Marshallate Badge
Gregoire de Lyon, KSCA
(Greg Less)
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List of Armored Combat Marshals

411 Armored Combat Marshals
Marellus Kilionus Warranted -- Select One --
Agnarr Oxnamegin Warranted Afonlyn Constellation
Aiden of Steren Codha Warranted Afonlyn Constellation
Alan Culross Warranted Mynydd Seren Constellation
Amalric des Etoiles Warranted Constellation
Angus Gordon of Darkmoon Warranted Shadowed Stars Constellation
Antonio Cellini Warranted Steren Codha Constellation
Asgier of Darkmoon Warranted Afonlyn Constellation
Azrael ben Shemhazai Warranted Sternfeld Constellation
Caelan O'Rogallaig Warranted Al-Jafar Constellation
Cathyn Fitzgerald Warranted Constellation
Caveron Odell Warranted Shadowed Stars Constellation
Ceanntighern MacIllechallum Warranted Dragonsmark Constellation
Cecil de Tueurleone Warranted Rivenstar Constellation
Clovis ap Llewellyn CathMor Warranted Sternfeld Constellation
Corwin Cromwell Warranted Shadowed Stars Constellation
Crispin Bucher Warranted Sternfeld Constellation
Denewulf Ivarsson Warranted Narrantal Constellation
Derek the Artificer Warranted Sternfeld Constellation
Dougal of Icolmkill Warranted Afonlyn Constellation
Dyderich Wolfhart Warranted Sternfeld Constellation
Ehrenfried Schertenleib Warranted Greyhope Constellation
Eirik Dweorgaex Warranted Sternfeld Constellation
Emeric of Dark Dale Warranted Constellation
Engelbert the Pious Warranted Greyhope Constellation
Erelwin Sarpo Warranted Afonlyn Constellation
Fergus MacPherson Warranted Shadowed Stars Constellation
Fionnbharr MacShane Warranted Rivenstar Constellation
Fujiyama Takamori Warranted Afonlyn Constellation
Gabriel Carrone Warranted Rivenstar Constellation
Gerwulf of Darkmoon Warranted Shadowed Stars Constellation
Giovanni Allegri Warranted Riviere Constelle Constellation
Gustav von Trier Warranted Shadowed Stars Constellation
Isleifr Warranted White Waters Constellation
Ivar Warranted Rivenstar Constellation
Jamie Blackrose Warranted Sternfeld Constellation
Janice Drake Warranted Sternfeld Constellation
Jean Paul Pierrepont Warranted Dragons Vale Constellation
Jesmond Von Atzinger, formerly Jesmond Black Warranted Greyhope Constellation
Jesse ap Cedifor Warranted Greyhope Constellation
Justice McArtain Warranted Constellation
Kelmain Nightstalker Warranted Shadowed Stars Constellation
Kiltigern MacClibarn Warranted Rivenstar Constellation
Konrad Ryman Warranted Shadowed Stars Constellation
Krisztian Kocsis Von Atzinger Warranted Constellation
Llallogan Warranted Afonlyn Constellation
Maelcolm Mor Warranted Cuil Cholium Constellation
Marcus von Westphal Warranted Shadowed Stars Constellation
Matheus MacTavish Warranted Rivenvale Constellation
Meurisse de la Lune Sombre Warranted Constellation
Moonwulf Starkaddhersson Warranted Rivenstar Constellation
Octavian Athanaciou of Constantinople Warranted White Waters Constellation
Padruig Gordon Warranted Constellation
Palymar of the Two Baronies Warranted Sternfeld Constellation
Ragnarr Arnbjornsson Warranted Riviere Constelle Constellation
Rhos Thorgrimebane Skullsplitter Warranted Sternfeld Constellation
Robert Fitzhugh Warranted Constellation
Rolf le Bref Warranted Constellation
Rowen of Lakewood Warranted Constellation
Rutger Meen von Horeburg Warranted Shadowed Stars Constellation
Sabah al-Rashid Warranted Greyhope Constellation
Sean De La Croix Warranted Constellation
Sigulf Karlnar Warranted Rivenstar Constellation
Simon the Dark Hand Warranted Constellation
Svenki Magnusson the Varangian Warranted Al-Jafar Constellation
Thomas der Kreuzfahrer Warranted Constellation
Thorkel the Berserker Warranted Dragon's Vale Constellation
Torquil MacGillavrey Warranted Sternfeld Constellation
Ulfr Imason Warranted Sternfeld Constellation
Ulrich Magnus Warranted Shadowed Stars Constellation
Ustad Warranted Flame Constellation
Victor Warranted Constellation
Adrian Flechyr Warranted Ravenslake Midlands
Aelfred of Chester Warranted Blackhawk Midlands
Alaric of Lochmorrow In Training Loch Morrow Midlands
Aldred of Ascalon In Training Vanished Wood Midlands
Aleid van Groningen Warranted Carraig Ban Midlands
Alexander de Seton of Altavia Warranted Ravenslake Midlands
Altani Warranted Midlands
Angelique du Soleil Warranted Midlands
Anselm Mareschal Warranted Midlands
Austin Chadwyck of Normandy Warranted Rokkehealdon Midlands
Avery Austringer Warranted Shattered Crystal Midlands
Bardolph Odger Windlauffer Warranted Swordcliff Midlands
Bohemond de Clare, formerly Culwyn MacAeirrith In Training Vanished Wood Midlands
Brun Canutesson Warranted Midlands
Bubba Godgodson Warranted Shattered Crystal Midlands
Carlo dalla Casa Warranted Saint Carol on the Moor/GKM Midlands
Catriona MacDohonnachgidh Warranted Midlands
Cerian Cantwr Warranted Tree-Girt-Sea Midlands
Charles Cedric Morton Warranted Midlands
Charles Oakley of Riven Dale Warranted Illiton Midlands
Chen-Tzu Warranted Baile na Scolari Midlands
Crinan Lionel Rengarth Warranted Dark River Midlands
Dafydd de Saer Warranted Dark River Midlands
Damon Kirby In Training Midlands
Devin Breighallach Warranted Swordcliff Midlands
Dietrich von Andernach Warranted Illiton Midlands
Duncan Kerr (duncan the monster) In Training Midlands
Earik MacSkellie Warranted Foxvale Midlands
Einar Haakonsson Warranted Midlands
Elias In Training Midlands
Fern de la Foret Warranted Tree-Girt-Sea Midlands
Galem Lionel Ostwestly Warranted Rokkehealdon Midlands
Galen of Bristol Warranted Ravenslake Midlands
Gareth Ostwestly Warranted Rokkehealdan Midlands
Gintaras the Taura Warranted Ravenslake Midlands
Guerric der Wilde Fuchs Warranted Vanished Wood Midlands
Gunter von Stein Warranted Illiton Midlands
Gunther von Brandenburg Warranted Blackhawk Midlands
Gwenhwyvar fitzHerbert Warranted Loch Morrow Midlands
Henry of Exeter Warranted Midlands
Hilliary of Langeforde Warranted Rokkehealdan Midlands
Hugh de Kilravick In Training Vanished Woods Midlands
Ixtilixochitl Warranted Loch Morrow Midlands
Johan Bez Spoudnia Warranted Midlands
Jonathon of Wimbern, called the Osprey Warranted Grey Gargoyles Midlands
Karl von Brandenburg Warranted Rokkehealdan Midlands
Kendrick Cameron Warranted Saint Carol on the Moor Midlands
Kenneth MacDonald Warranted Midlands
Kenwrec Wulfe Warranted Shire of Ravenslake Midlands
Kilian Fendrich Warranted Rokkeleddan Midlands
Kiriak Warranted Midlands
Kith the Silent Warranted Tree-Girt-Sea Midlands
Kristiana of Arden In Training Midlands
Kuji Ka Oni Musashi Warranted Rokkehealdan Midlands
Leif Haakonson Warranted Midlands
Logos von Schnecke Warranted Rokkeldon Midlands
Machonna In Training Midlands
Madog of Glastonbury Warranted Wurm Wald Midlands
Murcadh Dal Cais In Training Midlands
Neko Me Warranted Ravenslake Midlands
Nissan Maxima Warranted Midlands
Ortlieb von Rosentiel In Training Midlands
Patrick von Brandenburg Warranted Blackhawk Midlands
Ratimir Staryjezvec Warranted Rokkehealdon Midlands
Richard L'ingle In Training Wurm Wald Midlands
Robert Downy Forfar Warranted Midlands
Rodrigo Vargas de Leon Warranted Midlands
Roland de Lorraine Warranted Loch Morrow Midlands
Sarah von Brandenburg Warranted Midlands
Sawyer Ross Gosnell In Training Grey Gargoyles Midlands
Seamus O'Murchadha Warranted Vanished Wood Midlands
Sean O'Shaughnessy Warranted Vanished Woods Midlands
Talbot McTaggart Warranted Vanished Wood Midlands
Tan Po Warranted Swordcliff Midlands
Terrance of Tynedale Warranted Ravenslake Midlands
Thomas Penyngton once called Svein Sveinsson Warranted Grey Gargoyles Midlands
Thorfinn Frisken Warranted Blackhawk Midlands
Tuge Guhanan In Training Midlands
Virithos Warranted Midlands
Wendell of Dark River Warranted Dark River Midlands
William of Bellwood Expired Shattered Crystal Midlands
Xun Mei Li In Training Swordcliff Midlands
?(Ezra Starner) Warranted Falcon's Quarry Oaken-North
?(Jason Fuqua) Warranted Oaken-North
Aiden Alpin of Dunkeld Warranted Red Spears Oaken-North
Aiden Tyrsson (Frazier) Warranted Oaken-North
Aine ingen Neill mec Lugdech Warranted Oaken-North
Akira Warranted Oaken-North
Alaric le Fevre Warranted Cleftlands Oaken-North
Alen Elegil Warranted Cleftlands Oaken-North
Alexander of Hawkwood Warranted Middle Marches Oaken-North
Ancel FitzCharles Warranted Gwyntarian Oaken-North
Anno Lynke Warranted Middle Marches Oaken-North
Antarcus Valentior Warranted Cleftlands Oaken-North
Artair Mac Neacail Warranted Cleftlands Oaken-North
Arthieusieur Penthdagoon McGunn Warranted Oaken-North
Arthur Bear Warranted Winged Hills Oaken-North
Arundel the Falconer Warranted Oaken-North
Ashford Simen-Philip Laquoix In Training Oaken-North
Aylwim Warner Thoraldson In Training Falcon's Quarry Oaken-North
Baldwin of Chelmford (called Badger) Warranted Stonehaven Oaken-North
Bastian Eychener Warranted Oaken-North
Beornmann of Chester Warranted Rivenvale Oaken-North
Brice Colquhoun Warranted Cleftlands Oaken-North
Brice le Corbet In Training Gwyntarian Oaken-North
Caius MacAn Bhaird Warranted Cleftlands Oaken-North
Calum Mac Dhaibhidh Warranted Cleftlands Oaken-North
Charric van der Vliet Warranted Red Spears Oaken-North
Cian Shay ui Niall Warranted Oaken-North
Comar gyr Mirand Warranted Tirnewydd Oaken-North
Conrad Schwartzwolf Warranted Cleftlands Oaken-North
Dieter des Schwarzes Eichkatchens Warranted Middle Marches Oaken-North
Diglach Mac Cein Warranted Tirnewydd Oaken-North
Dimitri Mikhailovich Valentinov Warranted Middle Marches Oaken-North
Dirk Edward of Frisia Warranted Rivenvale Oaken-North
Donal O'Conchobhair/Abdullah Al Rashid Warranted Oaken-North
Dracus Warranted Middle Marches Oaken-North
Drust MacArlith Warranted Oaken-North
Durdel (of Gwyntarian) Expired March of the Thistle Oaken-North
Edmund of Hertford Warranted Tirnewydd Oaken-North
Edward Brackenburye Warranted Cleftlands Oaken-North
EikBrandr Solgyafi Warranted Oaken-North
Einar Blakklar Warranted Alderford Oaken-North
Ephraim ben Shlome Warranted Cleftlands Oaken-North
Erich Jager Warranted Tiernewydd Oaken-North
Farthegn Rinkson Warranted Cleftlands Oaken-North
Furius (Chronister) Warranted Oaken-North
Gebhard Warranted Oaken-North
Giles fitz Alan Warranted Three Towers Oaken-North
Guido Martini Warranted Sternfeld Oaken-North
Gunnar Sigurdsson Warranted Tirnewydd Oaken-North
Irene Elise Brabant Warranted Oaken-North
Ivan Shishov Warranted Oaken-North
John of Roslyn the Ox Warranted Oaken-North
Joseph Grunwald of York Warranted Mugmort Oaken-North
Justinos Tekton called Justin Warranted Alderford Oaken-North
Kari Garanhirson Warranted Oaken-North
Karl Ulfson Warranted Cleftlands Oaken-North
Katrina Klein Warranted Oaken-North
Kenneth Kinkade Warranted Oaken-North
Konrad Mailander Warranted Red Spears Oaken-North
Lazaro Alfze diaz De Toledo Warranted Oaken-North
Lewys Blackmore Warranted Oaken-North
Logan Trueshot Warranted Oaken-North
Lothar de Normandie Warranted Cleftlands Oaken-North
Malachi Hamilton Warranted Oaken-North
Michael Colquhoun In Training Oaken-North
Mihajlo De Nekche Warranted Oaken-North
Milo Baxtor MacDuff In Training Tirnewydd Oaken-North
Morgan De'Ath Warranted Border Keep Oaken-North
Morvan of Falcons Keep Warranted Dernehelde Oaken-North
Niall dun Ulric Warranted Tirnewydd Oaken-North
Nikolai Grigorevich Petrov Warranted Cleftlands Oaken-North
Patraic O'Docartaigh Warranted Gwyntarian Oaken-North
Pawel Od Grodziczno Warranted Oaken-North
Pellinor of Shadowed Stars Warranted Red Spears Oaken-North
Peter Engelke Warranted Marche of Three Towers Oaken-North
Radagaisus Vidigoia Balthi (called Rutgur) Warranted Cleftlands Oaken-North
Raffaele Da Cernia Warranted Oaken-North
Ragnar Ironhand Warranted Gwyntarian Oaken-North
Ragnar Karlsson Warranted Tirnewydd Oaken-North
Robin of the Whip Warranted Oaken-North
Rochefoucauld Warranted Cleftlands Oaken-North
Romula Rethea of the Cleftlands In Training Red Spears Oaken-North
Sabine de Rouen Warranted Flaming Gryphon Oaken-North
Sarah of the Erie Sea Warranted Cleftlands Oaken-North
Silverthorn of Dracanmor Warranted Gwyntarian Oaken-North
Stephan von Lubeck Warranted Cleftlands Oaken-North
Talymar Gan Ylluwynn Warranted Dearnehealde Oaken-North
Theodric von Rostock Warranted Cleftlands Oaken-North
Thorin Eikskjald Warranted Oaken-North
Ulfr Forkbeard In Training Cleftlands Oaken-North
Ulrich von Landstahl Warranted Tirnewydd Oaken-North
Victorius Suspectus Warranted Oaken-North
Vincent Furnier Warranted Cleftlands Oaken-North
Wigthegn Warranted Oaken-North
William the Seafarer In Training Catteden Oaken-North
Zolta'n Warranted Oaken-North
Zuriel Nightshade Warranted Eastwatch Oaken-North
AEiric Orvender Warranted Oaken-South
Alexander Kyppyn Kirkcaldy Warranted Flaming Griffon Oaken-South
Alrekr Eriksson Warranted Flaming Gryphon Oaken-South
Amaranth Wolfbane Warranted Fenix Oaken-South
Angus Drummond Warranted Fenix Oaken-South
Anushka Raudhar Warranted Flame Oaken-South
Ashildr Ulfsdottir Warranted Fenix Oaken-South
Atsur Heikan Warranted Oaken-South
Baldor Baldorsbane Warranted Fenix Oaken-South
Berach de Winterbourne Warranted Fenix Oaken-South
Big John McLellan Warranted Dragonsmark Oaken-South
Boldewyn Rhienholt Warranted Oaken-South
Bonar of Chadwick Warranted Val de Azure Oaken-South
Boris Movila Warranted Oaken-South
Bran Atterowan Warranted Aurea Ripea Oaken-South
Brannith Marius Warranted Oaken-South
Brusten de Bearsul Warranted Flaming Sword Oaken-South
Cadogan Blaydes Warranted St. Joan Oaken-South
Caedmon Wilson Warranted Unicorn Oaken-South
Cellach Mac Chormach Warranted Alderford Oaken-South
Christophe van der Ross Warranted Fenix Oaken-South
Chrysagon de Guerre Warranted Flame Oaken-South
Colin O'Flannery Warranted Oaken-South
Conal O'Hairt Warranted Fenix Oaken-South
Conor MacLellan Warranted Flaming Sword Oaken-South
Cumhara of Holyhead called Kope Warranted Fenix Oaken-South
Curnan Wesley MacLeod Warranted Fenix Oaken-South
Dafydd Blaidd Warranted Flaming Gryphon Oaken-South
Damien d'Acheron Warranted Flame Oaken-South
Dierdru Ingen Mhurchada Warranted Fenix Oaken-South
Drogo Rotaugen Warranted Fenix Oaken-South
Duncan MacAlpin Warranted Dragonsmark Oaken-South
Edward (Beckman III) Warranted Oaken-South
Edwin the Shiny Warranted Oaken-South
Einhard of Stahlgeist Warranted Dragonsmark Oaken-South
Ekkill Warranted Oaken-South
Erik Erikson the Scout Warranted Flaming Gryphon Oaken-South
Finar Warranted Flaming Gryphon Oaken-South
Finn Herjolfsson Warranted Fenix Oaken-South
Gawyne Mace Wollerton Warranted Ships Haven Oaken-South
Gunnar Red Boar Warranted Havenholde Oaken-South
Gylchrist MacPhearsain Warranted Oaken-South
Hamish mor Dubh nan Cath Warranted Flaming Gryphon Oaken-South
Ingold of Flaming Gryphon Warranted Hawkes Keye Oaken-South
Ingram Von Atzinger Warranted Flame Oaken-South
Iofurr Ormarsson Warranted Oaken-South
Isbella Sharman called Sharilla Warranted Winged Hills Oaken-South
Johann Bohrer von Elsass Warranted Oaken-South
Katharina von der Waldweise Warranted Fenix Oaken-South
Kato Inagamono Warranted Dragonsmark Oaken-South
Kelwyn Wynterbourne Warranted Aurea Ripae Oaken-South
Lamorak of Dunsinane Warranted Dearnehealde Oaken-South
Leonidas Flavius Christanus Warranted Flame Oaken-South
LLoyd the Raven Warranted Flaming Gryphon Oaken-South
Lothair von Drachenstein Warranted Flame Oaken-South
Manfred von Gruhigan Warranted Vale de Azure Oaken-South
Medraut Beohrt-wig Warranted Fenix Oaken-South
Melchor Stoneteeth Warranted Fenix Oaken-South
Nicholas of Wicklow Warranted Unicorn Oaken-South
Odo of the Abbey of Saint Martin Warranted Cynnabar Oaken-South
Omarad the Wary Warranted Dragonsmark Oaken-South
Randolph Lee Warranted Fenix Oaken-South
Richard Grylion Warranted Winged Hills Oaken-South
Rin Ravenhoe Warranted Dragonsmark Oaken-South
Robert of Griffinholme Warranted Fenix Oaken-South
Rusaad Muhammad Warranted Havenholde Oaken-South
Sivrid Brumbach Warranted Rokkehealdan Oaken-South
Sven (Swanson) Warranted Oaken-South
Taran MacDdraig Warranted Oaken-South
Thorfinn Bearbrother Warranted Fenix Oaken-South
Timothy MacFarlane Warranted Oaken-South
Timothy the Just Warranted Flaming Gryphon Oaken-South
Ullr Amaranthson Warranted Dragonsmark Oaken-South
Uzziel Warranted Oaken-South
Vitus Von Atzinger Warranted Flame Oaken-South
William of Fairhaven Warranted Winged Hills Oaken-South
Zephanon Na-leui Warranted Oaken-South
Lochlainn MacGregor In Training Out of Kingdom
A'kos of Roaring Wastes (called Braile) Warranted Roaring Wastes Pentamere
Adler von Metzger Warranted Hawkland Moor Pentamere
Alienor de Bathe Warranted Dun Traigh Pentamere
Balian de Brionne Warranted Stormvale Pentamere
Balthasar Thiebold Warranted Roaring Wastes Pentamere
Barekr Silfri Warranted Starleaf Gate Pentamere
Berach mor MacMurchada Warranted Northwoods Pentamere
Bijon Inn Kyree Warranted Three Hills Pentamere
Brage Brokholst In Training Pentamere
Bran Cuileann MacMuirchu ui Niall Warranted KSCA & Roaring Waste Pentamere
Brannos O'Irongardail Warranted Roaring Wastes Pentamere
Brjann Inn Rammi In Training Northwoods Pentamere
Calador Quinacane Warranted Roaring Wastes Pentamere
Christian Ambrose Warranted Three Hills Pentamere
Christion Luuk Von Brabrant Warranted Pentamere
Cydrych Clutorix Warranted Roaring Wastes Pentamere
Dag Thorgrimsson Warranted Cynnabar Pentamere
Devon of Ayr Warranted Three Hills Pentamere
Donas McVair Warranted Roaring Wastes Pentamere
Donecan Greyson Warranted Pentamere
Dubricius Wolfhunt Warranted Roaring Wastes Pentamere
Eamon Mac Gowan of Sligo Warranted Cynnabar Pentamere
Edward Aelredson of Denby Warranted Three Walls Pentamere
Eginolf von Basel Warranted Talonval Pentamere
Einarr Dunwulf Bjornsen Warranted Northwoods Pentamere
Eldred Bloodaxe Warranted Three Hills Pentamere
Eliahu ben Itzhak Warranted Cynnabar Pentamere
Eral of Alwoodley Warranted Pentamere
Felix the Just of Ramsey Warranted Northwoods Pentamere
Gaius Titus Aquila Warranted Pentamere
Garth of the Crags Warranted Rimsholt Pentamere
Gilebert le Bracceur de Dijon Warranted Rimsholt Pentamere
Godewyn Crackesheld Warranted Pentamere
Gregoire de Lyon Warranted Pentamere
Guillaume le Breton Warranted Roaring Wastes Pentamere
Hrolfr Sveinsson Warranted Andelcrag Pentamere
Iain Ruadh MacFhionnghain Warranted Pentamere
Ivarr Volfrekr Warranted Pentamere
James Seabrig Warranted Pentamere
Jason Irenfest Warranted Pentamere
Jasper of the Lakes Warranted Dun Traigh Pentamere
Jean Le Bref Warranted Pentamere
Jocelyn le Jongleur Warranted Pentamere
Kamiizumi Jirou Munenori Warranted Pentamere
Logan MacCoinnich Warranted Three Hills Pentamere
Malachy O'Domhnaill Warranted Pentamere
Malcolm Donnelly Warranted Three Hills Pentamere
Michael Au Cluin Warranted Silver Swords Pentamere
Midair MacCormaic Warranted Cynnabar Pentamere
Mieczko the Swift of Jaroslaw Warranted Hawkland Moor Pentamere
Nyilas Kazmer Warranted Hawkland Moor Pentamere
Osric Eisenwulf Warranted Hawkland Moor Pentamere
Oweyn ap Tegwaret Ab Urien Warranted Pentamere
Phillipe de Pamiers Warranted Andelcrag Pentamere
Ragnar Drakkarson Warranted Starleaf Gate Pentamere
Ragnvaldr Jonsson Warranted Roaring Wastes Pentamere
Ranthulfo Asparlundo Warranted Hawkland Moor Pentamere
Raymond d'Anjou Warranted Starleaf Gate Pentamere
Remy le Lyon Warranted Fearann na Criche Pentamere
Richard fitzWilliams Warranted Hawkland Moor Pentamere
Richard Kelly Warranted Cynnabar Pentamere
Rijckaert Vanutrecht Warranted Pentamere
Robert ap Llywelyn Cynwyd Fawr Warranted Roaring Wastes Pentamere
Roderik McKraken Warranted Hawkland Moor Pentamere
Roxanne of Bloekmedwe Warranted Northwoods Pentamere
Rurik Brathlidski Warranted Fearann na Criche Pentamere
Schwartz Wilhelm von Eisenberg Warranted Hawkland Moor Pentamere
Straum von Bairzog Warranted Cynnabar Pentamere
Sulla Alterius Warranted Roaring Wastes Pentamere
Tarquin the Red Jarl Ritter Warranted Altenberg Pentamere
Thorfinn Grimkelsson Warranted Rimsholt Pentamere
Timothy Garaghcan O'Leitrim Warranted Roaring Wastes Pentamere
Titus Brutus Warranted Northwoods Pentamere
Torvald of Scarlet Company Expired Pentamere
Trelogin Tavistock Warranted Roaring Wastes Pentamere
Unrr Saebjornirsdotir Warranted Pentamere
Verrix Verctissignos Warranted Pentamere
Vlachus Nadasdy Warranted Brakendelve Pentamere
Vladislav Dragomir Warranted Dun Traigh Pentamere
William Campion Warranted Hawkland Moor Pentamere
William Edwards Warranted Silver Swords Pentamere
Zygmunt Nadratowski Warranted Vannspring Pentamere

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