Marshallate Badge
Count Savaric de Pardieu, KSCA
(Bryan Perdue)
1152 county Rd 2400 East
Casey, IL 62420 (618) 302-7047
Between 4:30pm-9pm Weekdays only

List of youth authorization card holders

in order by scaname

280 youth authorization card holders
(? Marissa Rose Ventresca) -- Select One --
(?? Huxley Hume-Allingham) -- Select One --
(?? Jason Dragich) -- Select One --
(?David Turner) -- Select One --
? (Drake Gerken) -- Select One --
? (Harold Gerken) -- Select One --
? (Orion Merrick Crimmins) -- Select One --
? (Raymond Papierniak) Pentamere
?(Abby Vargas) -- Select One --
?(Aedan Dowling) -- Select One --
?(Aleksander Whitesides) -- Select One --
?(Alex Bachmann) Oaken-North
?(Alex Pratt) -- Select One --
?(Alexander Louis Benton) -- Select One --
?(Alyssa Davis) Oaken-North
?(Austin Hall) -- Select One --
?(Brendan M. Olson) Midlands
?(Bryson Dauphinais) -- Select One --
?(Chandlar Fine) -- Select One --
?(Dan Michael Lane) -- Select One --
?(David Clark) -- Select One --
?(David M. Nicholson) -- Select One --
?(Dawson Blanford) -- Select One --
?(Derrick Diflauro) -- Select One --
?(Elora Copley) -- Select One --
?(Emmett Lee Miller, Jr.) -- Select One --
?(Eric Spieglan) Midlands
?(Gary Spratt) Constellation
?(Gavin Fox) -- Select One --
?(Hailie Alyson Holbrook) -- Select One --
?(Haley C. Machen) -- Select One --
?(Hannah Delancey) Pentamere
?(Hannah Delancey) Pentamere
?(Hunter Hammil) Oaken-North
?(Jacob Hanlon) Oaken-North
?(James Ashby) Oaken-North
?(James Henry White) -- Select One --
?(Jarred Alexander Tilton) -- Select One --
?(Jasmine Bottorff) Oaken-North
?(Jason Klopfenstein) Oaken-South
?(Jeremiah Hanlon) Oaken-North
?(Jeremy Anderson) Sternfeld Constellation
?(Jesse Vail) -- Select One --
?(Jessica Curtis) -- Select One --
?(Jody Alford) Swordcliffe Midlands
?(John Girard II) -- Select One --
?(Johnathan Dennison) Constellation
?(Jonathan Hanlon) Oaken-North
?(Jonathan Jacobson) -- Select One --
?(Jonathon Michael Hoban) -- Select One --
?(Joseph Simonson) Pentamere
?(Justin Vail) -- Select One --
?(Kaleb Harris) Oaken-North
?(Kiley Messer) -- Select One --
?(Liam John Crimmins) -- Select One --
?(Madeline Bollinger) -- Select One --
?(Mark Copley) -- Select One --
?(Maron Phillips) Dragonsmark Oaken-South
?(Mary Catherine Estridge) -- Select One --
?(Matthew Rogers) Rivenstar Constellation
?(Matthew Wymer) -- Select One --
?(Nicholas Ambuehl) -- Select One --
?(Nicole Slavik) Cleftlands Oaken-North
?(Nissa Armstrong) Shattered Crystal Midlands
?(Owyn Faith) -- Select One --
?(Patrick Aldridge) -- Select One --
?(Patrick Holloway) Pentamere
?(Rebekah Wilkerson) -- Select One --
?(Rene Pepin) -- Select One --
?(Richard A. Houseman) Pentamere
?(River Fox) -- Select One --
?(Rose M. Bollerman) -- Select One --
?(Ryan Michael Elder) -- Select One --
?(Sabine Monarch) -- Select One --
?(Sean Curtis Lucas) -- Select One --
?(Shirley Quigley) Oaken-North
?(Stone Fox) -- Select One --
?(Tieg B. Burns) -- Select One --
?(Timothy Thomson) Fenis Oaken-South
?(Zachary Aldridge) -- Select One --
Aalbrandr -- Select One --
Aaron Rogers Rivenstar Constellation
Acelina of Derelei Midlands
Adam -- Select One --
Aedan mac Minic Cynnabar Pentamere
Aethel MacGillavrey Sternfeld Constellation
Ahmina Shattered Crystal Midlands
Aiden Pentamere
Alan Culross Mynydd Seren Constellation
Alan Edwards -- Select One --
Alaric le Fevre Cleftlands Oaken-North
Albrech Edmundson -- Select One --
Alestor Ramsey Midlands
Alexander (Zachery Kittle) -- Select One --
Alexander Marx -- Select One --
Alexander Zelle -- Select One --
Alloria Bottorff Oaken-North
Amorette -- Select One --
Andrew McMillan Midlands
Angel Oaken-North
Anjali Sharma Ravenslake Midlands
Ann O'Shaughnessy Oaken-South
Anna -- Select One --
Anna McPhelan Cleftlands Oaken-North
Anne of Botkins Oaken-South
Antoinette Martell Northwoods Pentamere
Ariss End Starre -- Select One --
Arite Oaken-South
Arthur Roberto Pentamere
Arthur Roberto Fletcher -- Select One --
Asher of Afonlyn ----------------- Select One -----------------
Asher of Afonlyn Constellation
Astrdr Alofsdottir Constellation
Austin -- Select One --
Axe LeBrefson -- Select One --
Azure Bottorff Oaken-North
Belle of Flaming Gryphon Winged Hills Oaken-South
Ben Petticord Oaken-South
Benjamin Bottorff Oaken-North
Benjamin Mondou Pentamere
Bethac MacDonald -- Select One --
Bevis the Wise Fenix Oaken-South
Blackfire Shadowed Stars Constellation
Braden Savaricsson -- Select One --
Brida -- Select One --
Bridget O’Kelly Shattered Crystal Midlands
Brigit Douglas Constellation
Brittany Engelbert Greyhope Constellation
Brutus (Lieser) -- Select One --
Byron Svenson Oaken-South
Ceowulf -- Select One --
Cerita fo Flaming Gryphon Flaming Gryphon Oaken-South
Cezara cel Asemanare Constellation
Christian Von Dreihugel -- Select One --
Collette Du Bois Pentamere
Conner (of Fenix) Fenix Oaken-South
Connor Mac Mahon -- Select One --
Connor MacTaran Oaken-South
Corinne -- Select One --
Corwin of Flaming Gryphon Winged Hills Oaken-South
Cynewulf de Divelyn Pentamere
Cyrus Pentamere
Daineal O'Rianin -- Select One --
Daithe Pentamere
Darby -- Select One --
David of Loch Mor Lock Mor Pentamere
David the Young Sot -- Select One --
Dawson -- Select One --
Dedria MacGregor Havenhold Oaken-North
Deven of Cuil Cholum Cuil Cholum Constellation
Drew Martin Wurm Wald Midlands
Dylan Savarricson -- Select One --
Ealswyth of Dragonvale Constellation
Einare of Cynnabar ----------------- Select One -----------------
Eleanor Larke le Dauncer Roaring Waste Pentamere
Eliscbeth Fantome -- Select One --
Elizabeth Ely Tyrnnewydd Oaken-North
Elizabeth Montague -- Select One --
Elizabeth of the Marshes Steren Codha Constellation
Elizabetta verch Glendwr O Llangollen -- Select One --
Ely DeVore Cleftlands Oaken-North
Emelina Berdwick -- Select One --
Emma Sunnifasdottir Cynnabar Pentamere
Eve Bishop -- Select One --
Eynen Ap James -- Select One --
Finn Pentamere
Finn (Ray-Jean Pepin) -- Select One --
Finn MacCass Rimsholt Pentamere
Gabriel of Swordcliff -- Select One --
Gamel DeCourtenay Constellation
Gandalf Skeggja -- Select One --
Gar -- Select One --
Graham Cynnabar Pentamere
Grazia Perida Venezia Cleftlands Oaken-North
Gwynhevare Holleran Midlands
Heather of Loch Mor Lock Mor Pentamere
Herger (of Brendoken) Brendoken Oaken-North
Hillary Gordon Vanished Wood Midlands
Horace LeJonnere -- Select One --
Hrothgar the Blind Hawkland Moor Pentamere
Ian James DeMarksbury Fenix Oaken-South
Ian the War Dwarf Flame Oaken-South
Irene Elise Brabant Oaken-North
Isaac (Montgomery) Constellation
Jack Campbell -- Select one --
Jakob Pentamere
James Rutgurson -- Select One --
James Underhill, the Younger -- Select One --
Jared Martini Sternfeld Constellation
Jason ben Yahuda Fenix Oaken-South
Jenna de Kenzie Swordcliff Midlands
Jeremia Welch Pentamere
Joel Welch Pentamere
John of Fenix -- Select One --
John of Three Towers Three Towers Oaken-North
Johnna Eastland Cynnabar Pentamere
Jonathan Fairchild Oaken-North
Jonathan Sceviour Starleaf Gate Pentamere
Jonathon Dennison Constellation
Jordan of Starleaf Gate Pentamere
Josefus -- Select One --
Joseph McPhelan Cleftlands Oaken-North
Joshua Pentamere
Joyce Taylor -- Select One --
Jutta von Schwarzwald Pentamere
Kahlil Parsa -- Select One --
Katherine de Nevell -- Select One --
Katrina End Starre -- Select One --
Kay Midlands
Keegan MacChatain Sternfeld Constellation
Kekoa the Lost Sternfeld Constellation
Kettle Anderson Oaken-North
Kirk de Nevell -- Select One --
Kit d'Villandry -- Select One --
Kitsune Yamahashi -- Select One --
Kitty Hondy -- Select One --
Kiyomi no Kaizoku -- Select One --
Kristopher of Gwyntarian -- Select One --
Kuroqusa Shinomori Pentamere
Kyle (of Fenix) Fenix Oaken-South
Leo (of Flame) Flame Oaken-South
Liam MacDuncan -- Select One --
Louis Martel Pentamere
Lucille Lokisdaguther -- Select One --
Magdelena DeCourteney Constellation
Magnus of Fenix -- Select One --
Maitiu Leviticus Midlands
Marco Di Cosa Constellation
Marek Sigmunddsonn starleaf gate Pentamere
Max -- Select One --
Max Atte Warren Roaring Wastes -- Select One --
Meridyus -- Select One --
Micah Welch Pentamere
Michael of the Flame Flame Oaken-South
Miranda Lumos Elder Hawkland Moor Pentamere
Morgan Sanders Constellation
Morgana de Louve Midlands
Morganna Rose -- Select One --
Mykolas Shvitrigayla -- Select One --
Nicholas Kransny Midlands
Opius Dexius Verdix Oaken-North
Owen of Tree-Girt-Sea Tree-Girt-Sea Midlands
Pat of Weald Lake -- Select One --
Patrick ----------------- Select One -----------------
Raphael of Darkyard Roaring Wastes -- Select One --
Richard -- Select One --
Richard of Norwich -- Select One --
Rob of Weald Lake -- Select One --
Robert de Richmont -- Select One --
Robert Josephus -- Select One --
Rohan Ravenslake Midlands
Rois -- Select One --
Rois O'Flaighbhearthy Constellation
Roryck the Bold Andelcrag Pentamere
Rose Robyn -- Select One --
Rowen MacGregor Havenhold Oaken-North
Russell Welch Pentamere
Sabine de Rouan Flaming Gryphon Oaken-South
Samnerlaigne MacPadraig MacRhaigne -- Select One --
Savannah of Stonecroft -- Select One --
Scott Drake -- Select One --
Sean Edward DeMarksbury Fenix Oaken-South
Sebastion the Thief Midlands
Shiloh Rose -- Select One --
Stewart Fox Constellation
Taira no Tatsutoshime Sternfeld Constellation
Thomas Josephus -- Select One --
Thomas Montague -- Select One --
Thorfin -- Select One --
Tristan de Bear Flaming Gryphon Oaken-North
Vincintus Constellation
Wilhelm Zelle -- Select One --
William Hrolfrsson Pentamere
William of Sternfeld Sternfeld Constellation
William the Fierce Oaken-North
Yared Hastings -- Select One --
Yufimia -- Select One --
Zachary ----------------- Select One -----------------
Zackery of Blood Jack -- Select One --
Zhou Mei Constellation
Zoltan Paul -- Select One --

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Constellation Marshal
Lord Ulrich of Wiard
(Jason Wiard)
3613 Temberton Way
Ft. Wayne, IN  46815
(260) 493-1066
No Calls after 10:00 p.m.

Midlands Marshal
Albert the Artesian called Aleator
(Chuck Ehlschlaeger)
307 E Fawn Dr.
Mahomet IL 61853
(217) 706-7154
(217) 418-8942 (cell)

N. Oaken Marshal
Sir Cellach macChormach
(Jesse Weber)
2880 Gravenhurst Ct
Columbus, OH 43231
(614) 262-5899
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Pentamere Marshal
Sir Bran Cuileann mac Muirchu ui Niall
(Joseph M. Steffes)
(313) 530-0673

S. Oaken Marshal
Lord AEiric Oervender
(Chris Lemke)
312 High Street
Vine Grove KY 40175
502-939-8078 (Please leave a voice mail)