Rapier Fencing in the Middle Kingdom of the SCA.
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Midrealm Rapier Academies
The Inland Seas School of Defence
Middle Kingdom Academy of Defense
Pentemere regional fencing webpage
Sword of Pentamere
The Beaver Academy
Thieves of Hearts Fencing Guild
Out of kingdom
An Tir
Ansteorra rapier links
Avacal Rapier (SCA Canada)
Company of the Blackwing
Academia Xiphias
Academy of the Rapier (Ansteorra)
Don Tivar Moondragon's Salle
Dylan's fencing page (East Kingdom)
Ealdormere Academy of Defense
Ealdormere Rapier Links
East Kingdom Rapier
The Hellhounds
Melchior zum grauen Wolf  
Meridian Rapier
Yves de Fortainer's "The Rotunda"
The Black Tigers

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