Marshallate Badge
Sir Farthegn Rinkson
(Jeff York)
5485 South Pricetown Rd.
Berlin Center, OH 44401
(440) 787-7429

Kingdom Equestrian Officer

Greetings and welcome to the Middle Kingdom equestrian page! Thank you so much for your interest. Please visit the college's webpage for more information on events, practices, the current 2016 handbook as well as other useful resources for equestrian activities in the SCA and Middle Kingdom.

Below you will find links to the current Society and Middle Kingdom Handbooks. Please check the Middle Kingdom calendar for upcoming equestrian events.
Sir Farthegn Kingdom Equestrian Officer

Please feel free to contact me if you have further questions. We all look forward to seeing you in the upcoming season!

Equestrian Resources

Middle Kingdom Equestrian College - official page for the Midrealm Equestrian College, cotains a schedule of events, detailed information, and a lot of resource links!

Society Equestrian Marshal - Society Equestrian Marshal pages with links to society documents, insurance information, activities and announcements as required.

Current Equestrian Handboook

Society Equestrian Handbook

Equestrian Marshal Reporting Schedule

Feb 14
May 14
August 14
Nov 14 (Also Domesday)

Constellation Equestrian
THL Gwendolyn of Shadowed Stars
Jennifer Mahocker
6230 Graysford Place
Fort Wayne, IN 46835
Constellation Report

Midlands Equestrian
Midlands Report

North Oaken Equestrian
Lady Rhiannon filia Catell
(Kimberly Walbridge)
4771 Stanhope Kelloggsville Rd
Conneaut, OH 44030
(440) 645-3797
North Oaken Report

South Oaken Equestrian
Lady Rose de la Cumbe
(Kate Reis)
10417 Stephen Young Rd
Camden, OH 45311
(513) 292-0188
South Oaken Report

Pentamere Equestrian
(contact Kingdom Equestrian Officer if interested)
Pentamere Report