Middle Kingdom - Office of the Earl Marshal:


Principality, Regional and Other Armored Combat Deputy Marshals:
Midlands ( IL )
Avery Austringer(Ted Kocot)
7436 Zephyr Place
Maplewood, MO 63143
email: MidlandsMarshal@Midrealm.org
Constellation ( IN )
Caelan O'Rogallaig
1416 Thomas Drive
Lebanon, IN 46052
765 483-0926
email: ConstellationMarshal@midrealm.org
Pentamere ( MI, Southern ONT )
Sir Calador Quinacaine
Mka Denny Cunningham
385 Corkwood
Oxford, MI 48371

email: PentamereMarshal@Midrealm.org
North Oaken ( Northern OH )
Cpt. Radagaisus Vidigoia Balthi (Rutgur)
mka James Bollinger
1424 Troon Avenue
Brunswick OH 44212
home 330-220-3601
email: NOakenMarshal@Midrealm.org
Quarterly Report form
South Oaken ( Southern OH, KY )
Captain Einhard (Rick Frisa)
231 Castlewood Drive
Lexington, KY 40505
(859) 233-4017
email: SOakenMarshal@midrealm.org
Chief of Artillery (Armored Combat Missile Weapons):
Master Jean Paul Pierrepont, OL (Paul W. Van Dyke)
13697 North 560 East
Syracuse, IN 46567
email: ArtilleryMarshal@Midrealm.org

Armored Combat Marshals are now tracked in the Middle Kingdom Arts Martial database

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Middle Kingdom Armored Combat Marshals Handbook
Middle Kingdom Armored Combat Marshals Handbook version 9.0 (new version)

Middle Kingdom Crowm Tournament Marshaling and Conduct
Middle Kingdom Crown Tournament

Society Marshals Handbook
Society Marshals Armored Combat Handbook

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