Marshal
Lord Miura Makoto
(David Caron)
(513) 315-8715