Middle Kingdom - Office of the Earl Marshal:


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Kingdom Rapier Marshal:

Master John Inchingham the Fool
mka: Steve Katlack
email:  inchingham@hotmail.com

Principality and Regional Rapier Combat Marshals:
Northshield ( ND,SD,MAN,MN, Western ONT,WI )
THL Dorian of the Blue Moon (Robert W. Jackson II)
9800 69th Ave. North Apt. 215
Maple Grove, MN 55369-5673
email: dprm@mediaone.net
Midlands ( IL )
Lord Alexander de Seton (John Seaton)
email: AlexdeSet@aol.com
Constellation ( IN )
Baron Adam Comyn (Adam Zabell)
email: zabell@stanley.bio.purdue.edu
Pentamere ( MI, Southern ONT )
Baron Benedict of Beverly (James Morris)
email: jamesmo@iserv.net
North Oaken ( Northern OH )
Lady Sarah of the Erie Sea (Sarah True)
email:  SarahMOF@aol.com
South Oaken ( Southern OH, KY )
Lord Ceanntighern Macillechallum (James K. Wright)
email:  leatherman@dragonsmark.midrealm.org

Rapier Combat Marshals are now tracked in the Middle Kingdom Arts Martial database

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Middle Kingdom Rapier Combat Marshals Handbook

Middle Kingdom Rapier Combat Marshals Handbook v2.0

Society Fence/Rapier Handbook - current edition
New Society Fencing Rules

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This site contains information used for Fence/Rapier activities in the Middle Kingdom of the Society for Creative Anachronism. Please direct all comments to:marshal@midrealm.org