Middle Kingdom - Office of the Earl Marshal:


Middle Kingdom Archer General:

Jarl Sir Tarquin the Red
email: tarquinred@sbcglobal.net

Regional and Special Deputies for Archery:
Constellation ( IN )
THL Ragnar Ketilsson
email: ragnarketilsson@yahoo.com
Midlands ( IL )
THL Forester Robert Thorne
email:  robert1015@juno.com
North Oaken (northern OH)
THL Forester Alan of Caerlaverock
email: banzhof@dnaco.net
Pentamere ( MI, southern ONT )
THL Forester Padraig MacRaighne
email:  padraig@cablespeed.com
South Oaken (southern OH, KY)
THL Forester Alan of Caerlaverock
email: banzhof@dnaco.net
Special Deputy for Youth Archery:
Lady Roewynne Langley
email: tshurgin@columbus.rr.com

Archery Marshals are now tracked in the Middle Kingdom Arts Martial database

Click here to go to the Arts Martial database for Archery Marshals warrant information

Middle Kingdom Archery Marshals Handbook
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Middle Kingdom Thrown Weapons
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Royal Rounds
Midrealm Royal Round data

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This page contains information used for Archery activities in the Middle Kingdom of the Society for Creative Anachronism. Please direct all comments to:marshal@midrealm.org