Marshallate Badge
Gregoire de Lyon, KSCA
(Greg Less)
Before 10pm, please

List of Siege Engineer Marshals

13 Siege Engineer Marshals
Dyderich Wolfhart Warranted Sternfeld Constellation
Jean Paul Pierrepont Warranted Dragons Vale Constellation
Moonwulf Starkaddhersson Warranted Rivenstar Constellation
Henry of Exeter Warranted Midlands
Ian MacEyer Warranted Midlands
Alexander of Hawkwood Warranted Middle Marches Oaken-North
Diccon de Reinport Warranted Tirnewydd Oaken-North
Dirk Edward of Frisia Warranted Rivenvale Oaken-North
Pawel Od Grodziczno Warranted Oaken-North
Zuriel Nightshade Warranted Eastwatch Oaken-North
Caedmon Wilson Warranted Unicorn Oaken-South
Tilla Chander Warranted Oaken-South
Roderik McKraken Warranted Hawkland Moor Pentamere

If you find your informations is missing or in error, contact your regional Deputy Earl Marshal.
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